Why NOT get a tattoo?

Why NOT get a tattoo?


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Answer 1
August, 2021

A tattoo artist may turn out to be unscrupulous or just an amateur. And a tattoo is for life.

Don't be fooled by deception, choose professionals and live a happy life!

Answer 2
August, 2021

Because any tattoo contains carcinogenic substances that, when immunity is weakened, will hit the body very hard, up to oncology.

Answer 3
August, 2021

I don't know. I can answer why I don’t get tattoos:

-It is ugly and spoils the look of the body

-It attracts attention

-It costs money

-It takes time to leave and creates unnecessary problems.

Answer 4
August, 2021

You can dominate in other ways! For example, to create something that no one has thought of before you! Nature has already endowed everyone with individuality, you just need to reveal it, if of course you are interested in it! Many now coexist with expensive tattoos, for the most part, their owners cover them with clothes! Regret will surely come, It's a matter of time, and of course the brain activity.

Answer 5
August, 2021

I would rephrase the question into the statement "you don't need to get bad tattoos." This is nothing but art, and decorating yourself simply because such a fashion, for the sake of a momentary protest to someone, in an attempt to prove something, while having no idea what will come of it in the end is wrong. And only you will suffer from this. Therefore, you need to think about whether you need a tattoo, and if so, how to do everything according to your mind.

  1. Tattoos are not harmless. Dyes contain metal compounds such as cadmium, lead, cobalt, etc. Not to say that these are downright eerily toxic forms of these substances, but unhealthy, especially if you are one of those who are going to be hammered from head to toe. Actually, this is where tattoo allergies come from. You should check in advance which paints are suitable for your body. If you are generally allergic, then the question is closed. Women should be especially careful with tattoos if they are planning pregnancy. I read a very entertaining article about the relationship between the content of cadmium in the body of women in labor and health indicators of children. The harm of large doses of heavy metals is obvious, but it was interesting that small borderline excess of the norm also affects anthropometry - health indicators can be within normal limits, but worse than those of those whose mothers had a lower level of cadmium in the body. Simply put, a child can be born a centimeter lower or a hundred or two grams easier. Hardly anyone pays attention to such things, but in vain. Remember that heavy metals accumulate in the body and the total dose plays a role. We can say that there are not so many harmful substances in the tattoo, as it seems, not above the norm, but a little here, a little there, and in the end it turns out quite a lot. If we talk about the same cadmium, then it is found in cigarette smoke, cheap cosmetics, smoke from rubbing car tires on the road, seafood, not to mention the pollution of the environment by industrial emissions.

  2. Think about what will become of you in a couple of years. If you are planning to lose weight / gain weight, then you should understand that your skin will change its elasticity and your tattoo will "float".

  3. Quality of work. Tattooing is still not cheap fun, so you better save up some money and go to a cool tattoo artist. Do not be afraid to go to a large city for this if you live in an ordinary town. Tattoos are dark. So, a priori consider that this is forever.

  4. A cool master is good, but you must have a general idea, an idea of ​​what, where and why to stuff. In the end, the master will do as you wish. In 9 out of 10 cases, after the first tattoo comes the second, third, etc. Think of your body as a canvas and build a whole picture in your mind in advance, and do not just do something at random.

Don't be afraid that the tattoo will prevent you from finding a good job or that "in old age you will look bad." Firstly, you can hammer yourself half a body, but no one will notice this under the clothes and may even never know if you do not show it yourself. On-tueOrykh, now employers are very loyal to this. Thirdly, it is still necessary to live to old age. Fourthly, who prevents you from renewing a tattoo that has faded over time, it will be as good as new again. Fifth, I would not be afraid of the disapproval of other people at all, because they always disapprove of something, this is inevitable.

Answer 6
August, 2021

1) Living in Russia / CIS countries, you may encounter outdated stereotypes - it depends on many factors such as the field of activity and social circle. Remember that all this can change, and it is difficult to get rid of a tattoo

2) If there is no money, and you only do it, if only some master has at least something. Most likely it will not be very beautiful and original, and the risk of infection is high

3) During the healing process, you will have to limit yourself in many ways and monitor the new tattoo, if you do not do this, it can heal with defects

Answer 7
August, 2021
Answer 8
August, 2021

There are a lot of opinions about why you can't get a tattoo, I also took a long steam bath or not, here is a cool article on this topic https://tattoo-sketches.com/pochemy_nelzya_delat_tatu/

Answer 9
August, 2021

I have a tattoo on my forehead and on my wrist. I realize that I may have made the biggest mistake of my life, but I dream more of becoming a tattoo artist and artist than an office worker. so if you do not have any creative ambitions but only the goal of sitting in the office and poking on the keyboard, then it is better not to do a tattoo in a conspicuous place.

Answer 10
August, 2021

Many reasons have been listed. I will add one more medical reason: you should not get a tattoo if you are allergic to dyes. Such an allergy cannot be cured by any dermatologist with the help of any ointments, tablets, and so on. Allergy to a tattoo is treated only by the complete removal of pigment from the skin (for example, with a laser).

Useful links on this topic:



Answer 11
August, 2021

a tattoo is great.

I got the idea to get a tattoo at the age of 16, at that time there were already quite a lot of Internet resources with a variety of sketches and finished works. my parents watched closely for my interest in tattooing. my arguments that in our century it reached the level of art were rejected and tried to dissuade. after school (graduated at the age of 18) he entered the university 1600 km from his hometown, the control from the parents weakened. I didn’t want to do a portaca, I knew what the consequences of tattooing in Uncle Vasya’s apartment for a bottle of beer could be, so I saved up a course until the third for a session with a good master. the first tattoo was a portrait on the outside of the shoulder. after a while I hammered everything on my shoulder (it turned out to be a kind of "half-sleeve").

from the moment I made the first one, about 6-7 years have passed, I have never regretted what I did. I only regret that I did not start doing this earlier, because after the wedding, the general family budget no longer allows you to spend money on a tattoo.

I want to advise young people:

1) choose a good sketch;

2) choose a good artist (VKontakte is now teeming with publics on this topic, you can even choose in them, paying attention to the quality of the work of this or that master);

3) well, not to be afraid, this is probably the most important thing =) a tattoo is a drug , You will like it and you will definitely think about coming to the session again

Answer 12
August, 2021

Today I have 11 tattoos, and one thing I regret is that I did the first three in a slightly different style, in particular, I love all tattoos and have never regretted it for 8 years. There are no problems with work, although all the portaques are on prominent parts of the body, the time has passed when people with tattoos were looked at as prisoners, in the end, this is my body, and this is my personal business :)

Answer 13
August, 2021

It is not worth doing for those who ask themselves this question and read these answers. If there are fears, then at the first difficulty you will most likely remember your doubts and regret it. If you do, then do not hesitate and do not look for cons. There should be a position "there are many cons, but I don't care about them, because I want a tattoo, period." If you have in your head "what if ... but you never know ... and what if", then do not. Do not. A tattoo is not for you and you are not for a tattoo.

Answer 14
August, 2021

In addition to all the above reasons, I just discovered one more: you may need your intact skin and it's good to have a lot to choose from. For example, after a mastectomy, singer Anastacia needed to undergo reconstruction of the removed breast, for which intact skin from other parts of the body is used. In her case, it was a little difficult, since "... the surgeons needed to bypass my tattoos. The scars had to go along the bra line, but surgeons need intact skin for the graft. I didn't expect the scars to be that long, but that was the only way."

Similar situations are possible when recovering from burns.

I'm not trying to convince / dissuade :-) Just take note.

Answer 15
August, 2021

As mentioned above - because she can get bored. And an example of this is my roommate: she got herself a tattoo from a guy on the second floor (we live in a hostel), who bought a tattoo machine and knew how to draw a little) It took no more than 10 minutes to choose a sketch, the same applies to the choice places and, in fact, the master, as you might have guessed)) The stuffed cat paws fell out of favor with their owner literally 3-4 days later, and she did not think of anything better how to cut out a tattoo with a scalpel (!), partly due to the fact that I like it, partly due to the fact that my mother is strongly against it (here is another reason not to get a tattoo if you are under 18 or have strict, conservative parents). The scalpel was found quickly, fortunately, we are studying in medicine, but the brains of my neighbor I haven't found it so far.

Of course, the example is too absurd and doesn't quite answer the question posed, but nevertheless, this case can be indicative.

Answer 16
August, 2021

In addition to all of the above, you will not be allowed to donate blood, which, for example, stopped me at the moment.

One hundred forty characters

Answer 17
August, 2021

Tatyana, cool tattoos. They look good. And do not care about the opinion of others, let it be

rub, if it's so interesting. I have a small tattoo on my shoulder, so at first I also felt uncomfortable, and then I thought, why the hell should I be interested in the opinion of strangers? Now I don't even notice if someone is watching. And the guys who don't like your tattoos are not your people and you are not on your way with them.

Answer 18
August, 2021

Because those around you will force the brains with stupid questions. It is very important for everyone to know the following things:
- what will happen at 70 when they sag? (I will walk naked and show them to everyone, of course)
- was there a patient?
- and what will you tell the children later?
- and what does this mean? , this is for life, pokpokpok?
- why are they not colored / why black is not black?
- what do they say to you at work?
- and what will you do when the fashion passes?
- and how much does it cost to throw half-packs of little parcels / inscription "Per aspera ad anus" on the edges?
- why are you spoiling God's creation with obscene drawings?

Many more will tell how they wanted get a tattoo, but changed your mind because it will be difficult to find a job / the girl / this is all life / fashion will pass.

Answer 19
August, 2021

Up to a certain point, I was a fan of tattoos and I already had impulses to "get in" several times: there were sketches, and the place, and the money. But something was stopping. And since life is short, I began to think about changing my profession. I have a dream job, and I work hard for it. But! One point: no tattoos! And then I realized. You can talk about demagoguery about “be different” and about a hypocritical society as much as you want, but the tattoo almost barred my way to my dream. Before doing something permanently, think carefully. And it's not just about tattoos.

Answer 20
August, 2021

I would like to mention the artistic value of the tattoo. Most of them are limited to fairly standard ideas and clichés (roses, inscriptions, a cat in a linework, swallows, etc.), sincerely believing that they have chosen an original and interesting idea. Perhaps, after a while, the realization will come that hundreds, if not thousands of people have such work. Then it becomes really offensive - it seems like a beautiful picture, but while walking along the beach you notice similar creations.

The choice of a sketch, from the point of view of originality, is terribly important stage on the way to a tattoo. Fortunately, it is not difficult to study this issue, there are many thematic publics on VK. You need to ask yourself: "Is this really my own unique idea, or fashion trends, friends, etc.?"

If you underestimate this moment, there is a high probability of stigmatizing yourself as a tasteless person. A tattoo "like the others" will eventually cease to please both you and those around you, because seeing the same type of tattoos every day, it begins to bore you. So, if you are not sure of the competence of your knowledge, then it is better not to rush. Get unique and original tattoos

Answer 21
August, 2021

a big minus of tattoos in Russia is that there are no good masters - for the most part they look very awkward. thick lines do not match color, size and body parts. not originality and so on
but there are tattoos from which are breathtaking
in any case if you wanted to be in fashion the last 10 you did tattoos
if you want to be attractive further and not spend money on a tattoo and then even more on mixing, now is not the best time to start as it seems to me

Answer 22
August, 2021

I have only one of the five tattoos visible - on the wrist. Fortunately, it is small in size, it is not a phallus and not a well-known word of three letters, so it does not interfere with hiring.

As for the fact that "you should not get a tattoo" - you should not do it thoughtlessly. If you want to hammer something in the sleeves, neck and face, weigh this decision not only from the position of yourself in the present tense, but also project the results of this decision into the future - how your drawings-inscriptions on your cheeks will affect your career, on how people perceive you (sooner or later you will have to think about it), and so on. I’ll say on my own - I would hardly have hired a job where communication between employees and clients would be inevitable, a person who made a kind of a wall of a house in slum areas from his face

Answer 23
August, 2021

I have never regretted having tattoos. Just as they did not prevent me from buying shoes with heels, twisting my hair, walking with bare shoulders at work and in formal attire.

The society reacts to hammered hands according to the old school, from time to time you can hear in the subway, they say, so young, and already managed to check in. It smiles)

1) Choose a tattoo for a long time. Do you want to do it today, but would you want to do it in six months?

2) Choose a master just as carefully. A good tattoo costs good money. It is doubly more pleasant to wear not a friendly desk chair, but a work, kgm, of art on yourself. Although, I confess, I am the bearer of two friendly partches, which simply remind me of a wonderful youth.

3) In order not to look like a completely idiot - think ahead. Want a sleeve? Start at the top. And do not forget about the logical or graphic chain of suits, so that the portrait of Hitler is not near "Love is enough" or the infinity sign)

4) Fail on the values. By half of the newly-made tattoos, they stupidly do not exist, and explaining to grandmothers in trolleybuses why a mermaid's eyes can be red with a moon phase)

5) Still, talk to your parents and explain your "want". They may be right in their answer.

Answer 24
August, 2021

I will add two kopecks from myself, God forbid getting into prison with tattoos, you will have to answer according to 'concepts'. And with the current life with the laws of Yarovaya, extremism, about public meetings and so on, no one is immune from this, as they say from the sum and from prison ....

Answer 25
August, 2021

There are many reasons for not getting a tattoo. But there is one reason why a tattoo needs to be done ... this reason is insidious and cruel ... the corpse can be easily identified :) Actually, this argument made me get a tattoo: D

Answer 26
August, 2021

You are in doubt. Better not to risk it and think it over again.
When I got my first tattoo, I firmly knew that I wanted a fleur-de-lis on my wrist and it became a part of me. I do not even notice it despite the fact that it is in a conspicuous place and of considerable size. It was a solid conviction, no matter that she was in her youth. Draw your own conclusions, but if you are so interested in the opinion of others, then I don't even know what to say ... Decide for yourself what it is for. Stand out from the gray crowd? You may be sorry. In memory of something? To please the eye? Your body and your business.

Answer 27
August, 2021

The tattoo will not fail. If this is not a partak made by a drunk or a shitty master, then it will be a high-quality tattoo. And at first you will constantly admire her, and then she will simply become a part of you. "Tired of a tattoo" is the same as "bored with a hand

Or bored with a nose." In half a year or a year, you won't separate it from yourself at all, it will become a part of you.

As for work:

  1. Now this attitude is much more loyal, for example, I worked in a large bank, and now in the largest retailer. Nobody cares

  2. When making a tattoo, I am guided by the principle: it should be covered with long pants, a shirt. Those. NOT the neck, NOT the hands, NOT the face. Of course, you can get caught on social media. networks that you have a tattoo. But personally, I am a paranoid employer who doesn't like my tattoos. We're not on our way.

Answer 28
August, 2021

You shouldn't get a tattoo if you are running after fashion, a la everyone has, let me have it too. If you want to fill up the next trivial thing, if you have not carefully thought it over and decided that it really should be on your body.

I myself have tattoos, until you stop liking :-) because I have long wanted to and thoroughly planned it all ..

Good luck!

Answer 29
August, 2021

My dad always told me why it is not worth getting a tattoo: if you become a criminal, an additional sign will appear. But seriously, there are not so many reasons:
1) Already mentioned "in 5-10-20 years you will regret it." Trite, but this is the main thing. Tattoo lovers often like to claim that they are tattooing for themselves. And tastes, as you know, change.

2) Health . Possibility to bring hepatitis, HIV and other garbage.

3) Social pressure. I will dwell on this in more detail.
Any person is concerned about the attitude of other people towards him. At a certain stage in the development of needs. It doesn't matter if it's a large or a small social group. Therefore, it is better for minors not to get tattoos, at least until the moment when the psyche is strengthened and is ready for constant pressure.

1. Freedom from prejudice , career advancement and everything connected with it.
Without tattoos, you will be attractive to most. Or for a small group of tattooed people. The choice is yours. The most socially attractive, contact people for all segments of the population are people without tattoos, with a standard hairstyle, clothes, clean skin.

2. Derived from point 1: the attitude of your relative parents towards you. Do not forget, you can never change them, unlike other environments.

Otherwise, everything is fine with tattoos. Just please, do not do them on the neck, face, palms, fingers, in general, on anything that cannot be hidden by clothes. Russia is not Europe. Even a janitor may not be hired here because of tattoos.

Answer 30
August, 2021

Honestly, I do not see any reasons for this) If you want to, and if you are sure that this particular drawing will decorate your body, or some kind of inscription to motivate / characterize you - BIT! and do not regret what you have done, all this is nonsense)

Answer 31
August, 2021

Medical contraindications must also be taken into account. There is a risk of getting a blood-borne infection (hepatitis C, for example). It is worth consulting a dermatologist if you suddenly have hemorrhagic or petechial points (microbleeds), papillomas, moles. A tattoo can mask melanoma. If your scratches do not heal well, bruises do not disappear for a long time, you should also be alert and think whether it is worth injuring your skin again.

Answer 32
August, 2021

Everything that has already been said above is the main reason. I can only add about the pain threshold, it is different for everyone, therefore, it is worth finding out how much it will hurt you, because when you start hitting, it will be ridiculous to make one or two lines and stop the session.

Answer 33
August, 2021

You will be allowed into the pool in Japan, but the hot springs may well not be allowed. You may also not be allowed to train in the dojo located on the territory of the temple or to train related to water, for example, to stand under a waterfall. So if you seriously decide to connect your life with martial arts, then it is better not to get tattoos, for the Japanese it is still a sign of the yakuza and they are extremely nervous about the drawings on the body. Film On the other hand, these are only warnings. I went to training right after the festival, so bright blue flowers (like ivy) were painted on my body from armpits to thighs and on my left leg, which did not wash off and looked like old tattoos. Wore shorts, changed in dressing rooms and went to the shower and hot bath - no one said a word. Either the Japanese ideally distinguish a tattoo from body art at first sight, or they don't care, or I was just lucky.
A tattoo can also be placed when moving in power structures, in all kinds of police-armies. There, they say, tattoos are directly associated with mental abnormalities. position. And in general, if your skin is more important to the employer than your skills, then maybe his in general.
What exactly should not be done is to be drunk tattoos, while suffering from the present and the past and cheap. If you are cheaply beaten by an unfamiliar tough master for an old friendship, then most likely it will come out very, very bad. And it's hard to mix. And your mental impulses will no longer match the frank sucks on your skin much faster than a good and high-quality drawing.

Answer 34
August, 2021

I got my first tattoo at 18, as soon as age allowed in order to go to the salon without my parents' permission. It was a small piece on the wrist.

Back then it was not as common as it is now. Many people told me that I would regret it, I would not like it, it will pass with age and all that.

Time has passed. My passion for tattoos has only intensified, and now I have two more tattoos on a fairly large scale. And in a week there will be another one.

I love my desk, even though it's awkward. Still, the first tattoo, it is very valuable to me.

As a teenager, I decided for myself that I would not adapt to anyone, but I would build my life for myself. If at some work they react negatively to a tattoo, I will find another. And so it happened.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) now tattoos have spread on a huge scale and loyalty to them - too.

Why this advertisement? Besides, you should NOT get a tattoo if you doubt the choice of your future. Do NOT get tattoos just because they are everywhere and everywhere and it is fashionable.

Do NOT do it if you are in doubt that you really need it.

And, of course , you must be wise when choosing a master, because, unfortunately, there are known cases of infection due to medical illiteracy.

Answer 35
August, 2021

Why "not worth it"? It is quite possible. Now there are semi-permanent tattoos that disappear in about 3 years. They are more expensive, but they look like real ones, and the application technology is the same, only the ink is different. The advantage is that it is not permanent. Therefore, if you really want - then it is quite possible.

Answer 36
August, 2021

Because you might regret it. You can grow out of a tattoo corny, a drawing may not like it, there may be problems with working in government agencies, maybe even a worldview may change and a tattoo will suddenly become a problem. Therefore, you need to do them consciously, and not on emotions or because it is fashionable and cool. This is especially true for tattoos made in youth. Almost everyone who has a lot of tattoos regrets some of them no-no. One friend of mine is a tattoo artist, so she covered all the tattoos on her right hand with a total black-work from wrist to shoulder, although there were high-quality works. But she is doing this, she should have understood how serious it is. Therefore, treat tattoos like children - do not make them so that they have or because everyone has them. And even more so, do not do it if you doubt even a little. The drawing will be with you for the rest of your life and for some time after, and it is very painful to bring it together, it takes a long time and is fucking expensive.

Answer 37
August, 2021

The only contraindication is your doubt. If you are not one hundred percent sure whether you really want it, then you definitely should not do it yet.

As for employers, I do not quite agree, because now society treats tattooed people more loyally with everyone, and I have never come to terms with being looked at at work because of a tattoo (with the fact that I managed to change several very different jobs). Moreover, I don't think that if this is your first tattoo, you will want to get something very large and striking.

It's just that if you get a tattoo and you still have some doubts, you will definitely not like it. Despite the fact that before that you will choose her for a long time and everything like that. Color, shape, size, location - all or some of these will displease you.

Doubts disappear - then you can already go to the master.

Answer 38
August, 2021

When I decided to get the first tattoo, I immediately decided to do it in a conspicuous place, they say, "Yes, I didn’t care about all the rules, I forgave the system!" Relatives were in shock
Years passed, I grew up and turned from a daring kid into a normal girl with normal needs. And you know how it hurts when your dreams are shattered only because of this stupid drawing made out of stupidity.
No, I haven't stopped liking my tattoos, I just don't notice them anymore, unlike others, unfortunately ..

Answer 39
August, 2021

Because it’s not a fact that you will like her even five to ten years later, but removing a tattoo is not easy.

Because not all people (in particular, employers) relate to the presence of tattoos adequately on visible nude areas of the body.

Because if you decide to go to the pool in Japan, you will not be allowed there :)

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