Why is there not such a negative attitude in society towards boxers, football players, swimmers and other athletes as towards bodybuilders?

Why is there not such a negative attitude in society towards boxers, football players, swimmers and other athletes as towards bodybuilders?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Boxers will knock out opponents, football players feint and hit goals, swimmers ̶е̶д̶я̶т̶ ̶п̶л̶о̶в̶ ̶н̶а̶ ̶в̶р̶е̶м̶я swim faster, other athletes, respectively, and bodybuilders? ..

Do bodybuilders have very boring competitions. There is no excitement or intrigue. Whoever "blew biceps" the most and won. No drive, no action, no life.

How to "root for them".

Answer 2
January, 2021

And what, is there really such a bad idea? You can name at least one boxer, soccer player, swimmer, or other athlete of at least intermediate skill level who does not go to the gym. Does not use the best practices and techniques of bodybuilders. I do not know such. The negative about bodybuilders is of the same nature as the negative about richer, more successful, smarter, etc. Someone has it, someone (I hope the majority) does not.

Answer 3
January, 2021

The jock (bodybuilder), unlike other athletes, stands out from the crowd. A hockey player, runner, football player, chess player, you cannot tell from an ordinary person. Therefore, the negative attitude to the pitching can be characterized as:
1 ENVY, well, it is understandable that there is much more attention to this person.
2 FEAR, and this is obvious. You intuitively realize your powerlessness and helplessness in front of this person.
These feelings cause RESPECT for this person.
All other arguments such as doping, chemistry, this rant, he can be straight. He is strong, healthy, handsome, and this is the most important thing.

Answer 4
January, 2021


Answer 5
January, 2021

Everyone knows that jocks don't have a bump because of taking protenin, and how is it there, cretinin, and if it does get up occasionally, then on the same men smeared with shoe polish who are on stage in shorts, in general, because of these amino acids they have mental problems, they inject the so-called geysers into their veins, and become a kind of drug addicts.

Answer 6
January, 2021

It's banal envy. Everyone wants to have such bodies, but no one wants / can not plow for this for years. Then, I don’t know about boxers, but football players are definitely hated for a mediocre game and inadequate salary. Plus, there are really a lot of hysterics among football players like Ronald's. He was slightly touched, and he was sobbing as if a tank had run over him. There is no such attitude towards hockey players, because real men play there and no one whines.

Answer 7
January, 2021

Well, I still have a negative attitude to boxers. In general, any competitions in the yoy arts must be either banned or the rules abolished and a real battle of gladiators must be organized. As for other athletes, I don't respect those who achieve anything on doping. I don't envy the earnings and I think the question of the negative is not in the amounts, but in the bestial behavior of these people outside of sports. For bodybuilders, that's my opinion. I do not respect the cult of the body, and I have extremely disrespect for those who use drugs. And that's almost all. I have not met a bodybuilder who does not sit on artificial poop. And what kind of sport is it? What is the essence of the competition? Who will grow more meat?

Answer 8
January, 2021

And here the answer bleeds with the very component of this sport. The fact is that in bodybuilding, in its competitive part, there are no strict evaluation criteria.

Ie with the rest of the athletes, everything is more or less clear. There is a certain set of elements of an athlete's performance, which is evaluated by the judges. Moreover, each of these elements has a very specific description, implementation rules and a corresponding assessment. Or a banal timeline: faster is better. In team sports, there are also strict rules and a scoring system.

In modern bodybuilding, the whole assessment comes down to the visual perception of the athlete. Moreover, it is purely individual. So the entire competitive part comes down to a beauty contest ... Yes, not just a beauty contest, but one from which all the elements of the free program are removed.

In other words, all these athletes are simply posing in the same positions for judges. All. As such, there is no competition at all. If the athlete's external data does not allow him to "fight" for prizes, then he simply does not have any other chances, as it was before!

In addition, with the deep introduction of pharmacology into sports, even the visual part of such competitions is reduced not to the work of the athlete himself, but to the course of the drugs he takes. Those. training intensity, severity, etc. finally fade into the background ...

As a result, we get a sad picture. It is not people who have achieved results in the course of constant hard workouts that rise to the scene, but brollers stuffed ("pumped up") with various drugs. And the competition comes down to which broller looks better on this showcase)))

This is exactly what A. Schwarzenegger said in his interview very harshly in his time. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that at the same time, the society has a rather positive attitude in various types of fitness, tk. they really strengthen the body and make it better, and give birth to another broiler chicken, which is not even able to stand on the stage.

Answer 9
January, 2021

In my opinion, this is because very few of those who are generally sprayed with negativity towards people in sports go in for sports themselves, at least at the level of an amateur. Perhaps because for the majority, sport is more a competition of the qualities of athletes in the usual battle with logical rules, rather than judging by the judges, and a tremendous work takes place before evaluating their appearance. A small number of those who hate (hate) bodybuilders, represent how educated, interesting and cheerful these people, as well as strong-willed and purposeful, it is a lot of work, to reach the limit of muscle volumes, and keep muscles in maximum balance for their ideal appearance and functioning. I don't really appreciate bodybuilding, because I think that the beauty of the body is revealed well by 30-50% of their muscle volume, and the exercises they use do not form such a balance and shape of the muscles that I like, the best look for me is achieved by various work of all limbs by the maximum number of different exercises, rather than the same type of mass-gaining, as in most of them. The mass should not exceed what you need for your worries and hobbies.

Answer 10
January, 2021

I will answer you as I see myself, I do not pretend to be a statistical majority. How are bodybuilders different from most other athletes? The fact that bodybuilding is, by and large, not a sport, but a beauty contest. Of course, they are engaged in very similar exercises, especially when compared with weightlifters, but the very purpose of bodybuilding is to go on stage, to show how beautiful you are and the jury will choose the very best. Not surprisingly, according to statistics, in bodybuilding, as in the modeling business, the percentage of homosexuals is slightly higher. While most other athletes compete in who is stronger, faster, more enduring, more technical ... etc., bodybuilders compete who is more beautiful. Of course, I understand that there are a lot of real cool men among them, but there are always some doubts if I find out that people from all sports chose bodybuilding. When our girls spend hours trying to make themselves even more beautiful, it is sometimes annoying, but we still treat this with understanding (they are girls). But when a man spends many days and hours of his life in order to become more beautiful ... it's somehow not like a man's, or something. Exclusively IMHO.

Answer 11
January, 2021

Being himself a rather big uncle with a weight of 115 kg., squatting and bench press for 200, I never, never noticed any negative attitude towards myself, let alone aggression))
Go in for sports, friends, drink kefir, more often smile and be happy!

Answer 12
January, 2021

Because devouring the tone of chicken breasts, piercing a course of testosterone, winstrol, etc. , shaving legs and posing in tight swimming trunks is the same sport as a dog show

Answer 13
January, 2021

Because this is not a sport. Sport sets the task of improving speed, reaction, strength. Internal abilities of the body. "Faster! Higher! Stronger!"
And bodybuilding sets the task - the beauty of the body. Packaging, roughly speaking.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Competitions among boxers, football players and swimmers are more realistic, you either win or lose. And for bodybuilders, everything is too subjective, depends on the jury (opinion, fashion, etc.)

Answer 15
January, 2021

There are many reasons, but I think the main one is that bodybuilders visually stand out in the crowd with their physique. Moreover, many of them do it for show. This annoys many.

I personally respect bodybuilders as people who achieve their goals. Those who have achieved even average results are worthy of respect. Their figure is the result of hard training, proper nutrition and daily routine. Without these factors, no steroids will help.

Wow ...

Answer 16
January, 2021

The question has been sucked out of the finger. There is no such problem. I have never encountered it or heard from my acquaintances and friends, although I have been visiting the gym for a long time in amateur sports. the level of intelligence is yes, it is discussed, but it is more like an echo of the 90s, where a jock is a blockhead and a racketeer.

Answer 17
January, 2021

Because in other cases we are talking about victory. People love winners. Who does the bodybuilder win? Yes, and bodybuilders are different: there are normally beautifully built, and there are frank chemical overgrowths. The attitude to both is different.

Answer 18
January, 2021

The answer is banal to the point of simplicity: because bodybuilding is not a sport. Those. all so-called achievements in this direction cannot be measured in any way. and most importantly, they cannot be compared in any way. By and large, the entire competitive part in this direction belongs not to sports, but to the modeling business. Those. a bodybuilder is not an athlete, but a model. Well, hence the appropriate attitude. Such an athlete is treated exactly as it should - as a Miss Village Chuguevka 2020)))

Let me remind you that in bodybuilding and very well known so-called. results are purely subjective. Those. there is often not a single athlete on the jury that evaluates the contestants))) Well, then how else should you treat people who think of themselves as great athletes, being in fact top models?

Answer 19
January, 2021

In my opinion, over the past 5-10 years, the position of the listed things in society and its attitude towards them have changed significantly. I began to notice the aggression with which more and more people meet football players because of their supposedly "space" salaries. Like, doctors and teachers earn a penny in comparison with them. This time I will not go into the details of this resonant topic, but the fact remains. Bodybuilders went to the second, third, fourth plan. And as for why, part of the reason is how bodybuilders look and what those who hate, hate, despise and so on look like. In general, for every person in the world there is generally an ill-wisher. Someone has more, someone less. There are those who are in favor. there are those who are against. And it is not always argued that the strangest thing.

That's the way it is)))


Answer 20
January, 2021

In my opinion, over the past 5-10 years, the position of the listed things in society and its attitude towards them have changed significantly. I began to notice the aggression with which more and more people meet football players because of their supposedly "space" salaries. Like, doctors and teachers earn a penny in comparison with them. This time I will not go into the details of this resonant topic, but the fact remains. Bodybuilders went to the second, third, fourth plan. And as for why, part of the reason is how bodybuilders look and what those who hate, hate, despise and so on look like. In general, for every person in the world there is generally an ill-wisher. Someone has more, someone less. There are those who are in favor. there are those who are against. And it's not always argued that the strangest thing.

Something like this.

Good luck!)

Answer 21
January, 2021

simply believe (and not unreasonably) that this is mainly the result of taking certain medications and special meals. and if not everyone can be a football player or swimmer and, moreover, a boxer, then any normally built young man can become a jock.

Answer 22
January, 2021

Especially top-ranked footballers get that they have too large fees (more, even than the artists). Sometimes they don't like boxers either, because many people don't like boxing itself. Swimmers - there is no hatred, but there is no popularity either (remember at least one swimmer whose fame is comparable to that of Arshavin or Kostya Ju). And bodybuilders - it is generally accepted that they are all on anabolic steroids or worse than this same Bazooka Hands.

Answer 23
January, 2021

This is due to the fact that most bodybuilders unreasonably exaggerate their abilities when they believe that large muscles automatically make them the strongest and most invincible. Which, of course, is not so and has already been refuted empirically many times. I myself am engaged in freestyle wrestling and boxing, I visited a bunch of gyms, but I can say that I have never seen such ponty athletes as bodybuilders. Naturally, the attitude to normal adequate guys who normally assess their abilities and do not climb on the rampage is also more than adequate and there is no hostility. Well, personally, I have always evaluated the effectiveness of sports as possible to apply it in real life, so the best sport for me in this regard is running and swimming. Bodybuilding is useful only because, having seen a big uncle, some people are afraid to come into contact with him, which gives bodybuilders extra points of self-confidence and invincibility.
The most interesting thing is that bodybuilders explain the dislike of other people to themselves with envy on their part. Well, they are entitled to that opinion. But personally, I wouldn't trade my sport for bodybuilding for money.

Answer 24
January, 2021

Bodybuilders are not athletes, but sculptors of their own bodies, and many people don't like what they blinded from their bodies, and you can understand them, look at bodybuilding competitions, these are pure freaks, but some of them are just freaks. Dear bodybuilders, do not be offended, this is not how I think this is what many of my acquaintances think.

Answer 25
January, 2021

Because those guys are interesting to people and entertain the audience. These are spectacular views, and people always want bread and circuses. On the other hand, nobody likes posers. And bodybuilders are narcissistic poseurs.

Answer 26
January, 2021

Because no one likes drug addicts, what relation they have to athletes. There are real weightlifters, these are weightlifters, there are wrestlers, there are boxers, there are athletes, these are runners, football players are hockey players. a fight about nothing, only bodybuilders are worse than them.

Answer 27
January, 2021

In short: because bodybuilding is not a sport. Its main goal is the external cosmetic effect (which directly and obviously follows from the criteria for judging competitions), and not following the Olympic principles "faster, higher, stronger". The strength of a bodybuilder (as opposed to the same lifter) is nothing more than a side effect of training, and not the main goal.

Answer 28
January, 2021

Because they do not eat doping as shamelessly as bodybuilders. Although the latter are more honest in this sense. They do not hide their chemical addictions. And they don't need it. It is clear that steroids and the like are evil. But everyone is the master of their own health. Therefore, personally, I have no negative attitude towards pitching. Is that regret and misunderstanding.

Answer 29
January, 2021

The goals of the listed persons show character and muscles are only a means for them.
A "bump" sways for the sake of large muscles, not strong, but large ones. And in society there is latent negative to fetishism.
At one time I realized that with my metabolism, I need to naturally eat like a pig and do many other things and all for the sake of muscles? When I realized this, I just started training to be strong and healthy.
That is, I have overcome complexes in myself in terms of my body.

Answer 30
January, 2021

I don’t know where you got the statement from the question, but personally, from the proposed list, I have a negative attitude towards boxers and football players. BB are funny, I see no reason to negative them.

Answer 31
January, 2021

the author unsuccessfully chose the priority, I believe that everyone hates football players because of the unfair distribution of oil money between them and all other sports

Answer 32
January, 2021

Modern bodybuilders are no longer like people. Look at Frank Zane or Larry Scott and compare with Green or Marcus Rull.
When I first came to the weightlifting gym almost 30 years ago, we had other idols. They had a beautiful and strong body. And now it looks like a freak show. Alas, the pharma has stepped forward.
But this does not mean that the beautiful body and iron have been canceled. Just in addition to beauty, functionality is also important.

Answer 33
January, 2021

So this is mainly for people who are far from any physical activity in principle, and here the feeling of envy is already playing.

Remember, the majority begins to immediately equate "pitching" with a boxer, from the series "but Vasya is three times less than ms in contactless combat", etc. That is, seeing some kind of large or well-built person, involuntary measuring with pipis immediately begins, but let's fight, etc. in order to prove that I, too, can do something (at least in 90% nothing at all) .For me, it's a complete dissonance to compare people from completely different sports. I was also engaged in martial arts, but the main thing is knife fighting, applied NB, and not fencing ... But at the same time, for some reason, never when, especially conceited boxers who performed in the ring a couple of times in their lives, did not offer to measure pussies in this kind of martial arts ... Probably because the result is more than predictable.

Answer 34
January, 2021
  • Who considers footballers to be athletes? Is running around a ball a sport? Generally not an understandable game, rugby or American football is a sport! The wrestling coach said so: if you don't have the strength to go out on the carpet and prove that you are a man, take the ball and go play football! But we played rugby, but at least hard contact is allowed there!
Answer 35
January, 2021

Builders are like a woman with huge fake boobs. By her stupidity, she thinks that all happiness is in titles. She suffers through life dragging this weight on her chest, which pulls her to the floor, hunches her back. Likewise, clumsy pitching drags on kilograms of unnecessary meat, chairs and floorboards creak under them, they eat buckets with buckets. The severity is always with you

Answer 36
January, 2021

This is where you got it from, bodybuilders are the same athletes, you should not confuse them with boys as fit-babies and athletes, by the way, are also called stupid, because they rarely read and are interested in something other than sports, they are also labeled as stupid and intellectually underdeveloped people.

Answer 37
January, 2021

The answer is in the question. they are athletes, doing and achieving results in sports. Results are achieved by comparing human capabilities through competition. Take tennis for example, isn't it just hitting the ball with a racket. Coordination, strength, endurance. Or a Formula 1 driver, isn't it easy to drive. Bodybuilding is like the fifth leg of a dog. pumped bodies are not natural, not natural, not even beautiful. Athletic physique is the maximum. And bodybuilding as an artificially bred breed, there is no sense, just how you look.

Answer 38
January, 2021

When I first came to church for confession, they gave me a little book on how to properly confess. One of the points, as a professional judoka, was very interested in me, it turns out, I have to repent that I went in for sports. That's it, Mikhalych! Of course, I did not agree with this, since more than half of the Saints are warriors, and a warrior is essentially an athlete, and an athlete must be able to run, jump, fight, fight, shoot, throw, etc., and so on. As a result of my research, it turned out that when playing sports, you must comply with some requirements, so that later you do not repent of your sins. What are these requirements? You cannot play sports for the purpose of making money, you cannot go in for sports for the sake of victories, benefits and elevation above other people. It is possible only for the sake of preparing your body to protect your family, your Motherland, your Faith. Let's take a look at the essence of a bodybuilder. What task does he perform as a result of the training process? Make your figure as close as possible to the proportions. Hence, bodybuilding is discouraged by the church. And our society, whether we like it or not, sometimes repeats hackneyed religious dogmas down to a micron. Looking at bodybuilders, people do not see anything in them except to rise above other people in terms of body beauty, and this causes hatred, irritation, and sometimes aggression.

What to do in this situation? Stop envy people, and bodybuilders understand that the main thing is not a beautiful figure, but strong muscles.

Answer 39
January, 2021

I think the answer is quite simple. This is a banal envy on the part of those who treat them negatively. Usually bodybuilders are envied by those who themselves are a model of drishism. In their hearts, they understand that builders look great, have good health and are popular with women. This cannot leave the envious people alone. They come up with different motives like "yes these are pieces of meat", "these are freaks", "they do not know how to fight", "they are stuffed with chemistry." But this is just a screen for their envy-based hate.

Answer 40
January, 2021

Because everyone is jealous and they themselves are either skinny, or fat, or decrepit. Bodybuilders make up less than 1% of the population in great shape. Elite. Yes, it is not very functional, but sport does not bring any practical benefit to society. Unlike medicine, for example. And you don't need to think that bodybuilders are suckers, presses and squats under 200 kg for practicing bodybuilders is the norm, while there is no fat, unlike lifters. Therefore, it is also not worth it to run out too much, to prescribe once so that you will remember the foolishness for the rest of your life.

Answer 41
January, 2021

Because bodybuilding is not a sport. This is a beauty contest for boys, and a boy is not very confused about his appearance in our country. A similar attitude is probably towards metrosexuals.


Bodybuilding is not a sport. Sport, even with such aesthetics and subjectivity as figure skating or rhythmic gymnastics, is aimed at the development of functional. The beauty of what you DID are evaluated, not how your carcass looks. Although playing sports certainly affects the look of the carcass.

Answer 42
January, 2021

Personally, I have a negative attitude towards bodybuilders because of the tons of chemistry. Many friends of mine were running, and then they walk proud of what pitching they are, although they only went to the gym for a year. In a year, I added a couple of cm in volume, dying three times a week, and they grew 4 times more. And after all, almost all the pros do not admit, who do not ask everyone they say that this is just genetics.

And at the expense of football players, they don't like them either, but because of salaries and their uselessness for society.

Answer 43
January, 2021

Everything ingenious is simple. Z - envy.
I also ask you to note that people of nominally males tend to scatter poop.

Just unlike the listed athletes, the bodybuilder is immediately visible! And the feeling of envy and one's own inferiority also arises immediately.
Well, what can be done with the object causing envy? Of course, to belittle ridiculous insults, which, as it were, will automatically endow the offending person with dignity (popular examples: here he is a narcissist, and I am supposedly a brutal brutal / here he is a half-poker, and I am supposedly the most courageous hetero / here his pussy is not worth it, and I'm supposedly a sexual giant / those who are small because of their complexes, and I have knee-deep)

PS: "If a girl with muscles looks like a man, then a man without muscles looks like a woman."

Answer 44
January, 2021

Reasons 2. The 1st obvious body builder is very different from a non-body builder, and people tend to meet with negatives everything unusual. It is difficult to distinguish a boxer, football player, swimmer from other people in everyday life. They do not stand out, do not catch the eye and therefore do not cause negativity. 2nd body builders are largely to blame. No sport is as strongly imposed as bodybuilding. You will not find phrases be a real man, go to the pool or stop eating burgers and play football. All these sports are elite, and the boxer and the swimmer understand that their sport is not for everyone, not everyone will like it, not everyone will be able to understand them, and that the lifestyle of the daily routine and diet of a professional sportsman is not particularly needed by an amateur and is not suitable. And only builders try to impose their concepts on everyone, teach everyone to eat right, train right, live right without understanding that all this is right only from their point of view, and there can be thousands of such points of view.

Answer 45
January, 2021

Because the average person is always faced with the tip of the iceberg. With the fact that it is replicated and, as it is fashionable to say now, on the hype. Boxers are stupid, football players don't know how to play and they get a lot of money, they write about swimmers only in specialized publications. And that's all. But about bodybuilders more than enough. They inject themselves in the ass and their dicks are small! Well, plus the frequent disappointment of those who run to the gym to pump up like a Schwarzenegger by summer. And here and there and there, to achieve a result, work is needed. Only everyone understands that boxing means going to the section and training hard, football is hard to get into, being a swimmer is generally difficult. And they promise you to pump up from YouTube in three times, five minutes a week. But in fact, this is a diet, a regimen, training, a genetic ceiling and in 10 years you will not become a jock (namely a bodybuilder). Even if you have an abs and a beautiful body, under a shirt you will still look like a pimple, alas. Probably hence the negative. They are all on chemistry! Plus, it's like having a big cup for tea, once you drink from a liter cup and a small one already seems flawed to you, and when you look at photos in magazines, on the Internet, on actors in films, it seems to you that this is a normal man, and I’m a shit. Although the opposite is true. Well this is my personal opinion. Personally, I am calm about everyone.

Answer 46
January, 2021

I do not agree with the negative attitude towards bodybuilding, here it is rather the fact that this activity is not perceived as a sport, with which it is difficult to disagree. The goal of an athlete is to develop skill, quality, and surpass others in this. Track and field athletes compete in speed, gymnasts in agility, flexibility and strength, body athletes compete in lifting the most weight; football players, hockey players - in the speed of reaction, coordination and teamwork. And what is the goal of a bodybuilder - to get a beautiful body? And where, excuse me, is the sport here? rather a beauty contest.

Answer 47
January, 2021

This should be asked from the "negativists". I have a normal attitude to all athletes. BUT! I sincerely think SPORT is unhealthy. Physical education is much more useful.

Sport is overcoming. Fiz-ra is a pleasure.

Something like this.

To call boxers - "people with a broken brain", or weightlifters - "dumb jocks", bodybuilders - "daffodils" - Don't mind.

Sitting on the couch is much nicer ...

Answer 48
January, 2021

If a person is happy doing this, then let him get pleasure and the meaning of life from this. To each his own!
I am more for emotions, that is, playing sports is closer to me, but I have nothing against jocks, there is no truth in these disputes ...

Answer 49
January, 2021

From personal experience of communication with bodybuilders.

• One of the reasons is the etymology of the word "bodybuilding". For the Russian-speaking population of the country, this word without Russian roots is abstract and does not carry the proper motivation. For those who are familiar with the English language, the literal translation of the meaning does not inspire optimism:

bodybuilding - bodybuilding, where body is a corpse, building is construction, the term referring initially to the construction of not living objects: buildings, structures and structures.

• The second reason - in Russia, the priority of the internal over the external, in the priority of the soul, which is not said in bodybuilding.

• Third. To achieve results in bodybuilding, a special diet of consumption of special mixtures, which makes a person dependent on the time of taking protein shakes, additives, without which progress is impossible.

• Fourth. Hormonal imbalance - decreased libido in men and women.

• The fifth loud music in the hall, which is designed to drown out the sounds of the impact of metal exercise equipment, weights, pancakes, negatively affects the ear, causing internal tension, anxiety.

• Sixth. Isolating exercises - the local nature of the load of only one muscle group, while flexion / extension of only one joint occurs, which leads to fragmentation of locomotion and an increase in the time for working out all muscle groups.

• Seventh. Narcissism - excessive narcissism and overestimated self-esteem, narcissism (mirrors in the hall contribute to this) in real communication interfere with building healthy relationships at work, in the family.

Answer 50
January, 2021

In my opinion, over the past 5-10 years, the position of the listed things in society and its attitude towards them have changed significantly. I began to notice the aggression with which more and more people meet football players because of their supposedly "space" salaries. Like, doctors and teachers earn a penny in comparison with them. This time I will not go into the details of this resonant topic, but the fact remains. Bodybuilders went to the second, third, fourth plan. And as for why, part of the reason is how bodybuilders look and what those who hate, hate, despise and so on look like. In general, for every person in the world there is generally an ill-wisher. Someone has more, someone less. There are those who are in favor. there are those who are against. And it is not always argued, which is the strangest.

Answer 51
January, 2021

The vector of this sport is directed towards the form, i.e. the form itself is the result. And this form is without content, namely, without the harmony of the development of all physical qualities, it is completely artificial.
Any athlete of a classical sport can be useful, being a war, a rescuer, etc.
I have never seen in the troops "jocks" in combat subunits, if they came across to me, then they were signalmen - "eight rivers", workers in the rear, ie. people are hothouse.
If you are a bodybuilder and come to any special unit, you will be sent immediately and far.
For me, the synonym for the word "bodybuilder" is the word "useless".

The whole life of these unfortunates is this is serving your body as a kind of cult (read their pages on social networks, there is everything about muscles, steroid courses and nutrition, as well as suffering about the difficulties of drying or recruiting). They are limited and unhappy people. It is not the body that works for “pitching,” and it directs it by performing useful actions, but on the contrary, the body controls the “pitching.”

Bodybuilding is a sport that fits perfectly into the ideology of egocentrism, narcissism, and “personal success” - this is the sport of wild capitalism (as a socio-economic formation) and idealism (as a worldview).

Answer 52
January, 2021

I did not notice the negative attitude towards bodybuilders. It is true that he is jealous, some fat man or drish - hence the unfriendly attitude. But in general, the attitude is more positive than negative.

Answer 53
January, 2021

I'll try to suggest that the negative began to spread when those of the young ladies who are not typical stereotypical blondes, but have critical thinking and self-respect, began to become disillusioned with their soulmates - bodybuilders. I explain - there are women who melt from such an appearance and do not notice anything else, and there are others who suddenly discover that her man flaunts in front of the mirror for a very long time in different positions and behaves like a narcissistic narcissist. Can you imagine a professional builder who looks little in the mirror?

Then other athletes probably noticed the negative - a builder can certainly kick the ass of an ordinary person, but he will not resist a good master of any martial arts. And there are already high-profile examples of fatalities in the media. Because, among other things (reaction, staging a blow, etc.) in a person who is too pumped up, the blow physically cannot have the necessary speed to resist an opponent with a good reaction due to enslavement. Again, pumped up to 130-150 kg cannot normally run at least a kilometer.

Well, the most sensational thing is anabolics. A bunch of examples of people who have gone too far and become disabled. And in any case - for the health of a professional sportsman, it is more difficult to remember something more negative than cursing. If a footballer injures his leg, even if it entails the end of his career, this does not affect the whole body in general, the heart and kidneys. And then the monstrous consumption of protein, which is already loading, steroids slow down the excretion of fluid, which affects the heart and kidneys, etc., etc.

Answer 54
January, 2021

Because they are, as a rule, narcissistic half-pokers who look in the mirror for half a day, then take pictures at the mirror for half a day and post pictures on the Internet. food-obsessed proteins fats carbohydrates fuck everyone, fuck it all. The male version of TP is shorter.

Answer 55
January, 2021

What are you short-sighted! Just squalor! Those who say that something really difficult is shit unworthy of respect - complete scum. Hopeful people can only hate everyone. They don't even think about how much energy has been invested in a particular industry (be it bodybuilding or swimming, gymnastics, blogging, whatever).

The question arises: Why do people tend to hate famous and prominent personalities?

Answer: These people are jealous. They are unable to step out of their comfort zone and do anything like that. Sofa critics discuss rich people and businessmen, athletes and scientists, because their lives are not worth even 1% of the lives of outstanding people. They have no choice but to assert themselves at their expense.

Such hats towards those who are worthy of respect are an insignificant attempt to curtail their reputation, so that the reputation of envious people would rise relative to really popular people.

Those who say that bodybuilding and something else is bullshit, ask yourself:

What results have you achieved ?!

Outstanding people will never shit other outstanding people, because they know how hard they got their benefits.

We are talking about those people who really did something useful, but did not sell natural resources in the 90s and plundered their country.

Answer 56
January, 2021

Because professional bodybuilding is the most striking example of the use of doping. When a swimmer or a sprinter uses doping to increase their strength endurance and show a cosmic result, while not having any inhuman body proportions (although most of them have a gorgeous physical shape), the average layman will think: “Apparently he trains all his life, the regime keeps, does not miss training and achieved such results. In a word - well done! " About a bodybuilder weighing under 130 kilos (who "lives in the gym"), no one will have such thoughts, since such a mass is unnatural for a person and the average person concludes that he uses doping, which is perceived by people as a "cheat" in life, and as you know, for our mentality - a cheater is worse than pi *** ace.

But why not carry negative, but just say: "Well, he sways, uses something there, well, fig with him, let him do what he wants and does - I don't care. "?

Because many highly primitive individuals care. For any man since the Stone Age, physical strength is an indicator of status. Thus, splashing out the negative that belittles other people's achievements, they subjectively try to increase their status, while objectively never raising it.

And yes, muscle volume is directly proportional to strength (there are nuances, but they are insignificant). At the same time, the biggest builders are some of the strongest. And powerlifters, by the way, are slightly inferior in volume.

Answer 57
January, 2021

Complete nonsense. A real bodybuilder is very strong. And fuck you do as much as they do. They risk their health to achieve what you will never achieve.

Answer 58
January, 2021

Because bodybuilding has no purpose to show strength, endurance, speed, etc., it is like "for beauty" to show the structure of muscles and the beauty of the body. People do not think about the efforts being made, they only see a person's desire to show off, and not become faster / taller / stronger.

It's like an actress and a model. For ordinary people, the work of an actress seems difficult, here you need to experience emotions, get used to the image, and the model is worth a beautiful (and stupid, the townsfolk add mentally).

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