Why can actors quickly get pumped up for a role, but in real life, it takes more than one year of regular training to achieve similar results?

Why can actors quickly get pumped up for a role, but in real life, it takes more than one year of regular training to achieve similar results?

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Answer 1
September, 2021

Most films have a long preproduction, a preproduction period, in other words. From the moment of appointment to the role, to the start of filming, more often than not, enough time passes to get in shape for ANY person, and not just the top actor.
In addition, almost always the role of jocks is taken either by those who already have an impressive muscle corset , or muscle memory, in the presence of which in three months anyone can bring muscles into decent shape, without the farm and tons of money. Steve Buscemi or John Hill will never be cast for roles for Dwayne Johnson or Stateham.
And most importantly, cinema is magic. And if it's more cynical, it's a lie. A good director will easily adjust the camera and light in such a way that the dystrophic looks like an athlete. And if there is still a budget for graphonium ...

Answer 2
September, 2021

Well, usually one coach. Let's take a specific example, no chatter. Tom Hardy was coached by former Marine Patrick Monroe for the movie The Warrior. "The morning started at 7 am. Before the first workout, we ate peanut butter on toast, then went to the gym and drank a protein shake there. We also had a 4 liter supply of water with us. The whole workout consisted of 2 hours of boxing. , 2 hours of work with the paws, practicing knee strikes and Muay Thai. After that there was another 2 hours of jujitsu and fight choreography. After 6 hours of active work, there was another, already strength training, to build muscle mass. " "We ate chicken and broccoli all day and nothing else, no sweets." Try to repeat this for at least 1 month, I think the result will be impressive ;-)

Answer 3
September, 2021

In ordinary life, not everyone is ready to constantly and monotonously adhere to the strictest diet, to go to the gym without skipping, and most importantly, these workouts should be effective with maximum return. Many train anyhow, neglect the load, skip training. And all the fault is the usual human factor, laziness, not clear motivation, failures in nutrition, lack of understanding of the goal and the desired result. And the actors have a clear and clear goal, like a student's session. Prepared - passed, not ready - sit down two!))

Of course, pharma is likely to take place. But, in six months or a year, you can achieve very good results without frills.

Answer 4
September, 2021

Let's start with the error in the question. A person who does not suffer from diseases and does not have obesity of 2 degrees t higher does not even need a year to get in shape. Enough 6 months to make a figure for almost anyone. It is easier for men, more difficult for women, because of the peculiarities of physiology. And with the use of modern formacology, the result can be reduced to 3 months, but you still have to leave the course for several months, but already with a good one. The figure. Somehow I came across material about how the actors were preparing for the film 300 Spartans, where a large number of actors were turned into jocks in half a year. And further. If you gain and lose weight a few times, your body will respond quickly when needed.

Answer 5
September, 2021

Firstly, there are not so many such actors. Secondly, if a condition is set before a responsible person, on the fulfillment of which his professional and financial success depends, he will make the most of his efforts to fulfill the condition. Thirdly, bodybuilding in its modern form is an American invention, one of the variants of show business, has nothing to do with sports. The actor is a representative of show business, he changes his body in accordance with the requirements of the script, the director's task. In the future, there will be other scenarios and other tasks for transforming the body. The example of Robert De Niro is more than convincing. But with all due respect, he was not an athlete, and this was not required of him.

Answer 6
September, 2021

As a rule, actors swing under the watchful attention of cool fitness specialists. for example, a Christian bale can gain and lose 30 kg. he already has muscle memory. But I guess it's all about character. You can lose weight for a couple of months.

Answer 7
September, 2021

Good evening for them, professional athletes in different directions and goals are developing special programs to achieve peak results and forms

Answer 8
September, 2021

In truth, the answer is very simple. Actors are paid reasonably well and in Hollywood it is a common practice to "prepare for a role." Therefore, in Hollywood there are many specialized trainers with whom famous actors work in order to get themselves in the necessary shape in a short time. In addition, their salary allows them to focus only on this goal, eat right and exercise with a professional trainer.

For example, this article touches on this topic.

Answer 9
September, 2021

In half a year, you can make a good shape. The main thing. Mode and nutrition. If you can observe then there is no problem. Growth harmony is also available with their finances. With him And you can lose weight faster and gain. And many of them use steroids. This also reduces the recovery time. When all the components are connected, then it turns out quickly.

Answer 10
September, 2021

There is such a thing as muscle memory. If all his life a person did not drag anything heavier than a can of beer, then this memory does not exist. If you have trained before, the muscles respond quickly.

Answer 11
September, 2021

Because they swing for many years, and do not start swinging to one role once. If an ordinary person is also accustomed to sports from a young age, then everything will be easier for him and every time he will easily swing to the role, oh, by the summer) you already know yourself and you know what to do and the body knows what to do, you know what motivates you personally and all life hacks for yourself personally. It's like riding a bike) you can just get drunk sometimes. Well, the actor gets a good fee, for that kind of money you can rock, but you won’t get anything for your work, especially if you don’t pump your charm either, or there is the ability to communicate, and it is desirable to pump a lot of things, for example, a career. And what kind of motivation it is, here you pump, but still nobody likes you)))

Answer 12
September, 2021

An amateurish question. Not all actors fit the role of a beefy superhero. Usually the script is written to the texture, then selected according to the casting of the actor. He's almost ready, like Stallone or Brad Pete. And it is pumped six months before the condition.

Answer 13
September, 2021

I don't believe in miracles. And you can only get pumped up for a role in a movie.

Well, also in advertising for fitness clubs.

Thinking about good work of make-up artists. Light staging. And how much lining and tightening can do in a suit from an experienced tailor. Photoshop is omnipotent.

And, well, yes, also the perseverance and work of the actor and the phenomenal coach. For those who believe in the magic of kin.

Answer 14
September, 2021

Firstly, not everything and most often not without damage to health, with a competent approach of the minimum, but nevertheless. Secondly, this is their work, since in the modern American film industry, 90% of the attention is on texture, and then on acting skills. Third, with the development of computer technology, experiments with the body are becoming irrelevant. Judging by the tendencies, the actors will pump up tolerance. White straight men will ride only if they are converted from women) so we expect a big wave of different coming out)

Answer 15
September, 2021

You shouldn't focus on actors. There are some tricks: firstly, these actors had sports experience in the past, so they have muscle memory that allows them to quickly build up. Secondly, they dry well and look large due to the relief. They resort to pumping before filming. And, most importantly, the camera takes the right angle. Everyone who is engaged in bodybuilding and actively exposes himself in social networks also use these methods!

Answer 16
September, 2021

One of the determining factors is that these actors have the appropriate body structure. They come to the cinema from the modeling business or sports, and not everyone can get there. Those. the body of these people, with equal training, has a greater predisposition to gaining muscle mass and muscle relief. After all, not everyone can become, for example, a bodybuilder - by nature it is not given.

And the second point, which many people miss. Speaking of the so-called. quickly pumping into the role, we are talking about recovery, not getting in shape. Those. the actor is constantly practicing, doing the port, etc., but not at an accelerated pace. Accordingly, when he strengthens the training regimen, he quickly returns to his shape. But he does not acquire it from scratch !!!

For example, actors who came from sports have trained constantly for many years, or even decades. So why don't they get their data back in a relatively short period of time?

A common man thinks that the actor has pumped up in a couple of months, which is fundamentally untrue. And the result of an ordinary person will be obtained in exactly the same amount of time.

Well, for example, Arnold began to train from adolescence, was a champion in bodybuilding, constantly keeps himself in good shape. Even if he starts himself up, it will take him a little time to put his body in order. But this is the result of more than half a century of constant training, diets and regimen. And someone is surprised that, they say, they cannot get the same result in a few months))) Well, yes, a person has been making his body for more than 50 years, and another wants the same thing in a couple of days)))

Answer 17
September, 2021

This is exactly why professional mma fighters can lose weight relatively quickly before a fight. Khabib Nurmagomedov gains up to 92kg in the offseason, but fights in light weight up to 70kg. That is, he needs to drive 22kg in a couple of months to a certain event and he does it, suffering, getting to the hospital, etc. Likewise with actors, actors often follow their roles and pitching choose the role of pitching, but this is not a panacea, the same Christian Bale in 2004 for the role in the film "The Machinist" dropped 30kg, and in 2005 he played Batman in "Batman Begins" where was pretty pumped up. How these dances with weight affected then on his health is unknown. Extreme weight loss or weight gain is of no benefit to the average person.

Answer 18
September, 2021

Hollywood has a whole staff of professional turners and doctors.

All the most modern and advanced chemistry is used.

These are the most modern and tough courses.

For In a short time, the actor should look just a "hulk"

Hundreds of millions have been invested in filming the film, no one will sit and wait for the actor to pump himself up "in nature", everything is scheduled there by the hour, downtime is paid losses.

Immediately after the film, the actors "tori", "aquamans" - go to the PKT and just blown away to zero.

And that's okay, they are actors, not professional powerlifters or bodybuilders.

They have a different profession.

Answer 19
September, 2021

1) are engaged purposefully. Not in the evening after work in the nearest rocking chair, but "as to work". At least 5 times a week and work hard.

2) the best a) trainers (physiotherapists, nutritionists, pharmacologists); b) food; c) pharma; d) recovery

3) motivation.

And whoever says anything, "became Thor in two months" is nonsense. Here, on average, six months of "regime" and discipline.

Answer 20
September, 2021

Yes, not all actors are capable of this ... Units! Just like Christian Bale, pictured in the splash screen! For example, actor Tom Hanks for the role in the movie "Outcast" threw off about 15-20 kg, as a result of which he got second degree diabetes and stomach problems, and after that he said - well, fuck them with these races of weights. It all depends on physiology. Some like Bale can recruit and dump without harming their health, while others cannot.

Answer 21
September, 2021

High income allows actors (mainly stars) not only to eat right and train in comfortable gyms with the best coaches, but also to have proper rest. For them, not only an individual training and nutrition plan is being developed, but also a daily regimen that is most suitable for their goals (reset or weight gain). This mode is not tied to an 8-hour day of work, as most people do, and they sleep exactly as much as they need to recover, without getting up at five in the morning to get to work.

Answer 22
September, 2021

"Quickly" is a rather shorthand term. There are times when an actor is already quite trained and keeps himself in shape between films, then it takes him a couple of months to get himself in shape.

If an actor has never been friends with sports before, then the period of preparation for the role is much longer.

Again, don't forget about computer graphics. For example, in the movie "Batman v Superman" Ben Afleck's head was attached to the body of a bodybuilder when filming scenes of Batman's training. Therefore, not all actors really look the way you see them on screen.

If we discard the graphics and, for example, take an actor who really comes in the right shape for the role, then he will definitely have a very cool personal trainer who will individually write out his training program, nutrition and rest regimen. In fact, they start living the life of a professional athlete. After all, they do not need to go to the office from 9 to 18, and they can rebuild their regime.

Plus add motivation in the form of a contract, as a rule, film studios oblige the actor to be in proper shape.

As a result, having all the conditions for training and good motivation, we get an excellent form in a relatively short time.

As for steroids, there are actors who clearly use them, such as Dwayne Johnson. And there are those that do without them, for example, the guys from the MCU. At least the form of Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans can be done without pharmacology, but they have been training for years.

Is it possible to make a form like a movie hero to an ordinary guy in a couple of months?

If not from scratch, then it is quite possible provided that he can rebuild his entire regime for the sake of training, nutrition and recovery.

And if there was no experience in sports before, or the main activity does not allow living the life of a professional athlete, then much more time will be spent.

Answer 23
September, 2021

This is called a simple word - motivation. When I was motivated a month ago, I easily, without straining, dropped 15 kg. In other conditions, I could not even throw off 1 nanomilligram.

Answer 24
September, 2021

Because motivation should not be underestimated: they are paid for it, and good money, and you, most likely, on the contrary, pay for your workouts yourself.

Answer 25
September, 2021

They all have the same components of success as ordinary people.

  1. Proper nutrition, observing the correct ratio of BJU;

  2. 5-6 days of training, with alternating various new exercises so that the muscles do not get used;

  3. Correct technique (thanks trainer);

  4. Sleep 8-10 hours;

  5. The use of steroids (this is indicated by a 5-6 day training regimen and at the same time muscle growth. Without steroids, it is very few people available, and hardly all actors are winners in the gene lottery).

Try it all on yourself, under the supervision of a good specialist, and you will achieve the same results.

Answer 26
September, 2021

I assure you, with as much dough as theirs, the result will be the same for anyone. The children are looked after by a whole team of doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers. Plus, as it seems to me, it doesn't do without chemistry.

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