What will happen to my body if I lose 10+ kilograms in a month?

What will happen to my body if I lose 10+ kilograms in a month?

How I Lost 10lbs in 1 Day - Lose Weight Fast

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Answers (18)

Answer 1
November, 2020

What will happen?

Well .. I've been unable to stop after a month and have successfully earned anorexia.

Probably, people who lose weight with a good purpose feel something pleasant; in order to help the body and oneself.

People who suffer from anorexia cease to feel something pleasant in the form in which it is usually accepted. First of all, it is - brainwashing and replacing all your normal human habits. It is interesting that in a similar way, a way of imposing, people are persuaded to quit smoking. A kind of cult is being created around this, the struggle between good and evil, where good is YOU, and evil is the enemy of the people, a nasty and bad cigarette.

But here's the bad luck. Smoking is harmful to health and is not an integral part of human life. And food - ... Food is, first of all, a physiological need, without which you, a human, cannot live long.


But despite the natural and absolutely understandable truths, you rebuild your thinking, your essence, you inspire yourself with the idea that food is fu, it is the lowest. As a result, there is a dissonance: the body wants to eat, there is nowhere to take energy, and the washed brain says that we don't need anything like that. We don't eat.

As a result, the psyche is fucked up, and if we return to the question of sensations ...

At first, this is an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence. It does not last long.

Because then hell begins, in which you get stuck, in which you plunge deeper every day.

From physical indicators - terrible weakness. Inability to walk, run, get out of bed / chair / bench, as dizzy, constantly dizzy, just a little bit, and faint. I lived on the fifth floor of a five-story building, and every time I cried before getting up, because it was an impossible task for me.

I could not go out for a walk, enjoy some familiar things. I couldn't even speak as before. I didn't have enough strength for anything. And I didn't want to live, because I didn't have the strength. I just had no idea HOW I could move on. Depression, apathy. Insomnia.

My periods disappeared for 2.5 years.

And then I could no longer get out of bed and go to the toilet without someone's help.

Next is the hospital. They say that if we applied a little later, I would have dropped my skates in 2-3 weeks.


Answer 2
November, 2020

My skin is drier, my periods are gone, an eating disorder and anorexia appear - in short, nothing good. You need to be careful about losing weight and stop when you need it.

Answer 3
November, 2020

At 16, weighed 118 kg. I decided to throw off the weight urgently. I ate nothing but buckwheat, vegetables and a huge amount of water. The first two weeks there was nothing, and then in a month I lost 20 kg. And for another 2 months I threw off 10 kg.

The skin sagged, bones appeared everywhere (for example, on the shoulders) that stuck out and the existence of which I had no idea. In general, I became much weaker, but at the same time began to feel comfortable. I still can't understand why, but after such a change, my hands started shaking constantly. Everything is fine with the heart, but some small troubles began with the kidneys (I don't remember exactly what, but the doctors said that there was some kind of trouble. But it does not bother me at least.). Of course, the appearance has changed dramatically. Became much prettier. That's just because of this (possibly) complexes appeared that I am important to people only because of my appearance. a bunch of fans and other nishtyaks appeared.

While I have changed, this is not enough for me, because there is still something to fix, but in 5 years more weight does not go away, the figure does not improve and it is insulting. But I am very pleased with myself and my personal, small achievement.

Answer 4
November, 2020

Based on my experience, I can say that there is nothing wrong, although in the first month of the diet I lost 23kg. No negative consequences, only positive ones. Again, who knows how your body might react to this.

Answer 5
November, 2020

It seems to me that if these 10 kilograms are superfluous, then you can throw them off in a month without much difficulty.

You need to pay attention to contraindications. For example, my friend has extra pounds, but the diet, in her case, will certainly lead to a shift of all organs down. This happens to every organism during aggressive weight loss, but for some it may be critical, so you should not experiment with strict diets.

I understand perfectly well that we are not motivated by the postulates of proper nutrition, we you need to drive the body into a stressful situation in order to motivate yourself for a result.

However, my advice to you is: find the food that suits you, do the sports that are most suitable for your health and you will succeed.

Answer 6
November, 2020

I have lost 12 kilograms in over a month. Changes: feeling of lightness; energy; improved metabolism. Well sobsna and that's it. Nothing happened to the skin, nothing sagged (maybe because I went in for sports). In short, no negative consequences.

The main thing is to lose weight correctly, without scoffing at yourself and your body.

All good :)

Answer 7
November, 2020

Nothing good. After severe food poisoning, I lost about 9 kg in 2 weeks, and as a result: at that moment I weighed 60 kg with a height of 184: quite a terrible sight, as for the external consequences.

Physically, everything turned out to be much worse. Since I am an athlete, after 2 weeks: I could not complete even half of the workout. There was only one thought in my head: it would all be over faster. In studies, it was a blockage, and indeed at that moment I did not understand.

And now a month later I feel great. My weight is already about 68 kg. I successfully participate in competitions of various levels.

Answer 8
November, 2020

A couple of years ago I was very confused with my weight. I didn't bother with the choice of diets. I just reduced my diet to a minimum. There were days when I got along with a couple of apples. I lost 15 kg in 2 months. Never been fat, was in the body. Outwardly, after losing weight, the chest, of course, decreased by a size and a half, bruises under the eyes settled. There was a problem with the hair, the cycle was broken. Menses just didn't come. I always wanted to sleep. With pressure, problems began. Accordingly, the speed of thinking and memory suffered. For half a year, the weight was kept, but after the restoration of the cycle (with the help of drugs, of course), half returned. Now I prefer just PP and sports, because there are fewer problems. Eating right is better than taking care of the effects of exhaustion.

Answer 9
November, 2020

Once I was taken into the army and the first thing there started the KMB (Course of a Young Fighter).

During this period of 28 days, I lost 9 kg (weight was 80, now 71). Of course, everything is connected with a much larger volume of physical activity than "in civilian life." 3-4 hours of drill, 2+ hours, and also the incessant rolling of a square and dragging a round one. Well, and much more dietary food.

Honestly, in addition to the muscles on the legs that I had never seen before (these muscles) and some kind of constant fatigue and exhaustion, I especially noticed 1 effect. Somewhere on day 21, I noticed that I stopped sweating (almost completely) during the morning exercises, and it was 500 meters of running, exercises such as push-ups, squats, planks, and then another 1.5 km and for me this effect was very surprising.
He was never very slim and always had a slight tendency to be overweight. True, having gone on dismissal for 1 day after the oath, which occurs after the first month in the army and having eaten homemade food, washed down with cola, the next day in the army, I got sweaty as usual.

Answer 10
November, 2020

I lost weight on the right diet, I put all the food aside for breakfast, I don't know how bad it is, but during the day I don't feel like eating at all after that. sat on veganism (by the way, the weight goes away very quickly) plus dancing. the oval of the face began to appear, ease in movements, sleep improved (thanks to this, memory, learning). you begin to introduce variety into your food. and most importantly, the body as a whole becomes healthier. the main thing, it seems to me, is to change your attitude to food, work on yourself.

Answer 11
November, 2020

I'll write one very important thing: everything very much depends on the person. And if for one to throw off 10+ kg per month is a problem that can be solved, even without any consequences, then for another it is something from the realm of fantasy, and even 5 kg dropped with great difficulty will greatly undermine health and make you regret such an experience before end of life.

It's not a shame to go on vacation with excess weight on your sides. It's a shame to treat gastritis for the next 40 years, lose hair, get skin problems and undermine metabolism.

Therefore, I would advise anyone who wants to lose weight to exercise more (fitness) and eat healthy food according to simple rules: carbohydrates in in the morning, proteins and fiber in the second, one day a week, the rule can be broken. Less 1-2 kg per month is a normal and healthy result.

Answer 12
November, 2020

Also personal experience at the age of 15-16. For 3 weeks I threw off 10 kg and for the fourth another 2 kg. The diet was simple - only liquid. Sometimes she starved for 4 days. What happened? I don't remember well, only in fits and starts: I was very cold, I had no strength, I couldn't think well, I couldn't sleep at night. As a result, it became: of course, the skin is cleaner, the hemoglobin is lower, the delay in the mestrual cycle for a month, a complete failure in the gastrointestinal tract, when I started to eat again. But after a month of hunger, due to inexperience, I fell into bulimia, and therefore taking laxatives and other things also played a role. Oh, and shortness of breath when walking, literally it was very difficult to move around and keep up with others. From the pros: lightness in the body, self-confidence (although without sports and with hunger strikes, it's just jelly on the bones), clear skin. And there are too many cons.

Answer 13
November, 2020

I will be brief.

I have lost 15 kg a month since the New Year holidays in 3. And in the first month - 8-9 kg. He began to weigh in the range of 82-83. "Eat less" combined with a swing of the press once a day. A pleasant relief appeared, but even now folds are formed while sitting.

Now I have broken the bar of 77 kg.

What I feel:

The skin has almost got rid of acne on the back ... And this is in conditions of hellish heat and lack of hot water.

Shortness of breath. Previously, it was only when running. And now sometimes it appears with simple walking.

Pain on the left under the rib if you eat and start walking.

Stretch marks. Hell begins and will be created on the lyaks.

Leaving fat. The fat did not go away from the lyah and chest at all, it was necessary to pump: from

Face. The cute chubby in the morning now looks like an angry swollen drunk. I don't know how to lose weight on my face = _ =

Regeneration has slowed down a lot. I'm shocked, tiny wounds on my legs do not heal for months: / After healing, just red skin.

Probably, the number of male hormones has increased. Have tied the hair on your chest.

Posony, lose weight - your little friend increases visually by a centimeter.

There is a little more self-confidence, because losing weight is noticed by beautiful friends and praise you: s

Blood pressure has improved. There were problems with nasal congestion, now they have almost disappeared.

Any physical activities have become easier. Previously - 0 pull-ups, now at least 5.

Added just a sense of activity. There is a desire to work, have fun and just do something.

Answer 14
November, 2020

It so happened that once I lost 20 kg in a month, and two years later I gained 20 kg in three months, then again lost 15 kg in a year, but with the help of proper nutrition and sports. Now I am saving money for a breast lift :(

Answer 15
November, 2020

I'll tell you about my own experience.

There was a period in my life when I was very concerned about losing weight. Then I lost 10 kg in a month, then within three weeks it took about 4 kg more. Initially, I was overweight, so there was something to lose, although below the mark to which I eventually reached - it was no longer necessary, but I stopped at it).

Answering directly to your question - "what will happen to the body?": my body was pleased. I began to feel better and lighter, both literally and figuratively. She became more resilient (it was easier to walk, it was felt, and she could overcome greater distances without getting tired), her skin condition also improved - before the diet, she was oily, acne appeared regularly (there were obviously problems with hormones, in particular due to age), and during the diet, she dried up and cleaned herself up. True, I soon went to the other extreme, became dry, but the regular use of moisturizer did not weigh me as much as all those endless cleansers and acne remedies that I needed before. (I nevertheless used one of them when menstruation came and with them small rashes.) Many people are worried about the condition of the skin and breasts (will it sag). The chest did not sag, on the contrary, it acquired a pleasant shape. Stretch marks appeared on my body, but I still did not understand - they appeared because of losing weight (which seems to me unlikely, purely logically) or is it just as a result of losing weight that they became more noticeable. The skin lost its tone on the inner thighs, and this gradually returned to normal. The overall appearance did not suffer, of course, I liked the thinner myself a million times more than before, and the slender silhouette more than compensated for the aforementioned stretch marks.

What else happened to the body? Began to freeze)) This is a frequent occurrence among those who go on a diet, the body begins to save energy. I also didn't want to eat junk food. This, of course, was only a plus. Nails became stronger, but I used vitamins while losing weight, so I think it was in them (the usual "Alphabet", it seems, that is, something complex, and not specifically for nails or hair). I did not notice any other changes in my body.

No, I remembered: monthly. Menstruation became shorter - three or four days instead of the usual six or seven - and completely painless, there was no such thing that in the first days I lay in bed and could not get up and do business because of the pain, although before this happened almost always.

UPD I could have guessed that such questions would arise and write right away)) About exactly how I was losing weight.

It was Ducan's diet, the basic rules and principles of this diet can be found on the official website without any problems, but it is best to read the book (because motivation is important here, and the book gives it). From the very beginning, I observed it very rigidly. VERY. And in my thoughts there was not even an apple to eat, even on a protein-carbohydrate day. That there is an apple - a carrot, which Ducan does not recommend, because it is sweet,I didn't eat either. Absolutely. My diet consisted mostly of chicken and low fat cottage cheese. (In Dukan, the use of dairy products up to 1% fat is allowed, it seems that at that time I refused to eat cottage cheese with 0.3% fat and bought only the one in which there was (at least according to the manufacturer's statement) 0% fat). On protein-carbohydrate days, I ate all the same meat and cottage cheese, while chewing cabbage and cucumbers. In fact, on Dukan you can live more fun and eat more varied, but in cooking I am a lazy and layman, and I did not have much time for it, so I led such an ascetic lifestyle.

I had an obvious eating disorder then what now. I often ate not because I was hungry, but because I was sad, for example. Or just like that. As practice has shown, it made no difference to me in general what exactly to occupy my mouth, as long as something (here could be your joke about dicks). So I cracked boiled chicken and cabbage by both cheeks and felt great. It was not great when friends-pranksters began to eat all sorts of chips and hamburgers in front of me, very obsessively offering me to taste them, even though they knew that I was losing weight.

It is reasonable to ask about sports: well, there was none. The maximum that was enough for me was to start walking every time along the escalator in the metro and sometimes get off the bus one stop earlier than needed to walk an extra 10-15 minutes.

"Nobody will believe me anyway" ... I myself was too hard to believe, I told my relatives that I dropped 6, not 10, so as not to scare them with numbers again, although 6 for them also sounded scary ...

And now a paragraph for those who suddenly decided to be inspired by this example: be inspired, act, but know that if you decide to lose weight like this, you will really have to reconsider your nutritional system FOREVER. Ducan is a temporary measure that allows you to come to the desired indicator, but keep the result, without changing your attitude to food forever and without doing good work on yourself and the MAIN THING over your head, you will not change anything. I am fully and completely sure that first of all it is necessary to work on the head, on the psychological aspect, and thanks to this, change my body. It doesn't roll in reverse. At least for me.

Answer 16
November, 2020

problems with hormonal levels may appear. this is all very individual, with me it was at 19 and I got problems with the endocrine system. nothing new - proper nutrition and sports, everything in reasonable quantities - slowly but safe for health and more durable, this is a hated thought, but undeniable

Answer 17
November, 2020

I lost 50 kg in a month, now I will have to diet all my life.) This is the answer to your question.) Still a little blind and a stomach ache.) It was very bad the first week.)

Answer 18
November, 2020

nothing good. Because of such a rapid weight loss, the metabolism will suffer: when you want to return to a normal diet, the body will put everything into fat, because will be "in a panic". in a month you will have a minimum of muscle tissue - visually the volume will become smaller, but the body primarily processes muscles, and then fat. it is better to lose weight gradually, combining a properly selected diet (TA, hello) with normalized physical activity. it must be remembered that the exit from the diet should be no less than half the duration of the diet itself (i.e. two more weeks).

And remember, anorexia has not done anything good to anyone, it only cripples people's lives .

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