What kind of sport gives the most health to a person?

What kind of sport gives the most health to a person?

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Answer 1
May, 2021

Physical culture and different directions in fitness! Dispute and health, two incompatible things. Sport is a level of exorbitant and even record loads for the body. Yes, outwardly, the athlete looks healthy, but there are a lot of diagnoses and injuries.

Answer 2
May, 2021

Peace be with you. The most beautiful sport is spiritual harmony, everything is fine, everything is fine, no nervous stress. Internal harmony and balance in nature. For 70 years I was convinced.

Answer 3
May, 2021

There are only a few completely healthy athletes. I was lucky to be among them, and that is because I did not practice professionally for long.

Indeed, there are a lot of complex sports that give all-round development. I recommend the proven one. Rowing

Of the pros and cons:

1. About 95% of the muscles are involved in different intensities. In rowers, the breathing apparatus is comparable to swimmer's, but even more abruptly, because it covers adaptability and flexibility, After rowing, I do crossfit and very rarely feel an excessive lack of oxygen, even with loads close to maximum.

The downside is that if rowing is wrong, they learn to eat for a long time the risk of hitting the lower back, knees. This is a minus only if you usually thoughtlessly approach the technique. Otherwise the risks are minimal, although in professional sports they increase.

2.Exercise in the fresh air. Splash of rowing oars. Pleasant landscapes. , especially if out of town. Pure health benefits.

Unity A certain minus: if you live in a hot area, it is hard during the summer seasons. On the water you can't hide from the sun, just under a cap. When you walk alongside, you can't climb into it, and it's good if it doesn't float from it. But these are extreme cases. workouts are always nice to hit.

3.Work with your head.

On average, you give about 200-240 strokes (7-8 minutes) per race with a load of about 20 kg. you need to think about how to tactically expand on the distance, beat the opponent. Not to mention that in the carriage, if you are not a rake, you need to synchronously hit behind the person sitting in front. With experience, this is done with closed eyes. Such mental activity, a sense of comrade and complete synchro have something of the practice of relaxation and meditation (oh you, oh you)

4.Finally, when rowing, you cannot only row.

What do rowers do in winter? everyone in different ways. The coach sent us to run 10-20 km in the gym. In the gym, barbell, work with your own weight, you can play football, basketball and other delights. In the summer after training, God himself ordered to swim.

For all my physical development I am grateful to rowing. Other sports can certainly present themselves as vividly. And yet I drown for the one I did myself.

Answer 4
May, 2021

What kind of nonsense did you write above? The author does not bother with this nonsense. I will name one sport (exercise) that will NEVER harm: Swimming. Swimming will never harm your body. And the benefits are countless: from the cardiovascular system to joints and wonderful long-term sex in view of the developed respiratory system! You can swim in any style, the main thing is constant stay in the water.

Answer 5
May, 2021

Oh, and I'll catch the minuses right now, but I really don't even know how to formulate this question even more stupidly.

The very phrase "gives health" is already causing a swarm of facepalms. Health cannot be taken somewhere, it is not a thing, it can be strengthened, and that is very conditional. It is not clear how to measure this health. In kilograms? In pieces? In centimeters? What does "most health" mean? How much health initially? Two health? Three? Five? Health is not just some common value in the form of a strip like in a computer game, but a whole complex of thousands and millions of states of different body systems in certain conditions.

One sport reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 12 %, but increases the chances of senile dementia at the age of 50-59 by 8%. At the same time, the other strengthens the respiratory system, increasing the oxygen saturation of the body by about one and a half times, but leads to rapid wear of the joints, which causes arthrosis after 40 years in 58% of professionals. And the third, for example, does not allow the development of urolithiasis, reducing the risk by an average of 82%, but because of it, flat feet of type II develops in half of the cases. And all this with different chances, and depending on the intensity of classes, frequency, quality of sports equipment, trainer qualifications, nutrition, individual characteristics of the body, weather outside and a million more factors. And how do you compare them? How to derive this super-objective and universal criterion of health? Spoiler alert: no way.

It is necessary to select a diet and exercise for each organism individually, preferably (even obligatory) at the doctor, otherwise it is just meaningless idle reasoning about anything.

Answer 6
May, 2021

A scientific study was carried out on this topic, the results can be found here: naked-science.ru

In short, badminton and tennis took leading positions. It turned out that they most strongly reduce the risks of dying from problems with the cardiovascular system, and also have a positive effect on life expectancy in general. Swimming, aerobics and cycling are also in the top.

However, in this case, the utility was assessed proceeding from only 2 of the above criteria. It is clear that there are many more)

Answer 7
May, 2021

Physical education is useful. Regular. But little by little. Yoga, Pilates (no more than once a week or two). Since they have more static than dynamics, which is lacking in our lifestyle. I sat in line to see a neurologist with a yoga instructor. He broke himself))

The pool and Nordic walking are definitely useful.

Horizontal bar, parallel bars.

I have been doing various sports for 15 years and by the age of 29 I had 2 huge hernia of the spine, which I grew up with the love of running and kettlebells.

I had to reconsider my views.

You need to understand that one person can work out and be healthy all his life, and the other doing the same is to kill yourself and die.

We are pleased to look at those who can look great in 50+ years. But we don’t think how many people break their health by the same way.

It's just genetics. Either there is or not. Someone can drink and smoke, but live up to 100 years. And someone will be healthy by 30 will have a heart attack.

Take care of yourself!

1 commandment of health - no sport!

2 commandment - physical training regularly, but little by little !

Commandment 3 - forget about Arnie, Sly, Vandam. If you do not have a lot of money for yourself, you will not be able to pay for the operations like they do.

Commandment 4 - diet and sleep mode.

Want to know how to really talk with old people in sports hall. Young people do not understand anything.

Answer 8
May, 2021


This sport combines both physical (running, skiing, cycling) and mental (work with the map) load. In summer it is cross-country orienteering and cycling, in winter - ski orienteering. Constant exposure to fresh air, because competitions are held most often in the forest, it is also very useful.

I know from myself and my familiar orienteers that athletes rarely get sick and are generally quite in good physical shape.

The plus is that everyone can do orienteering: at competitions you can see many people of completely different ages, body sizes and physical capabilities.

Well, also, this is just a great way to travel and find new friends.

Answer 9
May, 2021

Obviously, different things can stand behind the word "health" - perhaps it is physical health, perhaps mental, perhaps mental, perhaps, let's call it mental (feeling of satisfaction).

It is also obvious that each "health" has its own criteria, objective, and personally yours. Which will help you determine what point you are at now, and accept it. Take this for granted, which does not satisfy you, and perhaps as a guide to action.

Physical fitness can be tightened by resorting to almost any sport, but the most effective in this regard are, of course, bodybuilding and crossfit. Bodybuilding is not necessarily biceps thicker than the head, it is literally "bodybuilding" with systems worked out over many years that will allow you to work on your body like a jeweler. CrossFit - or if you don't focus on the name, because there are a great many training systems - functional training, work on the body in a complex, a sport that will teach you how to lift heavier bags and lift them not only to the third, but also to the twenty-second floor, if you need it, and spending about as much time as you would climb to the third) No kidding, this sport is useful in that you will always understand that you are ready to give your best to the maximum of human capabilities, no matter what situation I happen in your life.

Mental health, its resilience .. certainly tempered as well - by any sport. Because sport is always an effort on oneself, always discipline, and always control. You can feel happy doing meditation and yoga. And it is possible from extreme ascents to Everest, long parachute jumps. Who knows what will break your shell and reveal to you something you never knew about? Of course, only you.

Mental health is a sport in which there is still no limit to perfection) Chess alone - the number of possible chess games is many times greater than the age of our universe, measured in seconds. Imagine how sophisticated you can Win. But this game is just a drop in the sea of ​​what is now available to each of us. Speedcubing, billiards, e-sports .. In fact, it is not necessary for mental health that your activity has a competitive moment - competition in this plane only between you and your ambitions can already bring so many colossal changes into this world that only your choice is where to stop)

And now we come to the most important thing, to mental health. It is clear that since you asked yourself a question, you have already come to the conclusion that sport will occupy some part of your life. Small, big ..- some kind. It is clear that this, like any other part of your life, should make you happy. For some reason, it is absolutely clear to me that this is not the question that should be answered at the very beginning. They answered you - artistic gymnastics, well? Would you do it for the rest of your life then? Even if no one belittles the benefits of gymnastics, the question is different.Knowing that this particular sport will make you completely healthy, would you not try anything else? It would be a big mistake. Explore a variety of sports that can only be: team sports, cyclic sports, combat sports, power sports, aviation sports, extreme sports, technical sports, applied sports, complex coordination .. And even better, simply ask yourself a question.

Nyura, my neighbor's horse in the village, rode us through the meadows, we laughed, we were just happy children .., my neighbor almost became a sports trainer in equestrian sports in Holland .. I remember how in the same in the village we dived with a mask with my friend, every object that we found became sacred - that friend saw the coral reefs of Egypt with his own eyes. As a child, I loved to play football in the yard and taking a ball from a neighbor this summer I hit the crossbar almost from the middle of the field. As a child, I watched films about parachutists and was simply exhausted from the desire to feel a free fall - this year I jumped from 2500 meters. There is such a phrase among parachutists: the worst refusal (available: the option of a canopy refusal) is a head refusal. What's the use of being the healthiest person you've ever been if you don't feel satisfied? And for those who are unhappy, head failure occurs much more often .. and not even in height, but in ordinary life.

Start with what you like, which will make you ready to find beauty in what you have not yet understood

Answer 10
May, 2021

Sport is, first of all, a competitive activity, and competitive activity implies rivalry, as a result of which the best of the best in something is determined, naturally, in conditions of competition with other people, the risk and possibilities of injury and damage to the body are increased, regardless of kind of sport. In this regard, a "golden mean" is needed, if you are able to find it, in any sport, as long as you like it, but physical culture performs better health-improving functions, that is, the sphere of social activity aimed at maintaining and strengthening health. And if your main goal is personal well-being and the excellent condition of your body, then I advise you exactly physical culture, not sports, but again, even athletes are not immune from injury.

Answer 11
May, 2021

The sport that you like gives more health! Self-motivation is above all!
I, for example, prefer cyclic sports (cms in winter polyathlon, 1st grade in mountain running, I like to swim), in my free time I go to the gym (I won't say what I like, but it's nice to see the results in the mirror: )).
Much depends on the genetic predisposition of the organism. Someone can run, someone can "reap" the iron, and if there is a result - there will be desire and motivation. Try, do not throw up, do not drive the pulse, follow the technique, eat, sleep and your good health :)

Answer 12
May, 2021

If you really choose for health, then you need to look by temperament, for example, I need to calm my mind, yoga is ideal for me as a tool for maintaining health in the body and harmony in the mind. For others, simple swimming or jogging may work. This is enough and necessary to maintain health!

Answer 13
May, 2021

Nordic walking. Seriously. My dean is 73, doing this thing. I have not seen a more active and young-looking person at his age. And in general, a gentle aerobic exercise, in which part of the load is removed from the skeleton, which takes place in the fresh air. What could be better for the body?

But this is not a sport, this is physical education. Healthy athletes do not exist.

Answer 14
May, 2021

And once again I declare, as they say in the well-known saying "physical education heals, sports cripples." The base in most cases is the same and the exercises are similar. It all depends on where and what you are striving for, what results you want to get. I would still recommend sports swimming as the most comprehensive approach to toning the body.

Answer 15
May, 2021

I have been doing weightlifting for 10 years. But I was incredibly lucky, my coach is a very competent specialist. A coach in love with his sport and his work. Therefore, he was able to teach me how to properly lift the barbell, a well-designed training plan allows him to rationally distribute physical activity. Correct technique and rational plan are reliable prevention of injury. Personally, this sport gave me a lot of health. And my medical education says that almost any sport will give you health. The most important thing is the correct technique and a rational regime. And everything will be fine.

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