What exercises help with scoliosis? What sports to do to straighten your back?

What exercises help with scoliosis? What sports to do to straighten your back?

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April, 2021

Asymmetric exercises for scoliosis

Asymmetric exercises for scoliosis correct the shape of the spine and correct the effects of uneven muscle development. It is desirable to perform them in combination with symmetrical exercises necessary for the general strengthening of the muscular corset.

Only a doctor can prescribe such gymnastics after examination. It will indicate on which side of the body the main load should fall.

Tasks for lying on the side:

  1. put the upper hand on the outer part of the thigh, straighten the lower hand over the head, then, while inhaling, swing the upper hand and close the palms;

  2. Smoothly swing with the leg on top.

Exercises for standing on all fours:

  1. bend your back down and then bend it up;

  2. Raise and straighten the left arm and right leg, then do the same with the right arm and left leg.

These simple movements can be performed independently after consultation. More complex asymmetric exercises should be prescribed by a doctor.

Contraindications and precautions

Remedial gymnastics is a medical procedure. Like any "medicine", it has the rules of "intake":

• before starting the basic exercises, you need to warm up;

• exercise therapy should be done regularly, preferably every day;

• each exercise must be performed at least 5 times;

• all movements are performed smoothly;

• exercises for the limbs and back need to be alternated;

• do not use dumbbells;

• do not forget to constantly monitor your heartbeat;

• if the condition worsens, you need to finish the workout.

Relative contraindications to exercise therapy are cardio -vascular diseases, cerebral circulation disorders, severe pain, fever. When the patient's condition improves, classes can be resumed. Sometimes classes are permissible only under the supervision of an exercise therapy instructor. This applies, for example, to cases of rapid progression of spinal pathology.

If you are doing exercise therapy yourself, do not forget to visit your doctor regularly. He will monitor the dynamics of the state and make the necessary adjustments to the set of exercises.

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