What effective methods of losing weight in 2 weeks do you know?

What effective methods of losing weight in 2 weeks do you know?

3-Day Military Diet To Lose Weight As Fast As Possible

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Answer 1
January, 2021

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the KETO diet. But beginners shouldn't use it. It is best to start with a traditional low-carb diet. Then try the BUCH diet. Various pop diets are nothing more than low-carb variations. This question is well covered by Borisov. He has a lot of information about diets. First, read about diets from Denis Borisov, and then if you want you can dig deeper

Answer 2
January, 2021

Sports and healthy food in calories, the safest and most effective, in no case try drinking diets, plant your whole stomach! If you need to really quickly lose weight by a couple of kg, that is, turbo-lim express, of course, there is a laxative effect, but at the same time cleanse the body. He often helped me out before important events)

Answer 3
January, 2021

An effective method will be to reduce the calorie content of meals and proper nutrition. Without changing the diet, nothing will work, in addition, it is important to maintain your body with physical activity. The most difficult thing in any diet is the rejection of the usual food, sweet, fast food. To support the body and not break down, you can drink a course of Fibraxin, it helps to control appetite and satiety. The likelihood of a breakdown will be less, plus it is good for health.

Try to replace high-calorie foods with light and tasty ones, sweets can always be replaced with fruits, dried fruits, nuts. And fatty meat - boiled chicken or steamed fish.

Diet is an individual matter, the main thing is to follow certain rules, namely:

  • stick to your drinking regime;

  • be sure to include physical activity;

  • control the calorie content of foods and watch the portion sizes;

  • eat protein foods;

  • try to eat more often, but in small portions, the last meal should be a few hours before bedtime.

Answer 4
January, 2021

Throughout the week, write down the time when the appetite occurs (sucks in the stomach, growls in the stomach, I want to eat). After a week, write everything down on one sheet. It turns out 2-3 periods. And start eating anytime other than that. Minus 5-10 kg in the first month guaranteed 💪💪💪 without training and dieting😉


Answer 5
January, 2021

above correctly wrote NO - let with physical exertion 3000kcal per day, 2 weeks 21000
calorie content of one gram of fat 9. a little more than 2 kg is provided that you do not eat at all and only fat burns, that not actually implementable

Answer 6
January, 2021

Protein diet. The main thing to understand is that no diet works instantly. Any diet kills the body if, in combination with it, you do not load the body with physical activity. The first principle of a protein diet is to avoid carbohydrates. If you can eliminate them from the diet completely, great, if not, then reduce their consumption to the maximum, i.e. no 200 grams of cereals, pasta or potatoes. No bread. Try to eat as low-fat food as possible, no pork or lamb. Eat low-fat cottage cheese and vegetables, increase the metabolism of boiled beets. Eat all types of cabbage. Do not drink under any circumstances! Start running or at least walk up to 20 km a day, in extreme cases, take your time for an hour to two. Include power loads in your daily routine, the more loads, the stronger the effect. But do not overdo it, or you are in danger of overwork and nervous exhaustion. And the last factor, a sharp weight loss will not save you from folds, since the skin will not be able to reduce its volume in 2 weeks, moreover, the most problem areas will be with you to the end and will not go anywhere in 2 weeks. I wish you success in your endeavor, do not set yourself such a rigid framework, for a healthy stretched body is the result of constant diet and exercise.

Answer 7
January, 2021

And my answer is in favor of the buckwheat-kefir diet!

Buckwheat in combination with kefir helps to restore the balance of trace elements in the body, cleanse it of toxins and normalize the overall functioning of the digestive system. Separately, these products: and kefir and buckwheat are very useful. Kefir, like most fermented milk products, stops the processes of putrefaction in the intestines, stimulates the liver, provides the body with vitamins and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Buckwheat is a storehouse of vitamins, amino acids, microelements. Buckwheat is rich in various minerals, including potassium, calcium, manganese, sodium, iron, phosphorus, and many others. This cereal contains almost all the B vitamins. By the way, the buckwheat group contains almost no carbohydrates, but the vegetable protein contained in buckwheat can easily replace animal proteins and, moreover, it is easily digestible.

I tried it on myself, I was happy with the result. If interested, all the nuances of cooking and not only here.

Answer 8
January, 2021

14 days on buckwheat. 14 days on baby food. (some of the best diets) by the way, not very harmful relative to others. After all, you can add parsley to buckwheat, dill, cucumber - the effect will not decrease, but there are vitamins. Baby food is expensive, but if you follow the consistency in the reception .. fruit in the morning, vegetable in the afternoon, meat puree in the evening, then, theoretically, the body will not be too shocked.

Answer 9
January, 2021

There are no effective and fast methods, alas, since everything that was abruptly dropped will return back, only constant control works. And even in the form of fat instead of lost muscle mass. 1 kg of fat - 7,716 kcal (I also saw the figure of 9,000), it is simply unrealistic to create such a deficit in such a short time.
More precisely, there are all sorts of bad ways to appear for a short while not who you are, but you need it? Weigh the pros and cons before following the recommendations.
1. Basically, all short-term diets simply drive out water and * ovno.
In this regard, you need to find information about drying the body, and, in fact, buy a diuretic and laxative. You can also do body wraps and massage, take special baths, and visit the sauna. The principle is one: remove as much liquid as possible. It does not work for long, but the result is instant.
2. You can try to cheat visually. Sunburn (a pale body is usually not associated with athletic and fit), hair removal. Selection of clothes (your size, good quality).
3. The most effective but tricky method that works and solves almost all problems: count calories and eat the minimum you need. There are applications, you can score quickly, simply by scanning barcodes or entering a name in the search. You can eat even less, but then you will "lie". Points and all sorts of rituals do not work, but it would be a good idea to do cardio or at least walk. Do not chew only grass with buckwheat, do not remove fat from the diet (of course, all this can be done, but it will be very extreme, although you can hold out for 2 weeks). And be sure to buy something for bloating.
4. Any stimulants or worse. At least drink coffee without anything, so you will not fall into hungry faints.
5. The most common advice: accept yourself and love your body. This may sound strange, but it also needs to be worked on, because a confident and charismatic person always looks better, regardless of build.

Answer 10
January, 2021

There is such a cool thing for losing weight as the metabolic diet. Its plus is that you eat your usual foods, but meals should be scheduled at a specific time. Thus, your weight will steadily decrease every day, thanks to a properly working metabolism.

This is the principle of the diet:

Each product has its own value in points. Build your diet according to the principle "from complex to simple".

Before 10:00 there is breakfast at 4 points (List of products rated at 4 points: Any spirits, beer, sweet water: soda, sweet tea and coffee, etc., canned food in oil, mayonnaise, sausage, sausages, lard, pork, goose, duck, white flour baked goods, sweets, ice cream, etc.);

Before 12:00 there is a 3-point snack (List of products, rated at 3 points: millet porridge, corn, hard and processed cheeses, yoghurts with additives, dark chocolate, fruit juices)

Before 15:00 there is a 2-point lunch (List of products rated at 2 points: vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.), nuts, seeds, beets and carrots in boiled form, parts of chicken except breast, veal, fruits, olives, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, muesli, bran bread, dairy products with fat content up to 4%).

Then there is a snack until 18:00 at 1 point (List of products rated at 1 point: berries, beans, freshly squeezed vegetable juices)

And the last meal - until 20:00 at 0 points (List p products rated at 0 points: chicken eggs, chicken and turkey fillets, rabbit, seafood, any fish, mushrooms, fresh vegetables, green peas, herbs (parsley, dill, etc.), seaweed, mustard, horseradish, spices , garlic, onion, lemon and lime, dairy products with a fat content of up to 2%).

It is important to drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day (just clean! Soups, compotes, teas, etc. - does not count). You can use mineral water.

You can also increase fat burning if you eat only light foods, i.e. with a value of 0 points from the list. But it is better not to get carried away with this for a long time, maximum - a week or two.

When the weight reaches the desired point, it is important to support it later. You can do it like this: first, you add 1 point to any meal and look at your weight. If it continues to fall, you add 1 more point (also to any meal). Continue this until the weight stabilizes. In the future, you need to adhere to such a diet.

Answer 11
January, 2021

Steamed buckwheat with kefir can lead to stomach problems, but what you can't do for the sake of losing weight)

  1. Drink so much water that you write a lot, still half the weight that can go away in two weeks is water. Water instead of sugary drinks. Water when hungry. If you don't drink, then you will see cellulite on your thinned thighs. You can try a diuretic like Brissniver tea.

  2. Don't measure yourself every day. It is better to measure OG / OT / OB at the beginning and at the end. It's the same with weights.

  3. To keep yourself in control, write down everything you eat, preferably with your calories. You may be eating small but wildly nutritious foods. You can download a lot of them.

  4. The more overweight you are, the faster you will lose weight. But if there is a lot of it, then first get acquainted with the principles of a balanced diet and refuse everything unhealthy

I myself lost weight the fastest on a drinking diet - all food should be puree or liquid. For 3 weeks - 8 kg, but then the stomach ached and there was a lot, a lot of stress.

Good luck

Answer 12
January, 2021

If you want to lose weight, stop eating (p.) ...................................... .................................................. .............. 78

Answer 13
January, 2021

If you have the proper mental and physical fitness, you can choose any strict diet to your taste, up to a complete refusal to eat, it already depends on your preferences. The main thing is to follow the rules of entry and exit, that is, before the diet, gradually reduce the variety and amount of food, and after a long period, gradually return to the usual menu, while not gaining the recently lost weight.

And I can tell from my experience that buckwheat diets (200 grams of brewed (!!!) buckwheat per day + 200 grams of kefir, unlimited coffee and tea without milk and sugar) and chocolate (for a day a chocolate bar 70 and more% cocoa + coffee and tea without milk and sugar). I sat on both diets for about a week, I can't say for sure the result, but in general it exceeded my expectations. But I don't eat chocolate and buckwheat after them.

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