What are the most stupid things that happened during football matches?

What are the most stupid things that happened during football matches?

Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Good afternoon!

During football matches, there are many unpredictable, funny and even stupid things. Let's talk about some of them and, of course, mention the names of the main "characters".

  • Luis Suarez , a Uruguayan professional footballer, striker for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid and the Uruguayan national team, is famous not only for his professional skills. The guy is great ... bites! He has bitten opponents three times during his sports career . The last time he applied his "tactics" in 2014 to Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup match against the Italian national team.
  • João Carlos Pineiro played as a center-back for Fluminense. In one of the seasons, he skillfully scored 10 goals at once, but all of them were in his own net . The coach even tried to transfer him to the rank of striker. In this position, Pineiro scored a goal, but again into his own net. On his 25th birthday, his humorous colleagues presented Pinheiro with a compass reminding him exactly where the opponent's goal is.
  • Mohamoud Mossi , the Rwandan national team goalkeeper, lit a fire near his goal during one match to ward off evil spirits . A fire almost started in the stands. The match was stopped, the fire was extinguished for about half an hour. Probably, the fire went off anyway: the rivals from the Ugandan national team could not print the goal.
  • Niklas Bendtner , the Danish striker, stood out with the elastic of his pants peeking out from under his shorts . The linen had a feature in the form of an inscription with the name of a large bookmaker Paddy Power. For such advertising, Bendtner was disqualified for one match and fined 100 thousand euros. The footballer himself said that these are his lucky cowards, demonhe did not plan to test them at all.
1339746862_b_bendtner-pokazal-trusy-s-nazvaniem-irlandskoj-bukmekerskoj-firmy.jpg Sam Burtram , England's Charlton goalkeeper, was lost in the fog. In 1937, Charlton's game against Chelsea was hazy, so after about an hour the match stopped. However, this information somehow passed by Sam. Continuing to stand at the goal, he was glad that he did not see anyone: it means that the game was on the side of the Chelsea field. So the responsible Burtram stood in his place, defending the gate, until the policeman bypassing the field announced that the game was over long ago.
  • During a soccer match in Brazil, the wind blew a group of paratroopers onto the football field . One of them fell on the goalkeeper just as the goalkeeper was getting ready to take possession of the ball. As a result, the ball ended up in the goal, and the referee counted the goal, explaining the appearance of the paratroopers "by the intervention of a higher power" .
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    Answer 2
    June, 2021

    Fights between football players with principled opponents, between teammates, between a coach and a referee, between fans and journalists, between racists and football players

    Answer 3
    June, 2021

    Italian goalkeeper Grosso advised the referee to wear glasses during the game, for which he was sent off. During the investigation of this incident, it turned out that Grosso is the owner of an optical store, and the referee has really poor eyesight. In this regard, the words of the goalkeeper addressed to the referee, the disciplinary commission regarded not as an insult, but as useful and very rational advice. In the end, the goalkeeper was forgiven, and the referee bought glasses in his store.

    Answer 4
    June, 2021

    Not that it can be called an idiotic case (on the contrary), but in general judge for yourself :) The Inter-Siena match, when Zlatan was still playing there, the end of the season, Inter is already a champion on points, so they just play their own pleasure. Around the middle of the first half (if my memory serves me), Ibrahimovic begins to ask for a replacement, more than eloquently showing this with gestures and glances, limping and all that. Mourinho nods gravely. Changes another player. After some time, Zlatan literally just stands, does not move much and plays with only one foot, since the second hurts. Expressively asks for a replacement. Mourinho nods. Changes another player. It's the second half, Zlatan scores a goal, making a desperate dash to the goal, frowning, showing a substitution. Mourinho barely stifles a laugh, nods. Changes the goalkeeper (!), Releasing a third substitute, thereby exhausting the limit of substitutions. Zlatan remains doomed for another 20+ minutes. I can be wrong in the facts, I haven't reviewed it for a long time, but the essence is clear :)

    Answer 5
    June, 2021

    In 2014, before the start of the match between the national teams of Slovakia and Malta, instead of the anthem of the Republic of Malta, the song Numb of the Linkin Park group played for several seconds

    Answer 6
    June, 2021

    On March 20, 1976, Aston Villa player Chris Nicholl scored two goals against Leicester City both into the opponent's goal and into his own goal. The match ended with a score of 2: 2.

    Answer 7
    June, 2021

    The ninth round of the Premier League, 2009 season, Liverpool-Sunderland match

    Sunderland striker Darren Bent scored a goal with a balloon thrown onto the field by the Red fans.

    After the blow Bent's ball hit the ball and flew into the goal. Despite the indignation of the Liverpool players, the referee counted the goal.


    Answer 8
    June, 2021

    I remember during Euro 2004 in the match Portugal-Russia Otar Kushanashvili ran onto the field after the removal of the goalkeeper of the Russian national team Sergei Ovchinnikov. This reaction of Kushanashvili was caused by his disagreement with the goalkeeper's red card.

    You can also recall the famous phrase of Vadim Yevseyev "& uy you" said directly into the camera after the victory over Wales. It was Evseev's goal in this match that brought the national team to Euro.

    I remember in the Moscow derby of CSKA - Spartak a dog ran out (Not V.G. Gazzaev, but a real dog :))) on the field and did not leave for a long time. Army striker Wagner Love even managed to scratch his stomach.

    In one of the last seasons of the Premier League, Liverpool missed a ridiculous goal from Sunderland. The attacker shot past, but the ball hit an inflatable rubber ball, which somehow ended up on the field, and changed its trajectory into Pepe Reina's goal. The goal was scored.

    Well, a funny situation occurred in the Terek - Spartak match, when the lights suddenly went out just at the moment when the red and white added in the game. In general, a similar thing often happened in Grozny: one can recall the comments on the actions of the referee and the players from the President of the Chechen Republic Kadyrov. ))

    Answer 9
    June, 2021

    Former goalkeeper of the German national team Jens Lehmann once went to the field for small needs right during a match.

    Apparently, German beer made itself felt.

    And here is the youtube video. com

    Answer 10
    June, 2021

    The masseur of the Brazilian football club Aparesidense, playing in Serie B (the fourth division of the national championship), twice in a row saved his team from a goal by running onto the field and knocking the ball off the goal line during the match with Tupi. Thanks to the massage therapist "Aparesidense" avoided defeat and advanced to the next stage of the tournament. Footballer "Tupi" hit the goal from close range, but the masseur hit the ball and then reacted to the finishing move. After the incident, the masseur, chased by the Tupi players, fled from the field to the locker room. The game was interrupted for 20 minutes, and then resumed, but in the remaining time "Tupi" failed to score goals.

    The match ended with a score of 2: 2, which suited Aparesidense. youtube.com

    Answer 11
    June, 2021

    In England, in one of the matches of the amateur league, the referee showed himself a red card, because he snapped at a player using profanity. Accordingly, he finished the game. He explained this by the fact that if the player allowed himself, he would have to be removed. Strange, but true.

    Answer 12
    June, 2021

    In the 1980s, in India, one team had to win at least +45 in order not to "fly out". They did it, even with an excess of (+60)! But, all the same "took off", tk. their competitor also won his game, but with an even greater excess (something +70). Football-100%. In "Soviet Russia" there was a column about curiosities and interesting cases.

    Answer 13
    June, 2021

    In 1998, lightning struck a field during a football match in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. All 11 players of the visiting team died on the spot.

    At the time of the lightning strike, the score was 1: 1. Many of those present at the game felt that someone had cursed the DRC team with voodoo or some other means. But, of course, it was nothing more than a tragic accident.

    Answer 14
    June, 2021

    The question clearly has European football, traditional and very beloved in our latitudes. But let me share a link to an article about the worst draws of the National Football League: firstandgoal.ru

    Every year during the season, journalists compose their tops of the most unsuccessful, stupid actions on the field. You don't have to be an American football expert to realize that something is clearly wrong with these rallies

    Answer 15
    June, 2021

    A couple of days ago, in the midst of the Zenit-Tosno match, a cat ran out onto the field. The players miraculously ran around her, and she was wildly shocked by the prospect of hitting the ball. As a result, the goalkeeper of Zenith had to drive the frightened animal from the field. It turned out that one of the fans in an incomprehensible way carried it to the match. The cat was returned to the owner safe and sound)

    Answer 16
    June, 2021

    The strangest match in the history of football was played by Barbados and Grenada in 1994. To take first place, Barbados had to be defeated, and with a difference of at least two goals.

    It was 83rd minute, the score was 2: 1, which did not suit Barbados at all. And then the desperate Barbadians came up with a completely paradoxical move - they scored a goal in their own goal! Than they earned as much as 30 minutes of added time.

    This was enough for Barbados to score, and a goal scored in added time, according to the rules, was considered "golden" and was equal to two.

    The Grenadians were dumbfounded. ran back to score an own goal, and Barbados now had to stand guard over both their own and those of others.

    In the end, Barbados' plan worked. The match ended 4: 2 in his favor.

    Answer 17
    June, 2021

    There was such a case about which legends circulated in the boyish Soviet childhood.

    In Soviet times, there was a practice when good teams made a "tour" in different countries - first of all, in the republics of "people's democracy" and for friendly countries that have successfully overcome capitalist oppression and are building a new society on the principles of Marxism-Leninism. One of these countries was Mali - a typical African republic with a socialist president, baobabs, cheetahs and even, they said, cannibals.

    And in Mali, they invited the Rostov SKA to play - a team not of the first echelon, but generally sound ... With the European champion, the best forward of the USSR championships in the early 1960s, Viktor Monday. Play right away with the national team - the team is also not the most stellar, but also not a "whipping boy", usually such a team.

    The game begins, both teams leave the locker rooms, begin to line up in the center of the field. And the goalkeeper of the Malians at this time leads a monkey on a leash - the most ordinary monkey - puts it on the crossbar of his own goal and ties it by the leash to an iron ring. Well, this is a tradition, a mascot monkey. I somehow helped Upper Volta to beat.

    Well, the game started - the Rostovites, of course, are actively attacking, but they can't score. The audience is happy, they actively support their own people, they hope for the monkey. But Monday is not in vain the best striker - at one of the moments he hits hard under the crossbar, the ball hits the crossbar, and the monkey falls dead right under the goalkeeper's feet.

    The spectators rage, the referee whistles - the goalkeeper immediately grabs the monkey and runs away with her under the stands. The whole team is behind him. Ours are also in shock - an international scandal, stories about cannibals immediately surfaced. But everything worked out - the goalkeeper returns, the monkey is oklemalsya, alive and well. We continued the game - and they are already afraid of hitting the goal hard.

    History is silent about how the game ended (I suspect that the Rostovites did not disgrace themselves), but when the team returned to their homeland, the coach and captain were called to the top "and forced to write an explanatory note: it turned out that while the players were getting from sultry Africa, one of the French magazines described what happened in colors: they say, the Malians were so afraid of the Russians that they put a gorilla on the gate. She catches everything, does not give a single chance. And then Monday comes out and hits the goal so hard that it knocks the gorilla off its feet - I had to replace it, change it for a person.

    Monday itself confirms this story.

    P.S. Well, this, of course, everyone remembers - a masterpiece:


    Answer 18
    June, 2021

    The first thing that came to mind was the 2006 World Cup group stage Croatia - Australia, in which the English referee Graham Poll showed Croatian national team player Josip Simunic three yellow cards, forgetting to remove the defender after the second.

    Answer 19
    June, 2021

    There are a lot of such cases. I'll tell you one. My favourite. In 1974, Brazil and Zaire played at the World Cup. The Brazilians (the world champions at the time) had to win by more than two goals in order to qualify from the group. Brazil was leading 2-0, but Zaire rested and did not want to lose. Somewhere in the 70th minute, the Brazilians got the right to a free kick. When the referee whistled, Zairian defender Ilunga Mwepu ran out of the wall and knocked the ball into the stands. Mwepu received a yellow card. Later he said that he had forgotten the rules and thought that the one who was the first to hit the ball would hit. Later, he denied these words and said that he wanted to be removed from the field in protest against the oppression of Africans in Europe.

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