What are sports betting?

What are sports betting?

What is the \

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May, 2021

Types of sports betting

In addition to odds, you should know that there are different types of bets and are also divided into types. There was a case when a friend of mine bet the "express" and lost a pretty decent amount. He did not know that if he loses one event in this bet, then all the winnings are burned out. To avoid falling into a similar trap, let's look at what bets are and how they differ. Ordinary. This is the simplest type of bet. You are betting on one event. If the team you bet on wins, then you take the winnings equal to the amount of money you bet multiplied by the odds of the bet. Express. In it, you can bet on several events. The trick is that if all the selections win, then you will receive an impressive amount of money. If at least one loses, then the winnings will be burned out completely. System. This is a collection of "express". Here the probability of losing is high, but you can also win even if a separate choice in the combination does not come together.

Types of bets

There are many types of bets. I will tell you about the most popular ones. “Exodus” is the oldest type. Bet on win or draw. “Double chance” is used by those who wish to minimize risks. The bottom line is to bet on a draw and a win for your favorite team at the same time. “Foru” is used if the playing teams are of different class. For example, champions and outsiders. In this case, at the end of the match or half, points are added or subtracted from the result of one team. “Total” - bets on the total number of goals that both teams will score. In this case, if you have bet “Total under 3.5”, then the total number of goals in the match should not exceed three. If you bet “Total over 3.5”, then, accordingly, the total number of goals must be 4 or more. “Pass” - used only in competitions where you need to guess which team will advance to the next round. It is one thing to bet “naked” express or single bets and hope that you will win, it is another thing to develop strategies for making money. We will talk about them now. Such schemes increase the percentage of winnings and the amount of reward

https://stavki-life.ru/teorija-stavok/kak-zarabotat-na-stavkah-i-ne-naporotsya-na-obman-strategii-i -sovety-novichkam.html

Answer 2
May, 2021

Hello !

The type of sports betting depends on the popularity of the event - for example, if it is an unknown football league, then there will not be many options. Another case is if it is the Champions League final or Khabib's fight, which is watched all over the world.

For example, in football, you can bet on:

  • victory of one of the teams or a draw;
  • alternative outcomes "by contradiction": the home team will not lose, or "both teams will score - no";
  • total goals: over or under; with backtracking (even numbers, for example, TM 2) and without (odd numbers, for example, TM 1.5);
  • total cards (yellow and red);
  • total corners;
  • total offsides;
  • personal bets on player statistics (goals, mileage, cards);
  • match penalty;
  • goal time;
  • which part of the body the goal will be scored;
  • percentage of ball possession;
  • and more.

The variety is also influenced by the type of sport, but there is a general rule - the more statistics are recorded, the more options for betting.

In mixed martial arts, you can bet on:

  • a fighter's victory at the end of the round, by decision, knockout and much more.
Answer 3
May, 2021

Good afternoon! The offices offer hundreds of bets on each match, most of them have only a lottery basis, that is, guess or guess, lucky, or luck has temporarily turned away.

But there are several main types of bets in bookmakers, victory in which it depends more on your knowledge and awareness, and not on the theory of probability.


The main types of bookmaker bets:

Single is the main type of sports betting, where a player bets on a certain outcome of one event. This is the simplest and most understandable type of bets. Every newbie, making his first bet at a bookmaker's office, has a 95% probability of making this very bet. This bet provides for the player to choose a certain outcome. If the answer is correct, the odds are multiplied by the amount of the bet, and the resulting number in cash is credited to the bettor's account.

Express - a bet on several events at the same time. We choose 2 or more events for a bet. In order for our bet to work, it is necessary that all the outcomes of events, predicted by us, come true. If at least one event was not guessed, the entire bet is lost.

The system is the third most popular type of bets among players. The system should be understood as a bet on all possible combinations of express bets of a given size from the selected outcomes of sports events. In simple words, the system is an express with the margin for error. It is advisable to use it in cases when you have collected a potentially profitable express, but you doubt the passability of one or more outcomes.

Live bets - bets already during the match. If you do not have confident predictions for the match, you can wait for it to start. And having carefully looked at the first actions of the teams, it will soon be possible to place a bet. Each goal, corner, or warning changes the value of the odds, and now the task is to choose the right moment and make the correct prediction.

Correct score betting is one of the types of bookmaker bets that can generate a good income. As a rule, these rates are applicable to team sports, although not to all, but only to those where the performance is relatively small. For example, it can be football, futsal or ice hockey.

An outcome bet is a bet directly on the outcome of a match. Perhaps the most popular type of betting in bookmakers that does not requireIn addition, special knowledge: here we simply bet either on the victory of one of the opponents (a team or an athlete), or on a draw in the match.

Bet on total - the forecast for the number of goals scored in the game (under / over). For regular time or for each half separately, by each team or both per match. It is also a rather popular type of bets, since it allows evaluating the results of teams in previous games, and the ratio of the teams' attack and defense lines.

"Time-match" is a bet on the outcome of the first half and the entire match at the same time, i.e. to win, you need to guess how the 1st half and the whole game will play, i.e. in fact, it turns out a mini-express for both halves.

Handicap betting - in order to balance the forces of the teams on the field, with a clear advantage in the class of one of them. We can give the outsider a head start, that is, if he loses, then the difference between goals scored and conceded should not be more than the handicap set by us.

Asian Handicap is a type of sports betting that allows you to capture a high odds on a completely predictable outcome. If there are frankly unequal opponents in a match and one of them will definitely win, it is unprofitable to bet on victory. In such a situation, it makes sense to scroll the line and look for handicap bets.

Special bets - bookmakers can also offer quite extravagant bets: who will score first, who will take the corner first, whether there will be a penalty kick in the match. It is difficult to make an accurate forecast for such events, but it is quite possible to try your luck.

Answer 4
May, 2021

Hello !

There are many betting options, they can be combined with each other, thus forming different types of bets. They differ from each other both in the number of outcomes and in the method of calculation. Single, Express and System are the most common types of bets. We will tell you more about them and some others.

  1. Single (single bet) is the main type of sports betting, where a player bets on a certain outcome of one event. The bettor chooses an event in the line with a certain odds, makes a bet and, if the choice was successful, gets his win, which will be equal to the product of the bet amount and the odds.
  2. Express is a combination of single cards. It includes several outcomes predicted by the player at once. Bookmaker's clients love such bets, first of all, for high odds, since the odds of all outcomes are multiplied when calculating the express.
  3. The System is a combination of express trains of a given size from a predetermined number of events. Each combination in the system is calculated as a separate express. You place a certain bet on several events included in the express and indicate the dimension of the system (for example, 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, etc. will play). If all events win, you win with multiplied (using a special formula) odds. The total odds here are significantly lower than in the express. But on the other hand, if one or several bets lose, you still have a chance to stay in the black or at least get back part of the bet.
  4. On outcome is a bet on the outcome of a match. No special knowledge is required here: it is enough to bet either on the victory of one of the opponents or on a draw in the match.
  5. Total is a bet on the number of goals expected to be scored. Such a bet is placed on the fixed result offered by the bookmaker. The player chooses a value greater or less than the suggested one.
  6. Both will score - the name of the bet speaks for itself: it will play if both opponents differ during the match. In the lines of bookmakers the name "scoring match" is found, but the essence remains - if both teams score at least 1 goal, the bettor wins.
  7. Live bets - bets during the match. If there are no confident predictions for the match, then you can wait for its start and, having looked at the first actions of the teams, soon make a bet. Every goal, corner or warning changes the value of the odds.
  8. Handicap is an artificial advantage or an acceptable lag for one of the teams or opponents. The handicap in betting is always accompanied by the signs "+" or "-", and this is just the necessary advantage (minus handicap) or an acceptable lag (plus handicap). The numerical value displays a specific number of goals (bets on handicap in football), points (in basketball)or pucks (in hockey) required to win a particular bet.
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Add: if after the first few bets you decide to bet on an ongoing basis, you need a strategy - an action plan that will allow you to achieve positive result. Similar betting strategies can be found here: https://sportclan.ru/strategii/.

Good luck!

Answer 5
May, 2021

If we talk about events that cause great excitement among sports fans, the number of possible betting options is amazing.
Almost everything you can think of is available for betting.
For example, in a football match you can bet on:
- a team wins or a draw
- the number of goals
- the number of corners
- the authors of goals scored
- the number of yellow cards
- penalty kick and / or red card
- minutes in which goals are scored
- whether a goal will be scored by foot or head
- percentage of ball possession
- number of rule violations
- number of outs
- the number of added minutes
- the number of substitutions
and so on.

You can sometimes see more than 1,000 betting options on leading sporting events.
We draw your attention to the fact that illegal bookmakers can block your account or refuse to withdraw funds at any time, therefore we recommend placing bets exclusively in legal bookmakers, the list of which is available here: https://bet.championat.com/

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