There are many types of yoga. What is the difference and how to choose your favorite?

There are many types of yoga. What is the difference and how to choose your favorite?

Types of Yoga and the Best one for you

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Answer 1
June, 2021

If you are just starting to practice yoga, we advise you to take a closer look at three areas of yoga to choose from:

First, hatha yoga practice. This technique provides for a gradual sequential mastery of yoga, starting with the basic elements.


In addition, in the classroom there are usually several options for asanas: from simple to difficult. In addition, the practice harmoniously combines various exercises: poses for strength, flexibility and balance. Various breathing exercises are also included in the program.

The second practice option for beginners is Iyengar Yoga or the ABC of Yoga.

In it The asana adjustments and their various options are studied in such detail that after practice you will not have any questions about how to perform the poses.

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And the third practice option for beginners is yoga therapy. All postures and movements are mastered gently and gradually, according to the principle "from simple to complex."

In this practice auxiliary objects are actively used: straps, blocks, rollers, blankets and chairs.

The group is suitable for those who have not done any physical exercise before, but want to start with something affordable.

In our center, we invite to yoga therapy those who are temporarily injured do not allow to engage in active sports. And of course, older people are especially welcome in these classes.

Further, as you go deeper into the practice, you can try other directions for yourself: vinyasa yoga (this is a combination of movement with breathing: inhalation - one movement, exhalation - another. Due to this synchronization, a set of asanas turns into a single stream), universal yoga, Yoga 23 (a technique that allows you to make the entrance to the practice more effective and safe for people with Caucasian type of musculoskeletal system)etc.

Practice, try - and you will definitely find your practice and your teacher!

You can read more about the directions in yoga on our website:

Answer 2
June, 2021

1) The most basic, most widespread yoga is Hatha yoga (aka power yoga). Start with her. First, there are many teachers and schools, you can always change. It's like Basic in programming. The basics of yoga. In hatha you will master asanas, strengthen your body.

2) The second most common in Russia is Kundalini Yoga. Very different from hatha. The emphasis on breathing and long static asanas, in each of which you need to stand for 5-10 minutes. Not mine. But you try.

3) Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Or just Ashtanga Yoga. Very similar to hatha yoga. The differences are as follows: each lesson is a chain of certain asanas that are performed in a strict sequence. One activity is similar to another. The goal is to hone these asanas to perfection and move on to the next round of asanas. I am personally tired of doing the same thing every time. There is variety in hatha. Well, plus a newcomer to Ashtanga has nothing to do. They need at least a solid basic training in at least 2-3 years of yoga classes.

These are the 3 most popular yogas in Russia. The rest exist rather in theory, you very rarely find where Iyengar yoga teaching, or Bikram yoga (hot yoga). Raja Yoga is more of a yoga system (8 steps), i.e. theoretical yoga, than directly practical yoga. Well, all sorts of aero yoga (yoga in hammocks) and other subspecies - you can try it for a change, but I would not practice regularly.

So, my advice: choose Hatha yoga, and then after 2 -3 years you will understand in which direction to develop.

Answer 3
June, 2021

It all depends on the goals that you pursue, on your current state and the state that you would like to achieve. Yes, and the varieties vary, if you are not a Hindu, then you will not be at all interested in such types of yoga as Bhakti Yoga, for example, which is aimed at cultivating love of God through bhakti - serving God with love and devotion, and also if you are not Hindu then you will not be interested in Jivamukti Yoga, which is also based on the study of sacred texts, chanting mantras, etc. Well, here's what else there is, for example:

Hatha Yoga is the teaching of psychophysical harmony achieved through physical means of influencing the body (diet, breathing, shatkarmas, asanas, bandhas, mudras), and mental means (meditation and concentration while performing asanas, pranayama).

Ashtanga yoga is aimed at strengthening the body, developing flexibility, physical and mental stability of the practitioner ... At the Krishnamacharya school, this technique was used to train young people of the military class, this is largely due to its specificity.

Iyengar Yoga focuses on the correct position of the body so that it can develop harmoniously and become anatomically flawless.

Bikram yoga or "hot yoga" - a set of exercises performed in a heated room

Viny yoga that's just for beginners, the School uses asanas (various postures), pranayama (this is associated with breathing), meditations, relaxation techniques, mantras and lectures on philosophy, well, the main idea is that the student does not exist for practice, but practice for the student. In this style, yoga methods are adapted to the level of the practitioner

The main goal of Raja Yoga is to control the mind through meditation

There is also Power Yoga , characterized by a high degree of intensity and stress on the body, naked yoga, Yoga sports ( rhythmic gymnastics and aerobics)

Well, and there are still a lot of them, in fact, some emphasize philosophy, some emphasize exercise.

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