Is it possible to completely restore the intervertebral disc (L5S1) during its protrusion and get rid of the pain?

Is it possible to completely restore the intervertebral disc (L5S1) during its protrusion and get rid of the pain?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Does the pain come from him? Recently, more and more often I come across such a theory as "myofascial pain syndrome". There is an explanation that the hernias themselves do little harm to us - all the pains are precisely due to the muscles. Have you tried looking in this direction? Trigger points and massage. I myself have a problem with L5S1, so I'm asking.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Good afternoon! I have vast experience on this issue. At first I was treated myself, now for 15 years I have been running my own medical center specializing in Non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias. The method is called Internal Local Decompression and was developed in the late 1990s in the United States. Treatment is carried out with DRX9000 (lumbar) and DRX9500 (cervical) devices. During the procedure, only the treated segment is exposed, and the entire spine remains at rest. A pump effect is created inside the segment. The intervertebral disc gains mass, restores volume. The percentage of the herniated body weight to the disc body weight changes significantly. The hernia stops pressing the nerve root, i.e. be aggressive, and due to the pseudovacuum effect, it is gradually partially "drawn" inward. The main thing is not that the hernia disappears (more often it decreases significantly in size), the main thing is that the pain goes away. The course of treatment consists of 20 procedures on the DRX9000 apparatus and 18 procedures on the DRX9500 apparatus. The method not only makes it possible to successfully cure herniated intervertebral discs, but also provides an opportunity to restore the disc after neurosurgical surgery, provided it is intact and there are no metal structures on the operated segment. Result: 95% without repeated visits to spinal doctors within 5 years (the observed period).

image.png image.png


Generalsth director of AKSIOMA LLC

Golovina Tatiana Vitalievna.

Answer 3
June, 2021

Restore to its original state - no! Get rid of pain and significantly slow down (almost stop) further development - yes!

It is better to act in a comprehensive manner - the main emphasis is not to be lazy and strengthen the muscle corset! Do not forget to go for a massage and periodically monitor the dynamics of the attending physician!

Sergeenkov M. - Triggers as one of the accompanying problems in spinal diseases and vice versa!

Anton Shusherin - myopressure, with fibrosis is possible - but it is possible to induce, in spite of temporary improvements, everything is individual!

Answer 4
June, 2021

Good afternoon,

our clinics in St. Petersburg, Moscow offers a unique method of non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias, protrusions of the lumbosacral and cervical spine using systems DRX 9000, DRX 9500. During the treatment period, you live a fulfilling life. this technology is basic in the American and European insurance industry and the Israeli insurance company.

Answer 5
June, 2021

Good afternoon!

These are two different questions, which may or may not be related. I mean, pain is not always associated with protrusion.

Protrusions are found even in healthy people who are not worried about pain. And vice versa, there are persistent pain syndromes in those who do not have protrusions.

As for the issue of restoration of the intervertebral disc. Even if you deal with this problem very diligently, the result may be a certain improvement in the condition, but certain consequences always remain.

Respectfully, Artem Sergeevich Vasyuta, sports rehabilitation therapist.

Answer 6
June, 2021

Kakimi metodami mozhno vocctanovit mezhpozvonochny Control dial ??

VARIATIONS octeoxondpoze, gpyzhevyx obpazovaniyax and ppotpyzii dickov icpolzyyut medikamentoznyyu tepapiyu and metody fizicheckoy peabilitatsii, chacto ppimenyaetcya lechenie napodnymi cpedctvami. VARIATIONS pazvitii mezhpozvonochnyx gpyzh bolshix pazmepov ne oboytic bez opepatsii, kotopaya takzhe pokazana in clychae cilnogo yschemleniya kpovenocnyx cocydov and nepvov, kogda koncepvativnye metodiki ne ppinocyat ozhidaemogo pezyltata.


Ppimenenie fiziotepapevticheckix ppotsedyp cpocobctvyet reduction of painful sensations and the expression of vascular processes. Physiotherapy is aimed at improving the circulation of blood, strengthening the muscle cortex and the reduction of metabolic processes, which helps to improve the circulation of the blood, the strengthening of the muscle cortex and the reduction of metabolic processes. HOW ppavilo, ppotsedypy ppimenyayutcya pocle medikamentoznoy tepapii, kogda ppoxodit octpoe coctoyanie patologii.


pod deyctviem ctaticheckogo magnitnogo polya in tkanyax cheloveka obpazovyvayutcya elektpicheckie toki, kotopye cpocobctvyyut yckopeniyu bioximicheckix ppotseccov in opganizme. Driving on the ring column does not cause additional pressure or damage. Blagodapya ppotsedype mozhno ylychshit The power is tkaney pytem nopmalizatsii kpovoobpascheniya chto cpocobctvyet vocctanovleniyu koctno-xpyaschevoy tkani.

Udapno-volnovoe vozdeyctvie

Cyt metodiki zaklyuchaetcya in vozdeyctvii nizkochactotnyx akycticheckix voln nA opganizm cheloveka. The procedure is quite effective, already after 3 applications, you can feel the result. Thanks to the normalization of exchanged processes and microcirculation in tissues, accelerated regeneration of cells is possible. Esche ppotsedypa cpocobna ykpepit myshechny kopcet chto cpocobctvyet cnizheniyu nagpyzki nA pozvonochnik.

Lazepnaya tepapiya

Lechenie lazepotepapiey cnimaet otechnoct tkaney, kypipyet ​​bolevye oschyscheniya and cnimaet vocpalitelny At Process. The procedure for the normalization of the state of the blood vessels and the nervous ends, which gives the opportunity to restore the mobility and flexibility of the spinal cord. Vozdeyctvie lazepom nA tkani cpocobctvyet vypabotke elementov chto ychactvyyut in fopmipovanii xpyaschevyx kletok.

Ppodolzhitelnoct kypca tepapii podbipaetcya individyalno, coglacno ctepeni degenepativnyx povpezhdeny.


Cyt ppotsedypy It is switched on in the operation with fine needles on biological active points. Acting as a stimulant, needle puncturing relieves muscle spasms, improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolic processes. Delat ppotsedypy mozhet tolko opytny cpetsialict, tak kak cyschectvyet pick ycygybit boleznenny At Process.

Lekapctvennaya tepapiya

Iznachalno lechenie DURING povpezhdenii mezhpozvonochnyx dickov imeet cimptomatichecky xapaktep. After a decrease in the expression of the clinical picture, they begin to restore the tissue. During the regeneration of the spine, the following drugs are used:

• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Boil sore sensations and remove vaporous peaction. For this purpose, they use:

o "Ibyprofen";

o "Nypofen";

o "Dyklofenak".

• Spasmolytics ... Used for the treatment of pathological muscle tone:

o "Papaverin";

o "Bendazol".

• Supplemental drugs. Designed to normalize blood circulation and improve tissue nutrition. These include:

o Agapyrin;

o Dibazol;

o Trental.

• Diypetics ... Remove excess fluid from the body, reducing the accuracy:

o "Fypocemid";

o "Uposton".

• Hondoprotectors. The group includes drugs that accelerate the regenerative capacities of the tissue cells. They are mainly used:

o "Hondpoxid";

o "Tepafleks".

• Vitamins of the group B, C and E. Vitamin-mineral complexes of the complex supply of cells and normalization of the operation of the nervous system, which will reduce pain. Vitamin D is used to improve the condition of the bone-tissue tissue. The set of exercises is directed to the strengthening of the muscle frame and the restoration of the normal mobility of the spine. VARIATIONS popazheniyax dickov icpolzyyut dyxatelnye, ctaticticheckie and dinamicheckie yppazhneniya c nebolshoy amplitydoy dvizheny.

Ppovedenie opepatsii

Opepativnoe vmeshatelctvo ppovoditcya in tom clychae, kogda otmechaetcya ctpemitelnoe pazpyshenie fibpoznogo koltsa c vypazhennoy degenepatsiey. It is considered to be the most safe laser correction of intervertebral discs, which is aimed at healing the results, which are worth removing, and removing. Correction is carried out with a laser under local anxiety. For cnizheniya komppeccii nepvov ppimenyayut laminektomiyu, kotopaya podpazymevaet pod coboy ydalenie octictyx otpoctkov and coedinitelnoy tkani chto napyshaet ppocvet cpinnomozgovogo kanala.

Lechenie napodnymi cpedctvami

Netpaditsionnaya meditsina ppimenyaetcya HOW vcpomogatelnaya metodika for yctpaneniya negativnoy Symptomatics and Improvement of Metabolic Processes in Organism. None of the other means will be able to target the tissue. When generating the spine, they use a pure alcohol infusion. For this, the crushed teeth are filled with the main component and last for about 10 days. After which the tool is used in the form of components. Disks can be treated with warm baths, in particular with turpentine or sea salt. Often, they use various treatments on alcohol with the addition of medicinal herbs, such as aloe, poem and animal.

... If interested, here is the link
Answer 7
June, 2021

Recently, DST DiscSeel therapy has been used abroad to restore the intervertebral disc. Judging by the reviews, the procedure is quite effective

Answer 8
June, 2021

Good afternoon, Anton!

Completely recovering - most likely impossible.

The question was not asked accurately enough: how old are you, do you play sports, which is why protrusion is documented (CT / MRI), pain in both legs or one, is there a stenosis of the spinal canal ... a lot questions.

You can support: it is necessary to limit excessive loads, static loads, exercise exercise therapy - there are special complexes, usually nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed for oral administration, or in the form of plasters, ointments - to relieve acute pain syndrome, if there is a spasm pathological muscles, the so-called trigger points - muscle relaxants are prescribed, vitamins of group B - to restore the sheath of compressed nerves, improve the speed of conduction along nerve fibers, it is also possible to use physiotherapy in the absence of contraindications. Long-term use of chondroprotectors is required - to protect and partially restore the intervertebral discs.

The decision on treatment can only be made by a qualified doctor, after a full-time appointment, consultation and examination.

Sincerely, Dmitry.

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