How will the body change if you run 10 km every day?

How will the body change if you run 10 km every day?

I Was Running Everyday for a Month, See What Happened to My Body

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Answer 1
September, 2021

All right: use and harm run jog! !

Today, it’s no secret to anyone that the use of the run for health is simply perfect! IT'S estestvennaya kazhdodnevnaya nagruzka, pozvolyayuschaya ostavatsya in tonuse and xoroshem nastroenii.

of He in vain zhe, kogda govoryat o blagotvornom impact probezhek nA sostoyanie cheloveka, vsegda obraschayut vnimanie ne tolko nA fiziologicheskie aspekty, Nr and nA psixoemotsionalny uroven begunov.

They are not afraid of the scourges of a modern city man - strass and depres sion.

During jogging, and it was just so that it was taken out of the way udarnoy dozy "gormonov schastya».


Regulyarnye logkie trenirovki priravnivayutsya Po vozdeystviyu to takim pleasant vescham, HOW poedanie shokolada, pogruzhenie to your favorite music or zanyatiya lyubovyu blagodarya vyrabotke endorfinov, otvechayuschix for the feeling of joy and bliss.

Scientists call this state "the euphoria of the runaway" and associate this phenomenon not only with a hormonal type of active active complex travel on the human body can be read in the article "Use of the run on the treadmill." The health-improving effect is difficult to underestimate, as regular running classes have the following positive experiences:

  • - Strengthening the heart muscle
  • - Reducing the elasticity of vessels
  • - Saturation of tissue with oxygen
  • - Increase lung volumex
  • - Cleansing Branches
  • - Increase immunity
  • - Discharge of slags and toxins
  • - Nervous system normalization

Thanks to the run, you can avoid such dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. Takzhe nelzya zabyvat o tom, kakaya IT'S polza for figures - dietologi and fizioterapevty in Shout golos zayavlyayut chto nikakoy, dazhe samy xoroshy elliptichesky trenazher ne replace stary dobry beg trustsoy

Sovremenny chelovek provodit ochen malo vremeni nA svezhem. air, preferable to breathe the product of cleaning the air conditioners at work and in the machine. Jogging will help to solve this problem. Hardening is another positive moment in fresh air training in cold weather. You can read more about this in the article "Use of the run in winter." Razumeetsya in period ostryx prostudnyx zabolevany and obostreny xronicheskix nedugov, zanyatiya have nA vremya priostanovit, ravno HOW and lyubye drugie sportivnye trenirovki.

Prepyatstviem for zanyaty dzhoggingom mogut stat takzhe problemy with oporno-dvigatelnym apparatom, osobenno with pozvonochnikom ... In order not to harm yourself, you must first check with the orthopedicator.

And then, do not bother with your shoes, try to runkorrektiruyuschimi stelkami mozhno znachitelno umenshit etot defekt, a verily and vovse izbavitsya From nego.

Zhenschinam ochen vazhno podobrat for zanyaty pravilnoe belo, kotoroe ne pozvolit rastyagivatsya kozhe chest and predotvratit vozmozhnoe obvisanie byusta.


Obladatelnitsy pyshnyx form mogut dopolnitelno vospolzovatsya fixing povyazkami, spetsialnymi elastichnymi topami or zhe vospolzovatsya priomom zapadnyx divas - nadevat nA probezhku large screen byustgaltera odnovremenno

Muzhchinam zhe mozhno porekomendovat dopolnitelno to fizicheskoy. To load on the legs, get acquainted with the information about how to learn how to stretch on the horizontal bar from scratch, in order to work out all muscle groups.

strong> what use bega by in the morning ?

the body also falls asleep. Morning jogging helps the body to quickly move from night rest to daytime activity.

A charge of vivacity and energy, excellent performance But unlike coffee, your heart will be grateful to you, but you will not start to beat at a frantic rhythm.

After you can drink a delicious cocktail with cereals and food for the figure, o> Use the bag for women and men who consider themselves to be "chewy" much higher, in the early hours, than for "covs", because it helps them to do the biodiesel Vozdux Po utram kristalno clean and svezh, OH escho ne uspel napitatsya vyxlopnymi gazami and dorozhnoy dust, kotorye osedayut in logkix and meshayut normalno dyshat.

A tishina and spokoystvie, tsaryaschie nA gorodskix ulitsam and parkax, nastraivayut nA positive fret and give you a lot of harmony.

What good run evening ?

Evening runs are chosen primarily for those who find it hard to get up for an hour before the alarm clock to do a light charge and go to run, but also look good.

Lo posle utrennego bega ne rekomenduetsya in techenie nekotorogo vremeni upotreblyat food uglevody

Sleduet otmetit chto esli begat Po vecheram, verily There is Po vozvraschenii domoy mozhet and vovse ne zaxotetsya -. Appetit They fly away like magic! Excess calories eaten during the day along with cookies, snacks and other delicacies are also burned well thanks to the evening run.

I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest, strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect . If interested, here is the link

Answer 2
September, 2021

It all depends on how you eat and recover, and what you will do besides running.

For the experiment, let's imagine that you are already in good shape, and are able to run 10 km without risk to health. You are eating enough calories and getting all the macro and micro nutrients you need to cover your daily run. You sleep well for at least 8 hours. And besides running, you don't know anything.

So. Changes. (Very rough, because we are all individuals and each body reacts differently).

The leg muscles will become much stronger, especially the soleus and quadriceps, because they are the ones who actively work while running. At the same time, the muscles of the core will also be in good shape (the muscle corset around the lumbar spine).

But the muscle mass of the upper body will most likely decrease. Because the body will try to get rid of excess mass in order to reduce energy consumption for running. The muscles of the legs must be preserved, because they are directly involved in daily jogging, but upper body muscles can be sacrificed.

Something like that. This is a very rough overview of potential changes. If there were more introductory notes from the author of the question at the start, then a more illustrative example and more precise changes could be made.

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