How to start running?

How to start running?

5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

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Answer 1
June, 2021

You need to get up early in the morning, at 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock. Wash with cold water, dress like a jogging. Go outside and try to run at least one kilometer at a leisurely pace. At the same time, constantly breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Gradually increase the distance of the run.

Answer 2
June, 2021

First, before running, start doing a warm-up, stretching. Unprepared and unheated muscles quickly become clogged, and injuries, micro-tears of muscles and ligaments also occur. After a run, there is always a hitch. The muscles need to be warmed up and stretched again. Running shoes and shoes must be suitable for the intended purpose. Sometimes I see "dummies" running around in street sneakers for normal walking. Or running down the street in gym shoes. The effect will only be negative and ruin your legs.

Answer 3
June, 2021

As with any other business you want to start, the most important thing is planning. Plan your week: what day are you going to run, what time is it?

Avoid eating two hours before running, and do not forget to warm up before the run

Answer 4
June, 2021

If you do not want it yourself, you will not be able to overcome yourself. It was so with the gym. Month walked and threw (tired). Then I went again, but with the thought that I really want it because the first time I was like "I tried it, that's enough." Now training is like a drug, I can’t stop. You just need to set a principle, priority, argument and that's it.

Answer 5
June, 2021

As a rule, there are two hidden behind such a question:

  1. How to get yourself to run regularly?

  2. How to run properly for good, not harm to health?

At one time I answered both questions in detail in hot pursuit of my experience:

If it's very short in one sentence - run every other day at a conversational pace (at a low pulse, when you can talk without breath / read poetry), starting from 15-20 minutes a day, if necessary, go to a step (walk until the heart rate drops back). For most, the speaking rate is a pulse rate of up to 140 bpm (but there are exceptions!).

Answer 6
June, 2021

Ooh. Here's how ...

The headline is a summary of my first running experience 😆. I will note that this was the first experience in a long run. Before that, I was engaged in athletics, but the load there is completely different.

I decided to run. For general strengthening of the body and the prospect of burning excess weight. As usual I read a lot of theory and the next day I started to practice. I got up at 6 in the morning, drank a cup of coffee (this is not enough at the initial stages, more on this in the next article), went out into the street and ran. I thought out the route in advance. I ran for about 40-60 minutes. After the run I felt in great shape all day.

Like this)

Answer 7
June, 2021

Good day, everyone reading.

Gradually. The main thing is joy, without stress. After a month or two, you can increase the load until sweat appears, but no more. Only three months later you can sweat for 10-20 minutes.

It is better to start training with a running-walking pace of 20 or 30 minutes, depending on your fitness and health. Every other day.

After a month, go out for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Then wave-like loads.

It all depends on what goals you put in front of you.

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Answer 8
June, 2021

The first and most important thing is to find sufficient motivation for yourself.

What I have highlighted for myself (by priority)

  1. meditation. For me, running, at the beginning of the journey, became an opportunity to be alone with my thoughts for at least half an hour or an hour. In conditions of constant information workload (work issues, personal affairs), such an "hour of silence" at the end of the day was a salvation from nervous breakdowns and quarrels with loved ones.

  2. physical health.

Having sufficiently realized that my heart works uninterruptedly throughout my life, ensuring the principle of my existence, I definitely decided that it needs to be helped in this, and not exhausted.

By some simple reasoning, I decided that he needed training - to improve the elasticity of the heart and its blood vessels.

Running smart is an ideal long-term partnership with the heart muscle.

  1. A competitive and educational element.

This implies competition not with someone, but with oneself - every time to improve the results, realizing progress.

At the same time, it became interesting to dive into the subtleties and track the body's response - heart rate zones, cadence, running technique, etc.

Answer 9
June, 2021

Started running at the age of 30. On the fresh tracks I wrote down the recommendations and after several years I understand that they are relevant and work. I tried to describe exactly how to start this process "start to run":

There is also a continuation for those who have succeeded: http: //

Well, and so on, I briefly described my main experience in several articles.

Answer 10
June, 2021

A little stupid question - I want to answer - go and run ... Who should run? A 15-year-old child or a 50-year-old obese woman? The question requires clarification. I am a professional runner, I have covered all distances, now I run only 3, 5, 10, half marathons and marathons. There are a lot of nuances! If a person has never run, which is strange, then I have questions ... Different people run at different times, this is, firstly, a habit and a need are developed. Once a week I recommend light cross-country at the initial level, 5 km at the stadium, every day - jogging in the morning at the same time is desirable. Do not forget about food ... It will take a long time to describe all this, it's easier to look at youtube and not)) There are methods, everyone will find for themselves. This is very individual. Not knowing the components - age, weight, illness, etc. You can't give or pick up a program. It's not professional.

Answer 11
June, 2021

The key to everything is regularity, start with 10 minutes and then add 5 every other day, of course you need to monitor your well-being, both during and after training. Better yet, run together for more experience)

Answer 12
June, 2021

And in 2020 I am no longer a pensioner, and I have to work until I am 65. And not lie on the couch to work. You have to compete with young people for jobs. decided to improve my condition and start running. However, I started by walking up the stairs to the 10th floor and accelerating lightly in several tens of steps on the track in the park. After about a month, I felt that I could and ran. It immediately turned out 3 km in 20 minutes. Now I run 5 km 2 times a week. Of course, no elevators.

Answer 13
June, 2021

You have to force yourself for two weeks, then it will become a habit and it will become easier. You can read studies about people's habits, it works in all areas of life. Want to get up early or exercise? You observe the regime for 2 weeks and you're done. Of course, 2 weeks is conditional, for someone it is 3 or 4, but I think the principle is clear.

Answer 14
June, 2021

We must not rush with long distances. Choose a calm topic and gradually increase the distance. But you shouldn't forget about preliminary charging, of course

Answer 15
June, 2021

To start running, you need to find some motivation. You must understand why you need running. When I started running, I was worried about my appearance. I decided that I was overweight and that guys didn't like me.

That was about 15 years ago. Now I am married, appearance worries me less. But there is a new motivation for doing sports: I want to stay healthy. Being overweight is known to greatly shorten life expectancy. So I want to lose weight while I'm relatively young - I'm not yet 40 years old.

You need to find your motivation. Because in our life it is difficult to do something without having any reason for it.

After you decide on the motivation, the rest is up to technology. I was a student 15 years ago and ran outside in any weather at the school stadium. You can choose a convenient site for yourself.

The main thing! Do not breathe in the exhaust gases of cars, do not run near the roadway! This is very harmful! If you have money, then spend 30-40 thousand rubles on an electric treadmill. You can buy a mechanical treadmill for about half the price.

Personally, I run on the path at home and watch my favorite TV shows and educational programs - it's very convenient! Recommend!

Answer 16
June, 2021

If you have decided for yourself that you need to start running, it is important for you not to break loose and not throw this venture into the far corner. Pay attention to:

Warm up and cool down. They will prevent the appearance of painful sensations after training and reduce the risk of injury

Choose beautiful places for running - parks, special tracks, the embankment.

People with very heavy weights should start with walking.

Learn the correct running technique. Basic rules: torso straight, eyes forward, shoulders relaxed, hands at the elbows, foot on heel and roll onto toe. The legs are springy, the step is easy.

Do not set unattainable goals for yourself. It is much more pleasant to slowly take small heights than to immediately start with a difficult cross.

If you decide - start right tomorrow!

Answer 17
June, 2021

A little bit, but regularly. 5 times a week for 10-15 minutes - better than a whole hour once a week. Even if you have ambitious plans, for the first 2-3 months you need to develop the so-called aerobic base, increase your overall endurance. This means that you must run slowly, monitor your heart rate, so that it is in the range of 110 to 130 beats (but the exact numbers must be calculated individually). Invest in running shoes at a discount from a little-known brand - but running shoes will help you reduce your risk of injury. Beginner runners almost always run technically incorrectly, and the load on the joints is very high. If possible, try to run on unpaved paths, on asphalt, avoid concrete surfaces (often the tiles that paved paths in parks are made of concrete). If shortness of breath appears while running, stabs in the side, slow down. You should be comfortable when running, and you will start doing high-speed work when the body adapts to a new load for itself.

Answer 18
June, 2021

The main thing is to decide what you will run. I decided that I would run at the end of the 7th grade, when I got tired of the fact that everyone can fully run in physical education, and I suffocate after 300 meters. I started running on June 1, it was raining that day. Since then, 12 years in the spring, it was already tempting to run in the early morning, breathing in the aromas of spring streams and flowering. I usually started in April, finished by August, when it’s not so great to run in the dark in the morning. Due to physical indicators, I cannot participate in marathons, but for myself it is a pleasure!

Answer 19
June, 2021

You can start running at a very slow pace, alternating between running and walking. The pace should be such that you can talk throughout your run. As soon as you start to choke, slow down or switch to walking. The number of workouts is three times a week. Over time, you will be able to enlarge them up to 4-5 times.

10 weeks running and walking plan:

  1. 2 minutes of running, 4 minutes of walking
  2. 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking
  3. 4 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking
  4. 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.
  5. 7 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.
  6. 8 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking
  7. 9 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking
  8. 13 minutes running, 2 minutes walking.
  9. 14 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking.
  10. Run all the time.

Start and end each run with a 5-minute walk. If you feel tired before completing your workout according to the plan, then you have either taken too high a pace, or chosen a workout that is too difficult, or you are running for too long. Review your plan and pick something easier. And don't worry, even if you are moving a little faster than just walking - you are already a runner.

Answer 20
June, 2021

Two days of running, a week of bed

The headline is a summary of my first running experience 😆. I will note that this was the first experience in a long run. Prior to that, I was engaged in athletics, but the load there is completely different.

I decided to run. For general strengthening of the body and the prospect of burning excess weight. As usual I read a lot of theory and the next day I started to practice. I got up at 6 in the morning, drank a cup of coffee (this is not enough at the initial stages, more on this in the next article), went out into the street and ran. I thought out the route in advance. I ran for about 40-60 minutes. After the run I felt in great shape all day.

The next day I got up again at 6 o'clock and repeated the procedure. And again felt like a superman all day. I thought that it was so easy for me because I was involved in athletics. And I decided that I would continue my daily run and already imagined what kind of hulk I would become in a month.

The third day was hell. Not suspecting anything, I wake up at 6 o'clock, get up and fall back into bed. The calf muscles simply did not take out such a load. The next two days, walking was very difficult. Subsequent let go.

And now, a week later, I am as fresh as a cucumber. Taking into account the mistakes of the past, I start a solo marathon, but not a daily one, but run every other day.

On this topic, another post is ready, where I write how and where to start, so as not to repeat my path and not take a forced week's rest.

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