How to properly combine a healthy lifestyle, cigarettes and alcohol?

How to properly combine a healthy lifestyle, cigarettes and alcohol?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

This equation has no solutions. A healthy lifestyle means pure blood. In this style, there is an accumulation of personal strength, energy for changes and qualitative leaps upward. If you go in for sports, but occasionally get dirty, it is akin to exiting MS Word when you printed 100 pages, and did not save them.

Answer 2
January, 2021

If there is no dependence on tobacco and alcohol, then this is quite compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Why not skip a glass of good wine and a cigarette if it brings pleasure ... Addiction is another story. This is a forced use, which is no longer healthy

Answer 3
January, 2021

Everyone can teach everything, but the paradox is that no one knows exactly about the consequences of this or that action. For example, neither science nor medicine know the causes of cox arthrosis, but all those who apply without exception change their joints (cut off their legs), although this disease is treated quite simply.

I am generally silent about smoking, EVERYTHING , not even doctors advise to quit smoking. At the same time, one should not forget the fact that even medical workers do not know the general physiology of a living organism, but, nevertheless, give recommendations, advise, among other things, not to self-medicate.

I understand that all that I am I will write, nobody is interested, and the absolute majority of readers will not bother and think about these issues.

Answer 4
January, 2021

How to combine? No way. Alcohol + cigarettes cannot be combined with sports at all. Although I personally have met many athletes in my life who smoke and are world champions in their disciplines. But I still remain with the opinion that smoking and sports cannot be combined. Alcohol? Maybe. Many athletes are addicted to alcohol and remain the best in their field, but again I reject this side

Answer 5
January, 2021

Key aspects:

  • what to mean by healthy lifestyle?

  • frequency of cigarette / alcohol use

The most obvious thing is that if you feel complications of the physical and mental state of the body due to the use of cigarettes / alcohol, then their consumption must be reduced or eliminated.

Let's say, if the use of beer drinks and chewing tobacco does not prevent you from regularly playing sports (progress is inherent), for example, running three times a week, which means your body is not jealous of bad habits)

Answer 6
January, 2021

Everything is individual, that is, at the genetic level. If the body requires, then it is necessary. Drinking a little good alcohol once or twice a week is even beneficial.

Answer 7
January, 2021

Just be "bad" and an athlete and a drinker. Run, go in for sports, even if in the last rows, if not actively, but periodically. Drink and use, but also not for the result but for pleasure. And there and there will be chuckling, incline to records. But behind the record there will always be an increase in the bar and what no dependence. So fuck this bar. Today you can do less because yesterday you drank a lot and danced and vice versa. One does not interfere. You have to listen to your body. We must experiment with it. But measure is best. I have an acquaintance who goes on vacation only twice a year. The other, however, can pour in and smell everything that he finds all night long, dancing until he drops and having a good night's sleep to go to the bike marathon. They did not come to this right away, but many times trying and studying their body and inclinations. One does not interfere with the other if there is experience and will.

Answer 8
January, 2021

This guys is incompatible. Smoked a little, then quit. As for alcohol, it’s better not to start, if the addiction, especially in the genes, will delay.

Answer 9
January, 2021

It is not possible to combine a healthy lifestyle, cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarettes and alcohol are bad habits, in the very definition they are harmful to life. Hence not compatible with a healthy lifestyle. If we talk about some athletes who drink beer, smoke, and say, play football - then this is no exception to the rule, an athlete is not a synonym for smart and healthy. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Now, if, for example, you combine a healthy lifestyle with the study of scientific articles, art, travel and proper nutrition, for example, eating broccoli - then this does not contradict one another. (By the way, about broccoli - an excellent cabbage, but you need to know its positive and negative properties I will tell you why broccoli is the "food of kings", common people were forbidden to eat it. Maybe we should give up vodka and become kings?

Answer 10
January, 2021

If a person has alcohol and cigarettes, then this automatically ceases to be a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of only useful, including sports. And if he did not eat for 5 days, ran, and on weekends he absorbs everything, including alcohol, then this is no longer a healthy person.

Answer 11
January, 2021

That's right - it's easy to start playing sports and gradually pay more and more attention to it, fit into amateur competitions, get acquainted with the same amateur athletes. Over time, cigarettes and alcohol will fade into the background and you will not even notice how they will practically disappear.

Answer 12
January, 2021

Good afternoon, Innokenty and everyone who reads :)

Quite simply. Prioritize what is more important for you loved ones? And give yourself in parts, to whom more, to whom less.

Personally, I choose the first for myself. But this is my personal opinion.

Health and Happiness are two inextricably linked substances.

Be happy, every day and hour, and you will be healthy until the end of your days! Fact!

KIT Zernograd to help you :)

Answer 13
January, 2021

I am against smoking and alcohol, but once a question has been asked, I will answer. I was a master of sports in such "equine" sports as judo and sambo wrestling. Why are they "horse"? Because you will not sit out there, if the opponent is not inferior to you in level, then you will "press" each other throughout the fight and leave the fight "squeezed like a lemon." At this time, I smoked, and I smoked a lot, I had up to 3 packs of cigarettes per day. Based on this, I can say that if you have a large amount of work on functional training in your training program, then smoking does not greatly affect sports. I drank little alcohol, no more than 2 liters of beer a day and on weekends, if there were no competitions, no more than 500 grams of vodka. These volumes did not bother me. Later I finally got drunk and I can say that with 8-10 liters of beer a day it is not possible to talk about sports results. Athletic training falls specifically to the bottom. And serious stress can really lead to a heart attack. To summarize, smoking does not harm athletic performance very much, and it is better to refuse from daily alcohol intake. Checked on myself.

Answer 14
January, 2021

Smoking and sports are incompatible?

Nicotine, obtained from cigarettes, gum, tablets, patches, sprays, snus and snuff, works as a stimulant: it increases the release of norepinephrine, thereby activating sympathetic nerves system, increased pressure and heart rate at rest. In addition, nicotine can increase concentration, memory, attention and promote the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that induces pleasant sensations. This is where addiction arises.

Effects on endurance. In theory, smoking increases heart rate, cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped from the heart per minute), and cardiac contractility. That is, there must be an aerobic advantage for smokers. In fact, everything is simple - after smoking, there is more carbon monoxide in the blood, which binds to hemoglobin and prevents it from carrying oxygen. Lack of oxygen in the body affects the rate of fatigue during exercise.

Strength. The researchers found no significant differences in peak strength, muscle mass, muscle contraction, muscle capillary volume, and short-term muscle endurance in smokers and nonsmokers. The difference can be seen when testing strength endurance - the ability to exert strength over time. Here, smokers tire muscles faster.

That is, if you take large weights for a small number of reps, then smoking will not have a negative effect. And with reps, you’ll do less than if you hadn’t smoked. Please note that the effect does not depend on gender, number of cigarettes, and smoking history. And the good news: endurance can return to normal after 7-28 days after quitting cigarettes.

Does this mean that you can continue to smoke and play sports?

If you have willpower throw - throw. Thus, improve your health and performance. If you still can't do it, go in for sports. After all, physical activity significantly reduces the risks of many dangerous diseases arising from smoking: stroke, cancer, cardiovascular diseases. It's a pity that no physical activity helps to quit smoking, it depends only on you, but you will slightly reduce your risks with the help of these loads.

Answer 15
January, 2021

Research: Alcohol and tobacco are the greatest threats to human life of all addictive drugs ugrozoy-dlya-zhizni-cheloveka-iz-vseh-narkotikov-vyizyivayushhih-zavisimost /

Answer 16
January, 2021

In fact, nothing special is needed - go in for sports whenever you want; smoke and drink whenever you want. You should probably not just combine these wonderful activities or do one right after the other, but otherwise - no problem. And those who say that these are incompatible things are either inveterate alcoholics with a weak will, or simply not the smartest people

Answer 17
January, 2021

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Answer 18
January, 2021

Drag, sport is also an unhealthy lifestyle. I have a crack in my skull from a bicycle, the consequences of a bruised brain and implanted kneecaps, from a rocking chair - pressure and a hunted nervous system due to the abuse of heavy exercises and joint pain. At the same time, I calmly boozed and used drugs for most of this time, quit smoking after an accident on my bike.

In short. If you plan to achieve more or less serious results - somewhere to lose weight, somewhere to be covered with meat, somewhere else - you need to forget your cigarettes, otherwise, with more or less serious loads, you will cough up pieces of lungs and disrupt the supply of nutrients ... You can become a vaper, but it's better to quit altogether. Otherwise, everything is possible, if you are careful.

You can smoke grass if you have a bong, or at least an understanding of how to make it wet, immediately after training, but it is important that the smoke is cold. A pair of good haps relieves pain and fatigue, helps you eat tasty food and relax faster.

You can drink if you are smart. You can not drink before training, after - you can, if you want, but just a little. Remove the hangover with non-alcoholic means, such as mineral water, succinic acid, contrast shower and pickles. If you decide to drink and exercise, then you need to increase the content of vitamins B, calcium and magnesium in the diet.

You should use fast psychedelics, ecstasy and speed very carefully and plan so that after the end of the exit there will be at least 48 hours before training, otherwise the nervous system will not have time to recover. Again, you need to drink a lot of water, preferably mineral or isotonic.

I did not experiment with the rest.

Attention! I do not urge anyone to use substances and drink - these are your personal problems and your personal choice. If someone reads this answer, gobbles up some acid, goes to the gym and has a stroke, it's not my fault.

Answer 19
January, 2021

The principle of "moderation in everything" works great. The principle "do not force yourself" is also very good. If you want to smoke a cigarette - take it and smoke it, you won't die from one. From two packs a day, you may die in a few years. And you can also get under the tram. And vice versa - if you constantly prohibit everything, allow only oatmeal, fruits and vegetables and hard training, be afraid to break your own rules, then this is some kind of psychological hell. And why all this at all, if there is no joy? Of course, people are different, I don't like oatmeal. In short, I am in favor of striving for balance. And he is closer if you try to eat well and move a lot, but also not to scold yourself for every cigarette, beer, pack of Pringles.

Answer 20
January, 2021

Switch to marijuana. It's harmless and even cheaper. The main thing is to refrain from eating junk food during the action. Will want to, but there are goodies and tastier and healthier than any shit from the supermarket.

Answer 21
January, 2021

you drink a glass of wine in the morning, you go (at least part or half of the way) to work or to the university, everything goes along the way, if this glass gave something, you smoke at work under a stressful situation, thus relaxing and not killing a lot of nerve cells, eat healthy food for lunch, go home part of the way on foot and in a circle, etc.

Answer 22
January, 2021

As in everything, a measure is needed, but what I can say for sure so that everything in life can be combined. It is impossible to spend a weekend without wine, otherwise the week is considered incomplete and therefore I already have statistics after which wine it is better to run 10 km the next morning, and after which 15 km. Merlot, if it's not good, pinot, nebiolo - very good, Syrah - in the middle, no statistics for white :)

Answer 23
January, 2021

He who does not smoke and drink will die healthy! That is what they said in my youth. Churchill smoked and drank, which did not prevent him from living for a long time. In general, if you are not a fan of alcohol and cigarettes, and do not use them all the time, but only for pleasure in good company and play sports for yourself, then health will not suffer from this at all. Tested on yourself and your friends. However, our health depends to a much greater extent on genetics and good luck.

Answer 24
January, 2021

It's very easy to have a word sometimes, let's say you can drink on vacation or set aside a couple of days a month. Let's say on ordinary days I follow the food, I run, I go to the gym, but on vacation I come to the sea and drink beer every day on the beach, in the evening I go to clubs and smoke a hookah with rum and colla, and honestly I feel good. Of course, it does not add health, but if you like it sometimes you can.

Answer 25
January, 2021

Smoking and alcohol is NOT a healthy lifestyle, but playing sports, etc. A healthy lifestyle means giving up bad habits, so all those who drink, smoke and shout about a healthy lifestyle are nothing more than a fashionable concept.

Answer 26
January, 2021

I have been practicing this lifestyle for several years now. That is, active sports (weightlifting, there used to be swimming, but now gave up) and drunkenness (reference, as the last time).

It is difficult to combine these two wonderful things, but it is possible, especially if the initial data allow ...

I try not to train with a hangover, this is an extra burden on the heart and other organs. It's not worth it. It is better to stop drinking more than a day before training. In addition, I try not to drink immediately after classes in the gym, otherwise what is the effect of them? Although, ironically, today I will break this rule.

It is advisable not to go into long drinking bouts. A day or two is enough, then you need to recover in order to be ready for a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition - I follow it (of course, on the days of drinking, I put it on it, but let it remain on my conscience). Five days of balanced meals versus two days of fast food trash won't make me Mr. Olympia, but it will keep me fit.

I try to be active - walking, swimming whenever possible is a good way to keep myself in good shape and, by the way, an excellent remedy for a hangover.

Sleep: I try to sleep 7-8 hours a day. day. On weekends it turns out less, but still an acceptable figure. Sleep is very important, during which the body restores strength (and strength is needed for sports and drunkenness, this is understandable for a baby)

And most importantly - a positive attitude and love of life. Without this, anywhere and never. And somehow it turns out that even though I have been drinking constantly for many years, smoking, doing all sorts of stupid things - but I haven't died somehow, even more so, healthier than many of my comrades, and I also go in for sports. What a fine fellow I am.

Answer 27
January, 2021

Nothing. Alcohol and smoking are by definition incompatible with a healthy lifestyle. At least regular smoking and alcohol. However, as Sergei Blokhin correctly noted above, it does not at all follow from this that it is not at all necessary to hamper health, eat and drink, whatever and give up training, no.
A healthy lifestyle, in fact, is just a fashionable phrase, replicated by fitness publics and gyms, everyone understands it differently, the concept of a healthy lifestyle and what is and is not possible for, say, a radical vegan, long distance runner and powerlifter is very different.
A healthy lifestyle is behavior and principles that are aimed at strengthening and maintaining health, in all its diversity, it is not necessary to scrupulously follow these principles in everything and always, but it is advisable to adhere to them in general in life. It is important to choose what works for you and makes your life happy and joyful, and not to live according to manuals, guided by some cliches and limitations of other people.
Therefore, first of all, it is worth understanding whether for me a healthy lifestyle, as it is understood in society, is something good and correct, and whether it will make my life better.

Answer 28
January, 2021

This is a question from the category "Advise how to drive carefully, but dashingly." I remembered an ancient anecdote:

Helpful advice

It is known that a smoked cigarette shortens life by 15 minutes, and one smile prolongs it by 5 minutes, so if you smile 3 times while smoking , a cigarette will not do you any harm.

If someone likes that there are narcotic substances in his life - ethanol and nicotine (not to be confused with nicotinic acid) - for God's sake, they are now legal. But then on what basis is such a lifestyle called healthy?

P. S. I smoke myself. And I smile.

Answer 29
January, 2021

I quit smoking a long time ago, now I train 3-4 times a week, and alcohol once a week or two does not affect my health in any way. If you drink hard and smoke at the same time, then, alas, it will not work to combine this with healthy lifestyle, it will just be difficult for the body and sooner or later you will quit sports and healthy eating. And a pathologist friend recently told me here that sometimes smokers have soaked their lungs soaked in resin that even a scalpel squeaks, and the worst thing with the liver is for fat women (who eat a lot of cheap food, fat and bread), and not for alcoholics.

Answer 30
January, 2021

The main thing is not to listen to those who say that this is incompatible. If we are guided by this logic, then every regular drinker and smoker should finally hamper his health, stop moving, eat any slag and die as soon as possible. The desire to compensate for the harm that you do to health with tobacco and alcohol should be a good incentive to find good habits

  1. Take a contrast shower. It will keep your cardiovascular system in good shape (which you put at risk with your lifestyle), and in general it is a damn useful thing that does not come into conflict with abuse of anything (plus, there is no better way to come hangover)

  2. Be mobile and train yourself to physical culture perception of the environment. Do not use the elevator if you live on the fourth floor. Choose the latter between the escalator and the subway stairs. Walk for at least half an hour a day (brisk walking may actually be more useful than running). Use your bike as a city transport

  3. Go in for sports with a personal trainer. Among other things, this will accustom you to a competent nutrition system.

  4. Train yourself to pay attention to the composition of the purchased products: bread with 10+ ingredients is not normal. A piece of meat is better than a sausage (especially since it has been proven that processed industrial meat products like bacon are also carcinogenic, and you are already carcinogenic). Just forget about such food as chips - the vacancy of harmful bullshit is already taken!

  5. You are at risk for cancer. Get checked once a year, go through SCREEN

all these tips, of course, are relevant for non-smoking teetotalers, but you need it more

specifically about cigarettes:
- do not smoke on an empty stomach. rise-exercise-shower-breakfast - and only then, when the body is at the very least protected, you can already afford to poison it
- smoking causes more harm after physical exertion (and not before them). That is, ok to smoke a cigarette before training, but after that you shouldn't rush - don't smoke on the go. what's the point?
- non-standard consumption of tobacco (roll-up, pipes) does not make it more useful, but turns a purely mechanical habit into a process, forces you to be more attentive to it and reduces the number of approaches, so to speak
- consume more vitamin C, E, B12 - smokers consume more of them

specifically about alcohol:
- try not to drink beer at the same time as a meal, only as an independent drink. For food - wine
- drink water regularly during libations, especially before bed

Answer 31
January, 2021

With cigarettes, alas, no way. I tried it, I had to switch to electronic, it does less harm, VC increases, there is no shortness of breath during running, the pace of running is easily maintained, and fatigue is not felt.

With alcohol, everything is easier. I didn't notice the difference, maybe it's age. The only thing is that alcohol is very high in calories, in one bottle of red dry half the daily calorie requirement for my diet PP

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