How to make yourself lose weight if I have weak willpower in this regard, diets last three days, and then I break down?

How to make yourself lose weight if I have weak willpower in this regard, diets last three days, and then I break down?

Your only hope at ever losing weight (How stress affects your health and weight)

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Answer 1
November, 2020

Weak willpower has nothing to do with it. Actually:

  • You are choosing too rigid diets, which are completely logical.
  • You do not take into account the peculiarities of your eating behavior. You will go off any meal plan until you work out the psychological causes of the food cravings.
  • Your motivation to lose weight has not been developed and strengthened. Until the issue of motivation is resolved, you will not be able to "force" yourself.
Answer 2
November, 2020

Psychology to Help: Removing Psychological Barriers !!

For many of us, diet is an eternal hunger with exhausting exercise. This is where ...

• Barrier number 1. Hunger + exercise = hard labor. It is quite logical that presenting this formula in his head, a person will make every effort to avoid the voluntary violence of his body and body. To overcome the barrier, it is necessary to realize that food can be consumed much less than usual. Therefore, you need to choose only those diets that lead to a smooth weight loss, and exercise to start with the simplest and easiest;

• Barrier number 2. Before you start losing weight, ask yourself why you need it? To fit into a beautiful dress or to become the envy of your friends? If these are your answers, then you should know that the result will be short-term, because you can buy an outfit of the right size, and your friend may not pay attention to your efforts. That is, the barrier is weak motivation. The only way to overcome this barrier is to set the right goal: the desire to become healthy, beautiful and slim;

• Barrier number 3. Fear to change the usual way of life and think that it will be worse. To overcome this barrier, you need to clear your subconscious of such thoughts and worries. Not everyone can order themselves to think only positively, so try to switch your thoughts to something else. For example: make new friends, learn languages, that is, do something interesting. Constant employment distracts from different thoughts, including about food;

• Barrier number 4. Self-love is one of the main barriers on the way to harmony. Understand the reason for dislike for your own person, and you will understand that 99% is vain hatred. Let go of the bad past and do not feed yourself on dreams of a bright and beautiful future when you lose weight. It is important to live in the present and act right now ... in the moment;

• Barrier number 5. The most common is lack of patience. Most people, engaging in a certain program, notice that by the end of the week, instead of the promised kilogram, they lost only 400 grams. weight. Hence, they doubt whether it is worth torturing themselves at all for the sake of such a result. Overcoming this barrier lies in the ability to enjoy small victories. Even losing so little weight is already the beginning of a big change. Agree that it is much better to lose 400 grams every 7 days than to stay at the same weight or gain it.

Finding strong motivation for the laziest

How to make yourself lose weight? Earlier it was said about psychology, and now we turn to how with its help to start working on your figure at home.

Labor efficiency depends on self-nudging yourself to achieve the next result and reward the successes achieved. p>

Here are the simplest ways to track your home workout results:

  1. A control belt that can stimulateyou for weight loss by about 5 kg, but on condition that it is barely fastened. There is an opinion that Leo Tolstoy lost weight in this way. The ritual is that as you perform daily exercises, you will track the result thanks to the belt buckles. As soon as they begin to fasten with ease, you should know that the process has started. Is this not an incentive?

  2. The next way to make yourself lose 10 kg at home. It consists in buying a thing 1 size smaller. Purpose: to lose weight so that the thing does not sit like a glove, but is spacious. The only condition is that you must like the outfit madly so that the desire to appear in it in front of others is very strong;

  3. The most difficult task is to make yourself lose more than 20 kg. To achieve this goal, you need to get a dog and stand in front of a full-length mirror and draw the outlines of the desired figure. By doing daily exercise and following a diet, you can know the progress towards a slim figure at any time. And the dog will help you take walks twice a day, which will also help you lose a couple of pounds. If you can't get a pet, get a bike. With a dog, you need to walk about 3 km in one walk, and devote about an hour to the "iron assistant".

I would like to hope that the listed methods will help overcome laziness and start training at home, but do not forget that every good luck should be encouraged. For example, please yourself with a purchase or go to a disco with friends.

Heading before and after: examples of motivational photos for losing weight

The headache of most women - how to stop eating a lot?

The most popular advice regarding the painful question: "If you want to lose weight, stop eating." But only the author of this dictum did not explain how to put the advice into practice.

Fortunately, good people who have gone through this path agreed that in order to stop eating a lot, 9 rules must be observed:

• Drink water. It will fill the stomach, thereby the body will feel full much faster;

• No matter how trite it may sound, reduce the amount of sweets, fatty foods and give up fast food. Instead, eat meals with a lot of fiber and protein;

• Interrupt meals at the first signals of fullness;

• If the problem is that you eat a lot out of boredom, find yourself an interesting hobby ... Any activity distracts from hunger;

• When the path to the refrigerator is through stress, there is only one solution: the realization that food does not solve the problem. In this case, we again use search help. You need to find a way to quickly relieve stress. For example, swimming, painting, walking, watching a movie or listening to music;

• Eliminating temptations will help protect yourself from food. Do not store large quantities of goodies in the refrigerator. As practice shows, one species can easily break willpower;

• Eat often, but in small portions;

• Exchangeanita your brain. Reduce the weight of the portioned cuts by 50 grams. The brain will think that you have eaten the usual volume of steak, although in fact its weight is slightly reduced;

• Nutrition diary. One of the best ways to stop eating a lot is to start keeping track of what you eat. Conduct a weekly analysis, so you will know how your diet differs from the rational one.

Sports - nowhere without it

How can you force yourself to exercise in order to lose weight? The European Fitness Association has developed 12 motivational ways to help you get off the couch and workout.

  1. Wear sportswear and stand in front of a mirror. At this moment, you will see figure flaws and understand that it's time to do sports;

  2. Record your impressions of each training day in a journal. When there is no mood, turn over it, and you will not notice how you returned to the hall again to feel these emotions again;

  3. Periodically remind yourself why you are doing sports;

  4. When laziness is stronger than desires, ask yourself: will it get worse if you give up sports;

  5. Buy an expensive gym membership. The strongest motivator, since greed is stronger than laziness at this time;

  6. Sign up for a group lesson. Total energy allows you to move forward;

  7. Imagine being a celebrity and being watched by a large audience that admires you. Don't let your fans down;

  8. Get bright stickers and write motivational words on them;

  9. Support is needed anytime, anywhere, even in the gym. Therefore, try to be surrounded by only positive people who will sincerely cheer you up;

  10. While jogging, listen not to music, but to an audiobook. Believe me, the desire to know the sequel is sometimes much stronger than laziness;

  11. Take selfies before and after workouts, or better, print these photos and hang them on the wall to compare the results;

  12. Competition is an excellent motivator. So compete with your friend. For example, who will do more squats or push-ups.

Personally, I have lost weight with an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect. If interested, here's the link.

Answer 3
November, 2020

The problem, in my opinion, is already in the formulation of the question. "How can I make myself lose weight?" Why would you force yourself to lose weight if you understand with your brain and at a subconscious level that you do not need it? Here you need to work in a different direction, you need to clearly define for yourself what you need to lose weight and do you need? Until you understand this issue and clearly set yourself an objective task, dieting and breaking down is useless. Everyone has willpower, just until you are able to explain to her why you want to do this or that action. Believe me, if you are not inspired by the idea of ​​a new lifestyle, it will be impossible to impose a model of behavior on yourself. It works for everything, not just weight loss.

Answer 4
November, 2020

I could write that you can use any dietary snacks so as not to break down, or go jogging the next day to compensate for the calorie intake. But nothing will change as long as there is the same approach to nutrition and diets.

The fact is that when you severely limit calorie intake (and, accordingly, the flow of essential nutrients needed by the body), this introduces the body into a state of stress. Hence the wild desire to replenish food supplies with a high caloric density (sweet, starchy foods, fast food).

Therefore, for adequate weight loss, you need to maintain a comfortable deficit (without excesses) with a sufficient intake of all the necessary substances.

Option one - 100% - counting calories with BJU.

During the week, you eat as usual and just count how much you have eaten, count proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories from them. And now you will already have small statistics on which you can roughly determine the level of your maintenance calorie content. For example, on Monday you ate 2000 Kcal, on Tuesday - 1500, on Wednesday - 2500 ... On average, you need about 2000 Kcal per day, provided that the weight has not changed in a week (if it has changed, then consider that for every 100 g of fat you ate or burned 800 Kcal).

Now you just need to subtract 10-20% of 2000 Kcal, that is, 1600-1800 Kcal should contain the maximum amount of your diet per day. Once a month, you can refeed with an excess of calories, but not more often.

Protein should be at least (more is possible) 50-70g per day (just for you), depending on the level of activity. Fat not less and not more than 60-80g. With carbohydrates, you regulate the calorie content of the diet (no more than 1800 kilocalories in total). In your (our) supposed case, this is no more than 230g of carbohydrates. In reality, you will most likely need less.

With this option, you can periodically allow something extra if it fits into your daily BUG.

The second option is simpler , without counting calories, but here you can no longer allow yourself to indulge in something "harmful". Only "correct" nutrition with sufficient intake of animal protein, fish oil (Omega 3), vitamins and fiber. It is also advisable to limit meals in time for 6-8 hours. That is, all meals should be consumed within 6-8 hours the rest of the time only water. That is, you limit your diet of foods, limit the time of their intake, and MAYBE this way you will have a calorie deficit.

You can start with the second option, if there is a weight loss, continue. If not, either we fasten the nuts, or go to the first option. If you want to eat sweets, we calculate their BJU and immediately work according to the first option.

This concerns nutrition.

I also recommend adding physical activity - strength workouts will help to maintain muscle mass, cardio will help you more easily part with fat reserves. TThis will make it easier to keep food in check. The best exercise for fat burning is walking - the longer the better.

If you don't get enough sleep, it will harm your body composition.

So nutrition, sleep and exercise are the main factors .

Answer 5
November, 2020

There are many reasons for the breakdown of diets, but in my opinion, the most common are the wrong diets, which are advised on the Internet.

I would like you to clarify the content of the diet in the comments.

On my own behalf, if you want to start a diet, consult your therapist and the appropriate doctor, please do not torment your body with unrealistic diets that can harm your body and cause the opposite effect.

The fact is, that by exposing the body to the head, you signal it to the beginning of hunger times, forcing it to store fat in order to survive them.

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