How to learn to overcome fatigue, physical ailment and psychological discomfort in order to achieve your goal?

How to learn to overcome fatigue, physical ailment and psychological discomfort in order to achieve your goal?

Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Incorrect statement of the question, predetermines incorrect execution. Fatigue, physical ailment, and psychological discomfort should not be overcome but should be effectively eliminated. And it does not matter at all where you are tired in mental work or physically sports ... we learn to eliminate.

Yoga is an effective assistant in this, eliminates both physical and psychological fatigue

Answer 2
June, 2021

Long-term use of cyclic sports, for example, running, cycling, swimming, helps to increase psychological endurance. Also, you can do what you love without being distracted by extraneous things. Meditation helps a lot. And to make it easier to achieve your goal, look for like-minded people and people who will motivate you. It will also be extremely beneficial to see your ultimate goal fulfilled. Then you can move alone.

Answer 3
June, 2021

It depends on what goals. You cannot learn. There are various stimulants, including caffeine, for example. Creatine, Meldronate ... But all of this will affect your health. If you are already tired, then there is no point in harassing yourself even more.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Meditation helps me ... seriously, I lie down in a cozy bed, turn on my favorite mantra ... Om Krim, Shrim .. lampalapmaaap😁 and imagine myself floating on a river on a raft, my hands hang down in warm water, my face is also turned to the water ... and float, float, float ... well, or a hammock, I imagine myself swinging and trying to remove all thoughts from my head, I only think how I swing, or the transparent dome that surrounds me, the strongest lightning strikes it, and I don't care, this is my protection !!! I call these my meditations clearing from negativity ... well, thoughts should be bright, head clear ... how to achieve this ... let go of all resentment and all anger, erase from life

Answer 5
June, 2021

Malaise should be treated with the help of ordinary medicine. Fatigue is treated with proper rest and proper load balancing. Psychological discomfort can go away when you get used to what bothers you, as well as through a change in attitude and opinion about what bothers you. Or maybe just remove the irritant.

Answer 6
June, 2021

This set of issues is solved, among other things, by spotting psychology. I personally know one example, when one of the regular visitors in a good mood had world records in a gym, and at competitions he never rose to the top places from the inability to turn off doubts. As mentioned above, fears and doubts are our limiters, and with high-quality work with an athlete, you can achieve everything that the human body is capable of and even more.

Answer 7
June, 2021

First, determine the state of your physical health. This is the most important element on the path to achieving your goal. Are you all right with your internal state? If not, then start with this. Make a list of things to do and get started. An effective tool for solving your problem further is meditation.

Answer 8
June, 2021

Judging by the question, you are taking "too broad" steps. This rape will not lead to anything good, unless of course you are a professional sportsman and train with a coach, which is unlikely. It is very important to get a "candy" for each overcoming oneself, even if at first glance it is negligible, even a few seconds of training for "did more" should be recognized as a feat and contribute to the production of "goose bumps" hormones. This will make your body want to do more. Find a way to praise yourself, attract your mom - dad - husband. Achieve a stable development of positive emotions through "done more".

Answer 9
June, 2021

You need to understand why you have this goal, and whether it is worth risking your health to achieve this goal. If you have chosen the right direction, then you will not feel tired, as you are doing what you love, take a piece of paper, put a plus and a minus, divide the priorities and visually see whether it is necessary or not.

Answer 10
June, 2021

There are many options and everyone finds something of their own: books (my favorite ,, Mind of Champions ,,), meditation (Schwarzenegger practiced constantly), a small amount of alcohol for relaxation (,, Rock ,, Johnson says that 50gr drinks what would will calm down almost every day), of course, various sedatives or muscle relaxants, music, videos, hobbies (bodybuilder Kai Green draws pictures to relieve tension and stress) and, of course, a banal change of load (change the effectiveness of the best rest) It's up to you 🤷‍♂️

Answer 11
June, 2021

From my experience (in sports and in business) I can briefly formulate two main tools:

  1. Learn to leave the comfort zone in order to "stretch" it - this very zone. It takes a lot of effort.

  2. Learn to rest, recover, be distracted. It's really hard, especially when it starts to turn out # 1.

Answer 12
June, 2021

First of all, it is necessary to understand one truth - if we do not achieve something, it will not get better.

Secondly, it is important to understand the factors that affect our brain - the engine all senses:

  • sleep

  • food

  • physical condition

  • relationships with people

  • personal satisfaction

Answer 13
June, 2021

In my opinion, if you really have a serious goal, then the question is inappropriate.

I'll give you an example:

I work as a contact network fitter, I always wanted to help people, and here at work terrible things happen that prevent people, elementary, from getting home. It happens that you repair damage caused by the weather for two days, so that the trains go as quickly as possible. It happens that you are not strong, there is no mood, but you follow the goal and everyone understands: getting home is the most important thing in life.

And you work, overcoming fatigue and apathy. Every minute you realize that a person you don't know can get into trouble because of the weather, lumps and such questions do not arise. We just do on weekends, holidays, after work.

Answer 14
June, 2021

The answer is, as always, in the question, if the goal is correct, then the thought of some kind of discomfort cannot appear in my head, kamon, you have a goal, you save the world, what the fuck is a discomfort ?!

Answer 15
June, 2021

it is necessary to clearly define the goal for yourself. Like the Strugatskys in the book "Monday Starts on Saturday". There is a funny moment when passing through the wall, and so an employee of the NIICHAVO Institute who passed through it answered everyone that it was very simple to "see the goal and go to the object." One of my acquaintances, who once ran marophones in our courtyard, said the same thing, the main thing is to start, and at 5-6 km you understand that your possibilities are endless. I feel something like this when I find myself at the dacha without transport - like it or not, you can walk 10 km on foot. So the main goal is the rest will follow.

Answer 16
June, 2021

First you need to relax. It helps me a lot to collect all my affairs and further goals on paper. You can draw in the margins to relieve the brain. You don't have to achieve everything at once. You need to wait a bit. Start small and work your way up a notch each time.

Answer 17
June, 2021

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Answer 18
June, 2021

You should not overcome fatigue and physical ailment, it is harmful to health. If you are tired, you should properly recuperate, if you have a physical ailment, you should establish and eliminate its cause. It's another matter if you _feel_ fatigue much earlier than you think it should come. In this case, you should clarify the motivation, perhaps for some subconscious reason you do not want to do what you need to do.
Also, the matter may be in your bad tendencies to laziness - if you do not have an endorphin response to work activity (you did not receive enough reward for your work, or never worked at all, and it happens), or vice versa, an endorphin response worked out for inaction (you were engaged in counterproductive activities, or something that did not bring you any satisfaction, and simply "forgetting" on this business you could feel relief, get free time or rest instead of unrewarded fatigue). In this case, you should either take a new look and overestimate your activity, or develop a desire to work: set yourself first simple goals and further encourage yourself for achieving them, gradually complicating the tasks. In the process, you can also analyze your costs and achievements, trying to evaluate both adequately (or with a slight deviation in your favor :-). Remember also that fatigue is not only physical, but also emotional, moral, fatigue attention. In our time, the latter is the most widespread phenomenon, due to the strong information pollution. Filter information, both incoming and outgoing. Avoid sources of non-constructive negativity, especially in those areas where you cannot do anything significant about it.
And finally, remember that you are one person with two hands and one brain, and set adequate tasks for yourself in adequate quantities, learn to appreciate what you have and separate your goals from those that are not yours. Enjoy your activity. )

Answer 19
June, 2021

I will give an excerpt from the workshop on Gestalt therapy by F. Perls. It consists of "experiments" to help the reader get to know himself better. For a complete understanding, it would of course be better to go through all the experiments from beginning to end, and not watch one passage.

When a person asks: "How can I force myself to do what I should do?" - this question can be translated as: "How can I force myself to do what a significant, powerful part of me does not want to do?" ... In other words, how can one part of the personality establish a harsh dictatorship over another? The desire to do so and more or less successful attempts are characteristic of obsessive compulsive disorder.

A person who treats himself in this way is a "dominant thug". If he can and dares to behave this way with others, he can at times prove to be a successful organizer. But when he needs to receive direction from others or from himself, he becomes passively or actively resisting. Therefore, usually compulsion achieves little. Such a person spends his time preparing, deciding, reassuring, but making little progress in doing what he is working out in such detail. What happens in his behavior towards himself resembles an office in which the boss is a tyrant; his supposed “slaves”, through delays, mistakes and a billion other sabotage methods, destroy his attempts at coercion. With obsession, the "I" is identified with rigid goals and tries to achieve them, going ahead. Other parts of the personality, whose opinions and interests are not taken into account, take revenge with fatigue, excuses, promises, and unrelated difficulties. "Ruling" and "ruled" are in a constant clinch.

Although few of us suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, we all share a certain degree of compulsion, because this is one of the most characteristic neurotic symptoms of our time. To a certain extent, it colors our entire behavior. If you take the performance of our exercises as examples, then no doubt they sometimes seem burdensome, imposed from the outside, and the task then is. to deal with them as soon as possible. You react to this irritation with discontent, anger, if not everything turns out as you expected. Waiting for spontaneous development is not what your inner overseer will allow you.

Turn a situation in which you would force yourself into a situation where you force another to do a task for you. Will you try to manipulate the environment with magic words? Or will you threaten, command, bribe, reward?

On the other hand, how do you react when forced? Pretending to be deaf? Make promises. which you are not going to do? Or do you react with guilt and pay off your debt with self-contempt and despair?

By trying to force yourself to do what you yourself do not want to do, you are working against powerful resistance. Goal achievement perspectiveit becomes clearer if instead of coercion you start figuring out what obstacles stand in your way (that is, look at yourself standing in your way). This is the great principle of Taoist philosophy: to create emptiness so that nature can develop in it; or, as they put it: stay out of the way.

For example, what obstacles do you face while doing these exercises? If you say, “I have to do them,” who provides this “should”? You, of course, because no one is forcing you from the outside. What if you don't do them? The blow will not follow Your life will go on, it will go on as usual. Suppose you say, "I want to do them, but some part of me doesn't want to." What are her objections? Waste of time? Are you just as thrifty of time in other cases? If you save the time you spend on these experiments, will you devote it to something really necessary, "important"?

Suppose the objection is that there is no guarantee that these experiments will "benefit" you. Can you get such a guarantee in other cases that you do?

Whatever your objections, don't blame yourself for them. Blame the person (or that) whom (or what) you think is responsible, but what and how you feel. By discharging some of the aggression that you turned on yourself, you can react to the situation in a completely different way.

Answer 20
June, 2021

All answers are solid water.

As they say in the legion: "It's all in the head."

You just go and do that. This is a complete and final recipe and there is no other.

Complete and final. And there are no others. You take it and do it. The more you do, the better you will get.

Answer 21
June, 2021

Most likely now I'll run into a crowd of minuses, but still.

I don't want to criticize someone from the answers below, but I disagree in many ways. Most of the answers resemble some quotes from books for future mother's millionaires and sound like banal captaincy. All these "take it and do it" are obvious things that everyone already knows and understands. I will gradually disassemble the question into parts and give an answer to each of them, based on my own experience of bullying the body and psyche. If you have a weak heart or you are allergic, do not even read, scroll further, health is more important than any of your activities.

How to learn:

  • overcome fatigue, physical illness.
    It is important to understand that the body will take its toll sooner or later. So first you need to think about whether the game is worth the candle, if it is, then move on. If you know that you have to work for the next 4-5 days without sleep, then start delaying the moment of fatigue from the beginning of the action. (some say that they work with the help of self-hypnosis, but I xs believe it or not)

1) No strong emotions and experiences, you won't last long on the "resource" state of the psyche and "on the nerves" ... I turned on the pohuist, thrust my emotions deeper, it is ideal to enter a state of work or “flow”, when you don’t care about anything at all except work (mental or mechanical performance of a certain action).
2) No coffee, speed or energy drinks at first ... Early for stimulants.
3) Somewhere at 8-10 hours of such work, I took a break and began to do push-ups (I am writing an algorithm for mental work), dispersed the blood.
4) after another hour, if it tends to sleep, threw an animal pack (break the bag into 2 parts), washed it down with a cup of dopio and went to bed for 20-30 minutes (you need a "presenter" to wake up).
5) Drink at this time only clean water, you can eat norms, but it is better not to overeat.
6) woke up, sat down to work, branching takes longer, if you need to "cheerfully" hold on for 3 days, no more, you drink green tea, eat citrus fruits, periodically do push-ups and repeat the process with sleep, after cups of coffee (coffee can be replaced with a pill of melatonin), you can indulge in some speed, this is not critical.
7) If you have a marathon for the whole working week, then welcome to the wonderful world of chemistry. First you throw in piracetam (harmless, little-useful crap, from concussions and for old people) or find some analogue where a phenyl group was added to the molecule (it helps to pass the HEM) and as soon as you woke up you drank one glycine (a common amino acid).
7.1) At the end of 2 days we switch to modafinil (in Russia it is forbidden, but it is not difficult to get it, in Europe and the USA I was discharged not so long ago for sleep disorders, of the minuses only high blood pressure, I don’t know lethal cases, an allergen, which means before that, check does it pour out of it in your arms). 1 dose = 8-12 hours of effective brain work, an overdose is almost impossible, I used 6-8 tablets at a time (I know, a fool, but then it was necessary). Stands on black pThe market is inexpensive, can increase sexual desire, but do not be fooled, then it will turn off. And we remove push-ups, add riboxin, vitamins of group "b" + magnesium.

PS in fact, it is possible without chemistry, only with big problems for yourself later. I somehow stayed purely on coffee and energy drinks for 5 days. It came to hallucinations. You don't need it. Better to help the body. And remember, emotions are in the furnace, you choose whether you work with your brains or exercise, you need to eat little, but often, do not forget about vitamins and drink a lot of water.
And most importantly, after the "marathon" you need to sleep at least a week, eat well and listen to mom. For the body to come to its senses (and if you also indulge in AIDS, then a course of hepatoprotectors, neuroprotectors and a thread for the kidneys will be very good).

  • psychological discomfort
    There are 2 types of motivation "to the positive" and "from the negative" (include fantasy)
  • you can train yourself like Pavlov's dog. I didn’t overpower myself - I inflicted physical pain on myself, and if I managed it, I overcame my "psychological discomfort" - I praised myself with something that you love. Create yourself an "anchor" (google) to a "resource" state, when you are knee-deep in the sea, use it in critical cases.

This was a small excerpt from personal experience. I am not campaigning for anyone and many things here are more subjective. And most importantly, always evaluate how much the game is worth the candle.

Answer 22
June, 2021

Sleep, food, physical activity

sleep .. there are of course often problems, because goals are in any way more important than your well-being .. but it would be nice to calculate the sleep phase, perform simple actions to make the awakening easier ..

food .. it doesn't matter if you like carrots or meat .. everything should be in moderation. (meat no more than once a week, more vegetables, greens in the diet)

physical activity, as already said, is mandatory for good health, without excuses you take and do exercises + after the main meals in thirty minutes you do : 15-20 squats, 2-3 sets, push-ups, jumps

and of course, for the mood, be sure to feel your morning .. I understand that of course it is very difficult to get up 20 minutes earlier, so as to have a leisurely breakfast, think about for what you already love this day, thoughtfully make a to-do list .. but it's worth it)

and there should be a day or half a day in the week when you don't even think about business. Good luck)

Answer 23
June, 2021

I probably agree with Paul's position. There is nothing that man could not do, within the limits of at least known possibilities with which mankind coped. All our limitations are within ourselves and we decide how to arrange them. I would like to tell you one very interesting article that I have extracted from this community

Attitudes that can change your life

Why only “can "? Because now you have to read an article that will be of value only in case of practical application. So if you know that you will just read and continue scrolling through the feed or watching videos on YouTube, then do not waste your time.

The settings that will be discussed now are very similar to the principle by which we we grow our muscles. The more you exercise, the more you exercise, the faster you will see results. For now, please do not get distracted and concentrate completely on reading. Much will depend on your understanding and acceptance of this information.

Installation # 1

The moment you feel fear of an action is a motivating factor for you to take this action .

Let's look at examples. Let's say you need to make a very important call about a vacancy. You are very worried, mentally preparing for the call, and postponing until “when you are ready.”

How will you proceed using the installation? The moment when the first wave of fear or doubt rolls over you will be the moment when you pick up the phone and dial the number. Don't start self-talk. Get started.

Another example. You are standing on the edge of a cliff and want to jump into the water (of course, you checked the depth beforehand). As soon as you catch yourself thinking that you have started to talk about your jump, you step forward and jump into the water.

Why is this attitude so important? Every time you make a decision and immediately act - you are pumping your "action" muscles. You are gradually strengthening them. Every time you procrastinate, you miss a workout. Your muscles get weaker.

Of course, it will be difficult at first. Therefore, you need to build your "muscles" gradually. The most important thing is not to skip workouts, that is, do not start an internal dialogue and do not miss the moment.

Setting # 2

The moment when you want to start performing an action, but laziness wakes up in you , is a motivating factor for you to perform an action.

You have decided to read a book. All of a sudden, there are a lot of reasons not to. It is at this moment that you abruptly take up reading a book.

You decide to go for a run, but the cozy bed beckons you. What. You literally say to your bed, "Thank you for making me go for a run right now." After that, immediately leave.

Again. The more often you take action, the faster you build upflex your muscles. The more often you give up, the harder it will be to win next time. It's simple. We felt a surge of laziness - they said thank you for that and proceeded to act.

Installation No. 3

Any action, even an unsuccessful one, is already a victory. Any inaction is a defeat and, at the same time, an additional reason and a boost of energy to defeat yourself in the next situation.

Every time you take an action, you are not guaranteed luck. However, the very fact of action is already a huge victory.

Nobody guarantees you a position after calling the company. But even after rejection, you look at yourself and see that nothing bad has happened. You might even have been sent, but you are still alive and most importantly, you acted.

What about inaction? In no case should you scold yourself. Such situations should serve as a charge for you to take future actions. The main thing here is not to deceive yourself and not tell yourself that next time you will definitely do something.

To summarize:

Installation # 1

A moment, when you feel fear of an action, it motivates you to perform this action.

Setting # 2

The moment when you want to start performing an action, but you laziness wakes up, is a motivating factor for you to perform an action.

Installation No. 3

Any action, even unsuccessful, is already a victory. Any inaction is a defeat and, at the same time, an additional reason and a charge of energy for victory over oneself in the next situation.

The following principle works great for these attitudes. You will literally thank your fear and laziness for prompting you to take action.

“I'm afraid to go to the boss's office - great, thank you fear, this is exactly what I am now and I will. "

" I am lazy to clean the room - great, thanks to laziness, I start cleaning right now. "

Remember the main thing - fear and laziness before performing certain actions, they say that these actions will lead you to success. So you have no choice but to say thank you and get started!

Answer 24
June, 2021

My mother used to tell me all my childhood: “Fields, there is no such phrase“ I can’t ”, there is a phrase“ I don’t want. ”And when I give up, I immediately think about it, and I am somehow ashamed that I already I started doing it and then just because of some kind of fatigue and other things I start to give in. It's very rude, very disgusting, but sometimes I think that I'm just a piece of meat that can do everything he really needs ... My body can improve, you need to come to my goals, because only I need it. Not Kolya, not Petya, but me. Ask yourself a question inside - do I need it? Yes? Then just go ahead and that's it.)

Answer 25
June, 2021

1) Check with a doctor that you are really all right with your health;

2) Go in for sports or at least start doing morning exercises;

3) Check if ailments are not a psychosomatic "response" of the body to a goal that for some reason it does not want or cannot be achieved.

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