How to fight off gopniks if you want to do it beautifully?

How to fight off gopniks if you want to do it beautifully?

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Answer 1
January, 2021

The article is complete bullshit! It can work well, except when meeting with "pioneers" who have not yet flown into the head from a potential victim.

The real gopota are good psychologists who, in your appearance, physique, look, clothes and even gait can determine whether you are their client or not. And if you are "lucky" to be chosen as a passenger, then the attitude towards you will be initially appropriate, and there can be no talk of any long conversations, and even more so about twinning. And if you stupidly adhere to everything described in the article, then the gopniks will simply arrange an onslaught with a bazaar, everyone will try to insert something of their own into the conversation (have you seen how a flock of crows behave?) Thereby forcing you to slip off the intended line of behavior. For them, you are a payment sucker, a means of earning and survival (no sucker and life is bad).

How to behave? Pass by without looking at them, without turning around, with a neutral expression on your face. If you are all the same, you are one, and there are many of them, and you are "never a fighter", then run.

It's worse when you are with a girl (and for a gopot it's better). This is almost a 100% guarantee that you will not "get on your feet." In the dashing 90s, I myself found myself in just such a situation ...

There are two options:

1) Voluntarily give everything valuable. The easiest option. Your face is safe and sound. And your girlfriend will ask you to do this, if only the freaks are left behind. Damn, but what will she think of you then? Fuck knows ... She won't tell.

2) Personally, I chose this option ...

First, try to bite off with the usual phrases that were described by the author. And if this did not help (and it did not help) and the gopniks begin to understand that you will not voluntarily lay out the loot and will have to take it away, direct threats begin. Beating is brewing, and a group beating, followed by cleansing of pockets.

The task is to separate them, and if we really fight, then one on one. At first I thought of saying something like: "What is it with a crowd? Is it weak in one? What are the shameful wolves? Who is your most important, let's move away, we'll figure it out like men." Thus, forcing the syavok to shut up and deal with the main thing. But he quickly changed his mind))) Firstly, the "most thug" was a really healthy boar and could put me down with one blow (and I’m not a fighter), and the syavki would have kicked me down when I was lying down. Secondly, something told me that games of nobility were not in their concepts, and at the same time, everything looks like a movie trick. Not real ...

My girlfriend behaved predictably: she let out tears, begged me to give them everything, threatened to call the cops, etc. Honestly. I was much more afraid for her than for myself. No matter how they switched to it, but no longer with the aim of simply robbing ...

The gopniks went on the offensive, started grabbing at their clothes, and I instinctively backed away. And then the case helped (as I later understood, it was necessary to immediately provoke the gopot to this). One of them, a very skinny physique, but at the same time the most twitchy, took and blurted outwith a fool: "Eh, @ la, where are you trying to?". It was then that I found something to catch on and went on the offensive. The fact is that the gopota, as it was already correctly said, lives according to the concepts of a zone, such as thieves' ones, where you cannot call the interlocutor with abusive words like "s @ ka" and "bl @ d", and if he said - justify, he could not justify - that's it, your happy life is over)))

Then it was a "matter of technology". It was enough to say "Guys, he bl @ duw called me, let him justify". And he quickly pulled this premature baby out of the crowd, like "Let's step aside. You have to answer for the market." He tried to blather something in public, they say "he drives, I never said anything like that!" But the audience did not help, they did not allow a clue. And I was punished for my bazaar. Punished harshly. And I had no other choice ...

As a result, everything ended with a break, they say "everything, everything, he understood!" And then we also EXPUTED to me and the girl.

Yes, I grabbed the full adrenaline ... I felt like a mouse driven into a corner by a cat.

The case is of course a particular one, but I think the meaning is clear.

Answer 2
January, 2021

An article will answer for me, which at one time saved my phone at least:

What to answer questions like: "Hey, come here!"

This is a direct invitation to war - i.e. the war is already underway. Psychological. The main thing is not to chicken out and not rush to approach, even if you are clearly inferior in strength. Although you should not openly demonstrate your coolness. The one who starts must justify his actions. Therefore, if you are only probed in this way, then you need to transfer the "conversation" to another channel.

So, according to the situation - stop or turn, in a word, express some interest. Don't come up.

- Hey, come here, I said!

Answers like "come here yourself" are not good, as you know, unless you are a boxing champion.


Come to you. Scary.

- Don't you hear? (frostbitten, swelling ...)

Do not pay attention, freeze, like, further:

- Can I help you with something?

We are not suckers

If your "conversation" did not start with a direct provocation like the one described above, then usually a gopnik will reach out to you when they meet - he greets you like a kid. This obliges you to be moderately polite, to answer the first questions. Which is what he wants. This is one of the main tricks of a gopnik - after such a gesture of "goodwill" he gets the right to "justly" be indignant that you, for example, do not want to communicate with him. Plus, he immediately creates an alibi for himself - “I rolled up to him like a boy, shook him with my claws. Was it like that !? " - "Well, yes ..." - "And people saw it. And then he began to build show-offs for me ... ". 1: 0 in favor of the gop.

Break off at the very beginning. It is very difficult to bear - the look and the outstretched hand to you. Stencils of politeness are driven deep into us. The hand stretches itself. We hold on. We look in the face. We smile.

- Who are you?

I know that this is difficult, especially if your opponent is clearly stronger than you or there is a crowd behind him. But you DO have the RIGHT TO DO IT. The right kid will not shake hands with the first comer without first knowing who is in front of him. In prison, they don't shake hands at all, for example - and the rules of the prison are sacred for a gopnik. And you don't have to reap the first paw that comes along. "Or maybe you are not a kid at all - who knows you" - you hint. But you are implying that he has no right to accuse you of something. And besides, his suspicions creep in that you know the rules of the game.

Your main task is to stay within the framework of HIS rules, to break off the gopnik with his own methods - you should not appeal to universal human morality and quote the Constitution. This is the gopnik's trump card, that he imposes his own rules on you and makes you play by them in his field. So that's what we do - we play the proposed game with a serious air.

Hit by the bazaar

If you obviously didn't come to beat you, then part two follows - "hitting by the bazaar". In any case, if you are not yet lying on the asphalt, and conversations are talking to you, then everything is in order. In fact, if they are not afraid of you, then at least they are afraid of you.

- ... who are you, where are you from?

- ... let me see the phone number.

- ... have money?

- ... why do we drink?

- ... who are you in life?

Frost (May be missed)

So. You must smile and say:

- I don't know you.

Go (stand) further.

If it didn’t work (most likely it didn’t) and the questions continue, and the intonation intensifies, then you need to go on the offensive:

The best defense is the attack

The universal answer - it always works:

- For what purpose are you interested?

It is important to understand and remember the main thing - to attack you need a reason. Aggression without a reason is lawlessness. A reason is expected from you. Until you give it, you are safe.

Under no circumstances make the slightest concession - do not answer anything. NOT ONE, even if completely innocent, QUESTION. As soon as you answered something, even the most neutral, but in essence of the question, and want to interrupt the conversation later, the aggressor has a "moral right" to accuse you of disrespect for himself, ie get that very right to take tough action. After all, you "supported" the conversation, and then refuse to continue. Not pretty.

You certainly won't get a direct answer to your question. Lots of options for further development:

- What, zapadlo with the guys to play around?

- Are you being rude?

- You don't respect me?

- I don't understand ...

Never make excuses

In all cases, you need to "stupidly" continue your topic. In no case, again (see above) do not answer the questions - "I respect you, but ...", "I am not rude, but ...". Your "but" will be immediately seen as weakness. If further follows the phrase “What are you making excuses for? Do you feel something behind you? " or something like it, then you will have nothing to answer it. This is a 100% trick - it doesn't matter what you answer or just keep quiet, everything will be turned as an attempt to either make excuses or be rude.

- I'm not making excuses - look at yourself from the outside, you yourself understand that it sounds just stupid. But, nevertheless, speak.

- Justify.

- Why should I justify?

- Because you are making excuses.

- I'm not making excuses!

- What are you doing now?

- I ... well ... oh, you! I don't want to talk to you.

- Oh, you're also a rude person ...

That's it. Then either flight, or beating, or humiliation with the confiscation of material values.

We break the situation

- What, zapadlo with normal (!) Boys? Is the likely response to your counterattack.

Remember - no "no", "not", and even more "but".

- You did not answer my question.

It will not be superfluous to continue to smile.

- And you on mine.

- Are you going to run into lawlessness?

- Are you accusing me of something?

- Answer my question. May I ask you?

Pay attention - just "inquire". "To ask" has a double meaning on a hairdryer - they ask someone for something that will immediately be regarded as hitting - "I have the right to ask."- "What? Ask me? For what? Justify. " Everything, again a dead end, you are in a bag.

- I'm interested in myself.

“I am interested in myself” - the usual phrase-answer to the question “for what purpose are you interested?”. Everything is fine. As soon as you heard something like this, the enemy flinched - you made the "right kid" make excuses. Now the main thing is not to go too far.

- I don't know you.

In no case should I continue this phrase: “and I'm not going to talk to you”, “why should I answer you”, “it's none of your business”. Only stupidly neutral phrases. Until you give a formal reason for war, you are in a better position.

Stop smiling and show with all our looks that the conversation is over.

Hold positions

The cycle can repeat itself in different variations. You just hold on to your position, the meaning of which is - WHO STARTED THE TALK, THAT SHOULD BE JUSTIFICATE THE REASON.

In fact, there is ONE reason, and you should remember about it - to PROMOTE YOU AND GET THE MORAL RIGHT to attack, insult, humiliate, hit, take away. But, of course, the "correct kid" will never voice it, because then he himself recognizes himself as an out-of-bounds. And this is no longer according to concepts - the right guys do not fix lawlessness. Those. you ask a question that he cannot answer, but, according to his rules, must. In chess, this is called a "fork" - we attack two pieces with one piece. The only choice left to the enemy is which piece to lose.

The point is that you cannot admit that the goal of the tackle was to run over, as you know. Gopnik must comply with the laws of thieves' diplomacy and remain within the law. To remain silent or to leave - in fact, means tacitly admitting that everything was exactly the way it was. And this is to sink in the eyes of comrades and your own.

This is your clear victory. But no one wants to be defeated, although such a turn of events is quite likely. The admission of defeat, of course, can be compensated by insults or promises to "meet again" - this is the last attempt to provoke you. Just keep quiet.

Do not bend

Do not under any circumstances fulfill small requests - by any concept, you can demand to state the reason first or qualify it as a direct hit. What you have to say directly.

- Give me a glass.

- ...

Silence, smile. We are waiting for accusations ...

- Are you a bastard, or what?

... and we turn to a counterattack.

- Check for a Lokhov suit? (or: - Do you want to run over me?)

- I ask you as a normal kid.

You have earned a point, it pays off. And in front of everyone he calls you a "normal kid." One more point.

- Ah. Sorry, did not get it. On.

A draw on a foreign field is a victory

If you don't want to be defeated, then the gop is left with only one thing -

  1. either start beating you, which puts him in the category of offenders from the point of view of the law or in the category of outlaws in terms of concepts. He does not need this, because the gop only wants to be promoted at the expense of your humiliation.

  2. or "admit" that the goal was different - to get to know each other, talk, spend time together. That is, to avoid defeat. Which was required. A draw on a foreign field suits us perfectly.

"Fork" - he already chooses only between which option of defeat to accept. Most likely he is not a fool.

- You don't know me? Well, let's get acquainted.

You can shake your paws.

Do not get carried away with victory

If you feel a fracture, then you may well give him the opportunity to rehabilitate himself in your eyes and the eyes of the boys. This is exactly what must be done - otherwise the feeling of defeat will most likely lead to a new wave of aggression, which cannot be stopped by the bazaar.

After the acquaintance, however, cycles of the same answers and questions may follow again, and the acquaintance itself was just a trick - you just need to be Vigilant and in no case relax. No matter how many such cycles there are, your task is one - not to provide a reason. I repeat - this means:

Do not make excuses.

Do not answer questions.

Do not fulfill requests

Do not fall for "high" tone - to remain polite and calm.

Continue to demand an answer to your question.

Asking "uncomfortable" questions.


Notice - we smile. It is important. This is confusing, makes the attacker nervous. This makes him fearful and act cautiously - “why is he pressing his lip? Maybe he knows what? And he mows like a fool ... "

Even if ...

If you have met complete thugs, then you won't have to talk for a long time. But in reality, such specimens are extremely rare - this is a mental pathology. Almost everyone has a taboo on unreasonable aggression. Those. you always need a reason, no matter how funny or far-fetched. The concepts also speak about it.

Even if you suffer, then, firstly, keep your dignity, respect in the person of friends and yourself. And even enemies, which means a lot in the future. And, secondly, both the law and concepts are on your side, and you may well demand satisfaction, gaining strength, for example, in the form of support from friends. You are no longer a sucker, but a warrior who has just lost the battle, but not the whole war.


There are two possible strategic mistakes:

- fear will prevail and you will give up, starting to mumble something inarticulate and willingly give everything that you are "asked." in this case, they are beaten.

Check passed

If you don't make mistakes and your “opponent” doesn't knock him off the battlefield, then you may well make new friends, otherwise the best kents.

And if the turning point has happened, then maybe you shouldn't give up on further developments - it is likely that you will be offered to drink beer together, have some fun.

No wonder this person came up to you. Nothing random happens in the world.

This happens quite often - if passed the testErka for "kid", you become not only an equal, but also a respected equal. In the crowds of gopniks there are usually one or two "real" guys, the rest are sticky. The leader always knows this and, in general, is not interested in him with them - these are his pitiful copies.

Because you quite honestly and sincerely may want to be friends.

The choice is yours. If not, then no. They patted each other on the shoulder, or even hugged each other like brothers. The bazaar is over, consumption.

The last and most important rule

Even if it's scary, remember these simple rules, and do not deviate from them. Because the last and most important rule is not to turn around. Either do not start at all, or, having started, do not give up.

Remember Russian fairy tales - do not turn around. Who turned back - lost.

Of course, this is just a canvas, you will always need your creativity. Fear will make its own adjustments, but, nevertheless, it is possible to REMEMBER.

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