How to choose the right sports diet for yourself?

How to choose the right sports diet for yourself?

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Answer 1
November, 2020

How to eat properly when exercising. BEGINNING !!

Returned from the vacation and looked at your photos, made on a Moscow copy, with a copy of the documentary This was reported by the author. But the faithful friends did not let me get rid of the currents - they moved me to write to the training room. More so, they created a company. By the way, it is better to go to sports with the name of the company. As a minimum with a kem-to twice. And fortunately, and at the same time, there is some kind of co-operative spirit.

It is better to start doing the best with two times a week (this is not an invention of the author - the advice of a trainer). And when you feel that you have "rocked" - you can go on a periodicity three times in a seven day. Kto verily zanimaetcya and chasche; yet if ye ppocto xotite "ppivecti cebya in popyadok" -etogo doctatochno:. Izlishnie ycepdie mozhet and navpedit

Kctati, chyt ne zabyl, neobxodimo obyazatelno ppokoncyltipovatcya c vpachom peped nachalom zanyaty. Moreover, it is desirable not with a physician "assigned" to a fitness center. Waste time, do not regret. At the end of the day, you will not get just a summary of the intensity of the classes and the load, but a more complete picture of the state of your health. When the last time you went through an examination of organism without an obvious reason for this, just for prevention? The same.

When the doctor's consultation is received, send, finally, to the gym. Get acquainted with a trainer. NA pepvyx popax ego lychshe nanyat - OH pocovetyet and ppokontpolipyet ​​vypolnenie komplekca neobxodimyx yppazhneny (in zavicimocti From ppecledyemyx vami tseley) pokazhet, HOW ppavilno polzovatcya tpenazhepami

Kyshat verily xochetcya

Ppiznayuc. honestly, at first I was not before the proper nutrition. After a couple of first lessons "everything is painful". But further on, the organism has undergone a new rhythm of life, the muscles “developed”, the pains disappeared. My friends and I remembered that we would have heard something about the fact that, when exercising, we should eat something normally. Recalling, asked the question to the trainer. By the way, he could have shielded himself on our account. At the end of the day, the right diet will speed up the achievement of the desired result. "Minyc hundred balls - Gryffindop", - would have said on this lead Minerva McGonagal, director of the school, was a voluptuous "Hogwapdc" from saga o Gappi was written in the source. In response, our trainer recommended us to eat at least 5-6 times a day, declaring that this kind of nutrition is "the most physiological." During the day, you should have two breakfasts (first and second), lunch, dinner and meals after workout. In this case, it is desirable not to take before training and do not pass afterwards.

To properly eat when taking a sport, you should first have enough food, there is enough A glass of yogurt, kefir (not necessarily lean), maybe a little bit of liquor, tea, coffee (and so on and other - without sugar) or fresh ape The first breakfast is somewhere around 5% of the total food intake. Further breakfast is the second. It can be eatenthe day before leaving the house for work or, if possible, already at work (approximately 30% of the cyclical consumption of calories for an adult). Lunch is another 30% calories. An afternoon tea - plus 5%. Dinner - 25%. Another 5% - nutrition after workout. It shouldn't be too much. With a weight of 70-80 kg, the amount of food eaten should not be more than 4 kg in sacks. Don't forget about fruits and vegetables: 15-20% of the daily allowance. This is an ideal option.

Not everyone and not always can follow a similar diet. But, naturally, options are possible! For example, breakfast can be one - nothing terrible with you because of this it does not happen. Breakfast and lunch on a "sports day" should be nutritious enough.

An afternoon snack is worth an hour in two or three hours after lunch. In general, in the second half of the day, you can eat a little with an interval of two hours. In this case, the food should contain a lot of carbohydrates - this is a test of strength before engaging. It is so worthwhile to set up a schedule of daily trapeses, so that the final one should not be less than half an hour before the lesson. Drink water (not gassed), coco - it will not harm, especially in the last hour before exercising.

Eat differently. You should not get hung up on the food and dietary wape chickens (by myself I know - you only started them and eat, walk for yourself, and then you can use these Spicy and steamed meat is perfect, legumes - only rubbed, as well as oatmeal with milk. The perfect option is different types of bites, not too fatty, but also not very persistent. Neutral vapors, again for the sake of diversity, should be mixed with sour vapors.

If you are able to follow the dietary schedule, it is better to eat it or eat it with your own choice. There is nothing to be afraid of. At the end of the day, do you try to improve the figures or you just have no money and you have nothing to do with them in a hard room? In addition to chicken and meat, eat fish. Garnish - buckwheat, rice, potatoes, even macaroons (without fat coycoes). Kypite in magazine neckolko gepmetichno zakpyvayuschixcya plactikovyx konteynepov -. To nix ydobno bpat c coboy edy

Dnevnaya nopma kalopy (and ne tolko DURING zanyatiyax cpoptom) zavicit takzhe and From klimaticheckix yclovy in kotopyx ppozhivaet individyym. When it is hot, reduce the calorie content of food, then, as in Siberian moss, there is more white food, but at the same time, reduce the consumption of fat. there is no way. Agree, strangely rocking, in the pre-position, press, with uncooked food in the stomach, tipping the time from the time of the bottle. As it was already said, "bind" with it you need at least half an hour before you start training.

Then during training you need to drink water and do it well. Of course, not in liters, but a little: after a few sips, every 20-25 minutes. Do not swallow water in the mouth, it is better to keep it in your mouth a little - thirst is so thirsty better. Naturally, no gas. Even minerals, not govopia already about col and other lemonades. Do not drink cold water. After physical exercise, it becomes hot, and the person tends to sip the cold water. But this is how it is impossible to do. It's better if the water is at the room temperature, even slightly warm. As a rule, there are coolers in the warm rooms - there is no need to add some cold water to the glass of hot water.

Do not take in the cold water.

This can lead to fluctuations of pressure, an increased load at the heart, the beginning of the process of disarming the organism.

The fermentation of wheat is If you want to drink - drink, and if you don't - don't drink. There is a feeling that you should not drink water immediately after exercise. But this is not so. If you drink a glass of water or even a glass of water, it won't be too bad.

Now about food. The workout is over, a lot of energy wasted, you want to. It’s a huge mistake to wait two hours after training and only then allow yourself to bother. It is not worth doing. It is desirable that between physical exercises and the ensuing trapeza it should not take more than an hour. The other thing is that you shouldn't come up to it. Drinking rice, buckwheat, and even better - a little bean or gopox puree, a little bittersweet with jam, fresh fruit - this is enough to eat.

p> Consider, there are products, the use of which when practicing speed is best to keep to a minimum. These sweet drinks are any lemonade, coffee and tea with sugar (the last one is better to drink with honey or, in the least case, with a sugar substitute). Of course, you shouldn't put on baked goods. Sweet buns and even bread can be completely replaced with special bread, non-salty bread. Candies, and not only chocolate, but, in the main, chalky. Various pirogues, especially grocery stores, which do "unknown from what" (they are generally better than not, ever). Cheap macaroni products (it is possible and even useful to use only high-quality macaroni from hard wheat). Let us emphasize: "keeping your consumption to a minimum" - it does not mean to exclude it altogether: do not save yourself for one piece of paper.

We do not like this, for level):

200 g fatty grains, oat flakes (3-4 tablespoons dry), apple or apelsin, a cup of light coffee, and a small amount of small ;

Pepeyc: a glass of other kefir or 100-150 g of cheese or apple (orange) and 50 g of hard cheese;

Non-fat meat or fish or poultry (200-250 g) , kpypa or macaroons, greens;

Look what else you have not - you can eat vegetable salad, you can - you can - 1-2 eggs, maybe, if you like, if not very well milk;

After workout: green salad (papycta white, green, can be juiced) with meat, fish or poultry, egg or egg (150-200 g); - a glass of neat kefir or green tea with neat milk.

to eat correctly, it is necessary to know, for example, how many calories are "burned" during exercise. Some of the workouts are different. Above the point was about training in the gym (trainers, treadmill). But sports are alive in one training hall. The table below will help you to relate energy costs to sports.

Personally, I have lost weight with an effective fat burner that is safe. I recommend reading the home weight loss diary, which tells about the safest strongest fat burner. The product stimulates the burning of fat in the body without physical exertion. It has a very powerful effect. If interested, here is the link

Answer 2
November, 2020

This site (I use it myself) will help a lot with this. There you just need to enter a list of foods you ate per day and see if the amounts of KBZHU received meet your goals, namely carbohydrates 4-6g / kg body weight, proteins 1.5-3g / kg weight and fats 1-2g per kg (I gave an example for those who are gaining weight). In case you are losing weight, it is advisable to reduce the number of calories consumed by about 300-500 from your regular diet by reducing your fat intake (again, it is better to skip saturated in favor of unsaturated ones) and fast carbs. And of course, do not forget about regular training. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!)

Answer 3
November, 2020

I am an active opponent of any kind of "diets".

The body "grows fat" or "dries up" because of the amount of consumed kilocalories, and not because of cutting itself in any nutrients. There are many popular diets such as Ducan or Atkins that advocate avoiding carbohydrates in favor of fats and proteins. This can be a big problem for a person with an unspoiled metabolism, because such restrictions usually lead to an inevitable breakdown and subsequent gain in even more fat. On diets and all kinds of dietary prejudices, I am very similar to food in my book "TP for TP". Anyone interested in going deeper - read.

Here I would like to note that each person, per second of time, needs approximately the same percentage of proteins / fats / carbohydrates - 30/20/50. It is very simple to calculate the calorie content of the diet. Any free calorie counter will help here, of which there are a great many on the net. The error will be minimal. And if your goal is to "burn" fat, then you just need to create a deficit of this very calorie content, while maintaining the overall proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And if the goal is weight gain, then a calorie surplus will help. The plus or minus step is approximately 20-25%. Go for it!

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