how to choose a tennis racket?

how to choose a tennis racket?

Best Tennis Racquets of 2020 (including options for all levels)! -- VLOG #702 🤩

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Answer 1
November, 2020

Heavy rackets :
Pros : has more SweetSpot, transfers less vibration to the handle, produces more powerful hits
Cons : less maneuverable

Stiff rackets :
Pros : has more SweetSpot, produces more powerful shots
Cons : transmits more vibrations to the handle

Rackets with a large rim area :
Pros : has a larger SweetSpot, produces more powerful hits, better resists twisting
Cons : shorter string life

Long rackets :
Pros : produces more powerful strikes
Cons : less maneuverable than short

Rackets with increased rim thickness :
Pros : produces more powerful shots
Cons : more likely to catch the ball on the rim when cut or heavily twisted or blow

Choosing a tennis racket is not an easy task, especially for a beginner, because many sellers try to impose on you one or another model that sells poorly or, for example, is more expensive. You may hear other classifications, but don't be alarmed. We present it in order to make it easier for you to navigate and to choose the tennis racket that is right for you.

Powerful Rackets or Tennis Rackets to Improve Your Game

As the name implies, they are primarily power-oriented. These models have an oversized head (107-135 square inches), an elongated size (27-29 inches), a light weight (226-269 g) and a balance shifted towards the head to concentrate sufficient weight in the "shock" zone. They are for shorter, softer spin players who want more power.

Club Rackets

They are usually lightweight (269-311) , have a moderately enlarged head size (95-102 square inches), are balanced so that the center of gravity is slightly off-center, and have an increased length (27.5-28 inches). They are medium-high or low-medium power and are best suited for intermediate to advanced tennis players, providing increased agility.

High Control Rackets or Play Tennis Rackets

Such models are used by professional players and club tennis players with a high level of play. They are heavy (325-368 g), have a flexible rim, have a reduced head size (85-98 sq. Inches), balance, offset to the side of the handle for increased maneuverability, and are either standard or extended in length. The end result is a low-power racket designed for tennis players who prefer models with more control.

There are excellent ones at

Answer 2
November, 2020

In order to choose a good racket, you need:

1) Choose a racket by weight

2) Choose a racket by length

3) Choose a handle to it was tight and didn’t slide on it.

Of the highest quality rackets, I would recommend Wilson, they are really good quality. Not heavy, there are different types of handles, long, short. You can find an excellent racket on

Answer 3
November, 2020

When choosing a table tennis racket, you need to decide on an individual style of play. This will determine the thickness of the overlay and with what properties the inventory will be needed. For a more relaxed style where undercuts or twists are used, racquets with overlays that promote twist should be preferred. The further choice depends on your level. There are 4 types of rackets: for the beginner level, for the amateur, for the experienced player, for the professional.

The choice of a tennis racket is determined by other parameters. The main thing to pay attention to is the size of the handle. A racket with a large handle allows you to feel much more confident in the game. The thicker the rim of the racket, the stronger the serve and the harder the tennis racket itself. Next, take the middle of the racket. If it is tilted to the side of the head, then it is intended to be played on the back row. If on the contrary, then for filing.

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