How do bookmakers calculate multi-accounts?

How do bookmakers calculate multi-accounts?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Any serious bookmaker requires an identification procedure. In legal bookmakers, such a procedure is mandatory.

In theory, a person who wants to create a second account for himself can ask for identification of one of his friends, and then give him the account. In this case, there is a great risk of being caught regularly using the same IP address for two different accounts. The bookmaker will immediately see that bets from different accounts are made from one place.

Also, the representatives of the bookmaker can see the general "style" of bets on two accounts. Roughly the same amounts for the same sports, the player's "style" is not difficult to calculate.

We strongly advise against engaging in such activities. It is much more logical for one person to be registered in several legal bookmaker offices and use their shares. The list of legal bookmakers is available here:

Answer 2
June, 2021

Good day.

In serious offices , entire departments have long been engaged in the fight against various types of fraud on the part of clients. And it's not just about the security service. Rather, identifying fraudsters is a joint work of the Security Council, analysts, IT and other employees.

Now more about multi-accounting . It does not matter for what reason the user creates several accounts (re-registration after blocking or cutting odds, trying to get additional bonuses, forgotten password from the old account, etc.), in most official offices this is prohibited ... Therefore, if you need to create another account, it is better to immediately contact the support of the bookmaker, otherwise you can get a ban with the impossibility of withdrawing a previously made deposit and winning without any warning.

To calculate multi-accounts, bookmakers use various methods (or aggregate). First of all, these are:

  1. Verification of client's personal data - full name, passport data, phone number, bank account number and other information.

  2. Programmatic analysis of account access - user's IP address, etc.

  3. Hardware analysis of access to accounts - what device was used to access the site and what additional equipment was used.

  4. Analysis of the bettor's actions - his playing style, betting and other nuances.

In addition, the security services of different bookmakers can exchange information with each other. Such cooperation is not uncommon when trying to identify scammers.

We strongly we recommend playing fair , do not create additional accounts and work only with legal bookmakers . A complete list of them can be found on various specialized resources. For example, our portal .

Answer 3
June, 2021


Modern technical means and technologies allow bookmakers to quite easily identify multiple registrations, even if the player carefully disguised the fact of this violation of the rules. Naturally, in order not to provoke the development of new methods of fraud, the offices do not publicly talk about their protection technologies.

Since multi-accounting is a gross violation in any bookmaker, its detection often promises the confiscation of the balance and the complete blocking of accounts.

The reason for presenting multi-accounting may be:

  • coincidence of payment methods (deposit / withdrawal of funds from different accounts to the same payment details);

  • coincidence of IP addresses and parameters of the "hardware" from which the logon was carried out to different accounts;

  • general style of play (match of amounts, markets, odds, bet times ...).

It should be noted that often players who have not planned any fraudulent actions in relation to the bookmaker are faced with the problem of multi-accounting. For example, there are cases when a player purchased a smartphone / tablet / computer on the secondary market and began to use this equipment to access the office's website. The same equipment was used by the previous owner for the same purposes. Nevertheless, it is not possible to prove anything in this case, and bookmakers rarely meet, which is quite understandable.

On the "Rating of Bookmakers" portal you can find enough materials on the topic of multi-accounting and you can discuss all the nuances with its employees.

Answer 4
June, 2021

Multi-accounting is the creation of several accounts by one player in the same bookmaker. Such actions are prohibited by the rules and are punishable by blocking.

Today bookmakers have learned how to quickly identify multi-accounting among players. And this violation is calculated by comparing several data, and not only by IP, as most people think.


All our hardware, routers, and so on have. In addition, operating systems and software have their own characteristics. All these data are sent to the site when registering at the bookmaker's office and are stored in the site's archives. On the basis of them, bookmakers identify multi-accounting among players.

How often this is done depends on the bookmaker itself. Periodically, a bot program is launched , which searches for matches. That is why if you create several personal accounts, they are not blocked immediately. And after blocking, it is impossible to withdraw money from the account.

Reasons for creating multiple accounts for each bettor:

· Multiple receiving welcome bonuses;

· Resuming the game after blocking the old account in bookmaker;

· Possibility to bet at maximum limits after cutting the account and others.

In accordance with this, bookmakers prohibit creating more than one account for 1 player. Here is an excerpt from the rules of the bonus program:

Only one bonus is available for one user, for a family, one address, one shared computer, a shared IP address, for any identical account details, like e- mail, bank account, credit card information, payment system account. Any violation of the rules will lead to account closure.

What's the solution? Play Fair . We do not recommend creating several accounts in one office, as sooner or later the bookmaker will find and block your account.

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