How did you manage to lose weight?

How did you manage to lose weight?

How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

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Answer 1
March, 2021

I turned to a hypnotherapist for help, with the help of hypnosis he helped me a lot to lose weight and cope with psychological problems. I worked on Skype with Vasily Danilov, a very strong psychologist, owns skill.

Answer 2
March, 2021

I turned to a hypnotherapist for help, with the help of hypnosis he helped me a lot to lose weight and cope with psychological problems. I worked on Skype with Vasily Danilov, a very strong psychologist, owns skill.

Answer 3
March, 2021

I lost 27 kg in a year after giving birth. The very first and most important thing is to eat less nasty things and move more. The main food was similar to the treatment table 9 (for diabetes), I am not a diabetic, then I had to sit on the 5th table. K. Found stones in the gall. I walked a lot, at least 2 hours a day, uninterrupted, even 2.5-3 liters of clean water a day. Remove flour and in general all fast carbohydrates and you will be happy. Pills to drink and do nothing do not exist.

Answer 4
March, 2021

I lost 14 kg in six months. I don’t know whether it’s a lot or a little, but for me this is a good result, despite the fact that I didn’t look forward to the gym, and all my activity is walking. I just replaced all the buns, sweets, cookies for tea with turboslim bars - and voila, I started losing weight) I also periodically bought "appetite control" and "calorie blocker" from the turboslim line, in general they have a lot of products useful for losing weight! I think it's better than starving yourself out on diets.

Answer 5
March, 2021

He was especially fat, perhaps only during the period of wild nerd in MMORPG, with unpleasant consequences in the form of cheeks, cheeks and belly) 0. Two years of breakdowns from a dubious type of diet, floating 15 kg back and forth. In March 18, when it was already unpleasant to look at myself, I gathered my strength. The practice at the factory helped to keep the daily routine and sleep regimen, otherwise balanced nutrition, adherence to dietary supplements and a small calorie deficit (15-20%) + strength training 3 times a week, walks and refusal from the elevator. Of course I gave myself a rest 2-3 days a month. For more than 3 months, -10 cm at the waist, the frogs disappeared, the stomach was almost completely and the cheekbones appeared) 0 But my friends thought that I was sick, because it dried up very hard and had a greenish tint of the face. Now I eat as much as I want, in six months I have returned 2-3 cm of the waist. I'm happy with the result, albeit modest)

Answer 6
March, 2021

Gradually. He weighed 96 kg, with a height of 175. All the relatives said that I would stretch out, they say, and lose weight. It was not there. Weight was not going to leave anywhere and was approaching the coveted centner. I had to take matters into my own hands. There were both strict diets and measured ones. He also reinforced his success with a lesson in the gym. At the moment I have a weight of 72-73 kg. It became easier to walk, breathe, live.

I wish you success in this difficult endeavor if you strive to lose weight.

Such things.

Answer 7
March, 2021

How can you lose weight by exercising. Hello, how can you still lose weight? All just by trying this health system you can not only lose weight, heal your entire body by following the link at the beginning of the answer, you can sign up for a marathon that will help you learn how to solve these problems.

Answer 8
March, 2021

It's clear that you need to exclude diets and starvation, because after that the weight will still return. A balanced diet is important here. For example, I eat according to the 10Levels application, where calories are calculated according to your parameters, the menu with the correct nutrition and recipes are selected.
In the process of losing weight, a systematic approach is needed. Most importantly, spend more than you consume.

Answer 9
March, 2021

I took a great interest in sports - three times a week in the morning boxing for an hour and a half, three times a week in the evenings two hours of American football. Then I found out about Olga Marquez's #Sekta, took training. Everything was cool) minus 12 kilograms, good spirits and body for a year and a half.

And then I got lazy. I scored on sports and food) The result was still holding for about six months, then all 12 kilograms returned), probably, they really missed me.

Answer 10
March, 2021

I would also add that weight loss occurs under two rules:

  1. Eat fewer calories than you expend. The number of calories consumed should be less than consumed. To determine this difference, you need to calculate your metabolism and estimate 3-4 menu options from those products that you love, so that the total energy consumed is 500/600 kcal less than your metabolism. Paying special attention to snacks and snacks of cookies, sweets, sandwiches, etc.

  2. Complex carbohydrates. Normally, a person consumes 50-60 percent of carbohydrates, painlessly you can reduce them to 40% of the daily diet and replace simple, fast carbohydrates with complex and slow ones. Give up the simple ones: sugar, sweets, jams, bread, buns, cookies, cakes, pies, dumplings, potatoes, sweet soda (!!!), our pasta, our polished white rice, etc. Replace them with: vegetables, legumes, peas, beans, herbs, bran, buckwheat and millet porridge (with pumpkin, for example), wild rice, berries and fruits (add berries and fruit pieces to yogurt yourself, do not buy sweet yoghurts). It is advisable not to eat any carbohydrates after 4 pm. Dinner should be: fish + vegetables; cottage cheese + kefir; chicken (grilled, boiled, not fried) + salad. Success!

Answer 11
March, 2021

Whenever it comes to safe weight loss, i.e. without harm to health and with long-term preservation of the result, it is immediately worth discussing that a hunger strike is contraindicated.

The rest of the rules are simple:
1) fractional meals;
2) drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day;
3) start the day with a glass of water to disperse metabolism;
4) introduce sport into your life, and it is not at all necessary to sign up to expensive fitness rooms. Gillian Michaels' courses are excellent companions in "losing weight at home", cardio loads are also perfect for burning fat;
5) try to eat harmful until 12;
6) the last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime , dinner should never be heavy.

It is worth remembering that 70% of weight loss is your diet, only 30% is sports.

I think that's enough. If anything, this information is available on almost every site about SAFE weight loss.

And the main thing is to believe in yourself, and for this you need a great desire.
Good luck :)

Answer 12
March, 2021

Train yourself to consume 1200 Kcal food. per day and never increase this figure. Weight loss is guaranteed to you, but I'm not sure about a full life.

Answer 13
March, 2021

Here is a two-minute history of losing weight exactly on the topic - In general, there are a lot of questions on this topic, apparently in connection with this and myths.

Answer 14
March, 2021

I managed to lose 12 kg in 6.5 days. This is a very hushed up method - dry fasting. If you want to test your will, then this is a good way to understand yourself and dump unnecessary burden ...

Answer 15
March, 2021

removed sweet and starchy foods from the diet, added more vegetables and fruits, and in a month and a half, from 80 to 65, but not so sharply, you need more smoothly, as this is a lot of stress for the body

Answer 16
March, 2021

For those who have problems with excess weight, capsules for weight loss "LIPOXIN". The purpose of the tool is to burn fat and gradually reduce weight. Suitable for absolutely everyone. It will get rid of excess folds on the abdomen, thighs and other places where excess fat accumulates by cleansing the body of harmful toxins. Regulates appetite, increases efficiency, reduces fatigue.

Answer 17
March, 2021

Refused sugar in its pure and hidden form: everything sweet (except fruits), juices in bags, sugary drinks, sauces, yoghurts with additives, cereals

Answer 18
March, 2021

weighed 134, smoked 2 packs a day.

one day (in May, 2009) he put on his sneakers and "ran" - or rather, went. I hobbled 700 meters (I remember the distance exactly) and almost died.

continued. quit smoking. passed through time to the stadium. ran. a lot of. everyday. for the year came to 100. now 95-97. behind him 3 halves and a marathon. sat on a bike.

in the first month of "losing weight" I went on a diet (called an egg), since then I just limit my sugar / rolls / fast food consumption (although I can dine at McDuck easily).

Thanks to my wife - I survived the first months only with her support. then it became easier and even into a thrill.

now bought a bike. I skate.

I'm not an athlete - I don't go to the gym (although there were a couple of runs, not long), I run every day (3 km, in the evening before bedtime), I try to eat in a responsible manner, I practically don't drink alcohol. norms. although the "cheeks" on the sides remain and enrage

Answer 19
March, 2021

Oh, I'm telling you a story about my great victory.

I'll start from afar. The fifth grade at my school started very interesting. A new, very beautiful girl came to us.

For a long time I did not pay much attention to her, but somewhere in the 8th grade I realized that I fell in love. Fell in love ... eh ... you can't call it any other way ...

For a long time I hid my feelings, but once I decided to try my luck.
And yet I found the strength to invite this girl for a walk, where I confessed to her that I liked her. But alas, the girl did not reciprocate ...

Then I asked the question:
Why is that? But the question was not posed to the girl, but to himself. On reflection that I am probably overweight and ugly because of this.

Before losing weight, my weight was about 92 kilograms at 12 years old with an above average height. (I won't give an exact figure, but I was not small)

After reviewing a huge number of videos on the Internet and various methods, I found an interesting article in which it was advised to eat 1700 kilocalories a day for quick weight loss. On reflection, I decided to talk to my mother. She supported my idea. It was very difficult to give up old habits (my mother loved to buy various buns, there were always several types of cookies and breads in the house, as well as sausages, and vegetables were kept to a minimum. (Etc)

Ours was slowly changing The bread was first replaced by bread, which further helped to remove bread from the diet during the period of weight loss, they simply refused buns, could not find a replacement. pancakes with a small calorie content.) Then vegetables joined in to help:
Broccoli, cauliflower, common cabbage, beans and etc ..

At that time I was playing football in the health group (you walk for yourself, as the coach said, “if you were enrolled in this group, then most likely nothing will shine for you.” And this coach just gave us balls and we figured out what to do for ourselves. But now is not about that.)

what am I talking about football?
I thought there that I also could not knock out I am on the "podium" because the weight is huge. This was an even greater incentive for me to lose weight.

As a result, the daily calorie count and daily physical activity led me to a result of
-20 kilograms in half a year.

92 to 70 kilograms.

If you have read to here - respect and thanks 😊

Answer 20
March, 2021

Well, how, how. He stopped eating sweet, salty, fried, smoked, starchy foods, fast foods, balanced the diet. He stopped frying the meat, began to bake it, or cook it over charcoal. Steamed vegetables. From 120 kg to 95 kg in ~ six months (193 growth). And this without playing sports, periodically walking, wandering, all "heavy" foods (e.g. slow carbohydrates, for example) ate only in the morning, until about 12-00. In the evening, maximum yoghurt. 2 liters of water a day is a must.

I started to cook for myself, not buy ready-made products / order. It's amazing how much delicious food can be cooked even with such a tight framework.

I plan to go in for sports and achieve the desired result. That's all.

Answer 21
March, 2021

1 is physical activity. And you don't have to go to the gym for that. There are tons of mobile exercise suggestions - 2 is the right nutrition. Eat more proteins, and decrease the amount of carbohydrates
3- drink plenty of water throughout the day, but do not drink the daily norm in the evening, otherwise you will be swollen in the morning
4- small amounts of fats are needed, and even help to lose weight
5- I personally began to lose weight with a chemical (egg) diet, it helped me. And after that I didn't gain weight
6- now on social networks, some fitness trainers are organizing a weight loss marathon, on average it costs 200-300 rubles. And it includes food and physical activity
7- do it only for yourself. Set a clear goal and go for it

Answer 22
March, 2021

Attention, life hack: choose two days a week not in a row (for example, Monday and Thursday) and these days just do not eat. Nothing. In the light version, you can have a light breakfast (you still get 24 hours without food, from breakfast to breakfast). It seems difficult at first, but quickly get used to it and even start having fun. At the same time, you can save a lot of time.

In addition to losing weight, get a bunch of extra health benefits, from improving liver function to normalizing metabolism. It is useful for monkeys like us to starve, in natural conditions it is impossible to constantly be full. Hunger periods have their biological significance, and we immediately suppress the feeling of hunger with food.

Also, it has not been proven in humans. no one conducted experiments (difficult and long), but on rats, etc. similar experiments to reduce the average calorie intake (and two days of hunger strike is nothing more than a decrease in the average calorie intake per week) significantly prolonged the life of the experimental subjects. Explanatory mechanisms are offered in various ways, for those interested - google.

Disclaimer # 1: if you compensate for this with a cake and whites eaten for breakfast the next day after being hungry, nothing good will come of it.

Disclaimer # 2: This is by no means a substitute for sports or just a healthy lifestyle. You cannot strengthen the same heart in this way, etc.

Answer 23
March, 2021

I tried a bunch of diets (height 164, weight 63 was), and everything ended the same ... And recently I became a vegetarian and a raw foodist, in 2 months -10 kg ... I do not starve, on the contrary I do not want to eat, and after this, you will never return to the nutrition that has accompanied you all your life. + This is useful, you will have a lot of energy, the creation will be cleansed, get rid of toxins and toxins. If it is still difficult to switch to only raw, you can eat steamed buckwheat and cook rice, potatoes, stew vegetables, eat honey and milk, which is very important. Try it!

Answer 24
March, 2021

It is impossible to lose weight quickly, as well as fly to Mars in three minutes! It will take a long time to adjust to new healthy habits. It is important to start not tomorrow, but today. Short-term diets leave a deep mark on our health! Tip: 1. Drink 1 liter of clean water a day. 2. Breakfast can be: oatmeal in the water with fruit or steamed omelet, but in no case eat fried eggs! 3. Lunch should be satisfying. The meat should be cooked exclusively on steam + Vegetable salad + maybe some kind of cereal. 3. Light dinner, soup, and maybe salad or cottage cheese, or maybe a casserole. 4. Exclude: sugar (pure and in cond. Products, sweets), you can pamper yourself with marshmallows, but there must be a measure. We forget about fried! Forever and ever! Bold it is clear that we must forget and not remember 5. Active life: we walk a lot !!! Raising, doing! 6. Love yourself!

Answer 25
March, 2021

There are fruits and other carbohydrates (porridge, potatoes, bread, pasta, sweets) only until 15.00. In the afternoon - protein, fats, vegetables. Drink plenty of clean water. In the absence of carbohydrates or with a small amount of them, water will quickly leave - carbohydrates retain it 4 times more than fats. The weight will decrease, the volumes will also decrease. Plus physical activity. Tested on myself.

Answer 26
March, 2021

Once I got sick with dysentery and had diarrhea for 2 weeks. Brown water just poured out of me once an hour. Then I lost a lot of weight. However, after recovery, everything quickly recovered

Answer 27
March, 2021

Start moving more and eat small meals 5-6 times a week. How it looks in practice: we calculate the required daily calorie intake (the mass of sites on the Internet), for example, my daily calorie intake is 1700. We subtract 200-300 kcal and get 1400. That's it. You can't eat more of this. (You can also -1100 - 1200, but do you remember that you have to move more? You will constantly walk hungry / oh, which will inevitably lead to a breakdown, but we do not need it). We start running / download the fitness app (nikesport | sworkit, not advertising) / go to the gym / sign up for the pool - the choice is yours, you can just walk more for a start, but in the future it is advisable to choose some type of physical activity from which you will not roll your eyes and there will be no desire to postpone classes indefinitely. For example, I am very shy of other people, so while I am studying at home just about applications and.

As for food: try to calculate the ratio of b / w / y and kcal, it's not as difficult as it seems. The most popular ratio is 40/20/40. If you are thinking of losing weight, then you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, but again, do not give up completely, this is a very big stress for the body! You can look at the diet menu so as not to get lost what to eat for the morning, lunch, dinner and snacks. Another important detail is that you don't need to immediately limit yourself to tasty treats. Again, in my example - I love flour and chips. If I immediately abruptly refuse it, then sooner or later I will break loose and be very angry with myself, I will sharply limit everything, and then I will break off again, then I will again be angry with myself and so on. To avoid this, I can eat, for example, one pie for breakfast. Or instead of a healthy snack, eat a small pack of chips, and not the huge one as before. But again, here you need to watch out for the bju, if I eat chips, then in the evening I will be left without porridge (it contains a lot of carbohydrates, and I have already increased the carbohydrate norm), and instead I will eat cottage cheese.

Also, it is desirable to reduce stress levels and get enough sleep. Adequate sleep helps you recover from physical activity faster. Well, about stress, I think, and so it is understandable) Some seize stress, some lose weight dramatically on it. But even if you lose weight under stress, this is not healthy weight loss, then it will return, it is likely that even in double the volume.

Answer 28
March, 2021

Take a small plate and eat with the same frequency as before, but only from it. End of story and thank you for your attention
Oh, yes, you don't have to eat yet 2-3 hours before bedtime.
That's it. Now it's definitely over.

Answer 29
March, 2021

Depends on what the goal is. A few years ago, at my 18, I was a fat hog at

almost 100 kg. But once, I just wanted to be beautiful) Therefore, I began to eat very little food per day, sometimes to exercise physical training. For a month, I threw off 15-20 kg. But then she began to eat, though the weight was more or less (apparently there was still a deficit of kcal). But this was not enough for me. Naturally, I was still that fat. And a year later, I threw off another kg, that way 10 and became on the upper border of the honey rate, for my height, but still remained a fat cow. But at the same time, I left the diet for graduation and food, and could not stop, and in TWO WEEKS I gained 10 kg. There was no limit to my grief. I was not thin anyway, so I also got a ponytail. The next couple of years, I spent three weeks trying to eat one tea and throw off only a couple of kg and walk 6 km in a day to climb to the 15th floor (and this is only for warm-up, not counting additional physical activity such as the rest of the walk, mental activity - study and basic processes vital functions of the body) and at the same time eat a plate of buckwheat and half a liter of kefir 2.5, and in the morning not have the strength to get out of bed. But in principle, you can lose weight this way, but then it is very difficult to keep it. Plus:

  1. Constant thoughts about food or weight whatever you are doing. You can't run away from food. Even in dreams, there will be cakes and fried chicken legs that will hunt and hunt for you. Even at the events and lectures that you are looking forward to, you will think how fat you are, and how many extra pieces of boiled fillet in 1 gram you have eaten today.

  2. Hate mirrors and photographs. You’ll always be too fat, even for yourself. And in the mirror you’ll start looking at every small bump, fold, and you will think that it’s the reason why you’re afraid to greet and interact with people.

  3. Inability to find a common language with others, or loss of old connections. Our brain is so arranged that when we get hung up on something, the environment becomes unimportant. Plus, constant psychos due to a lack of vitamins, which coffee can aggravate (and rarely anyone in their healthy brains will withstand constant tantrums and breakdowns, at first they will really want to help, but then they will score, realizing that it is better to move away) And also the aggravation of internal complexes, fears and contradictions that can affect relationships even with loved ones.

  4. Low self-esteem. Especially when you gain a gram, the inner hell begins (because hell is not only others, but sometimes you yourself;) You never, or very rarely, believe in what you are capable of. And often, when people turn to you, next to you, they are looking for a supermodel, I THINK, with beautiful long legs, a short skirt and opened the neckline, preferably a blonde (this is probably more about girls, and when talking with men, but for guys you can also choose analog)

  5. 24/7 stress and nervous breakdown. For any, even petty reason, you are nervous, not mYou can react normally, the slightest crooked glance of an important person at a certain moment can lead to hysteria, a crooked word can drive you into deep depression.

  6. Chronic depression may appear. This is not the kind of sadness that is described in public. This is when you don't want to go anywhere at all, just lie and stare at the ceiling or a stupid movie for days, but at the same time either you go and are late (and not once, but within six months, or you just don't go and stick into the ceiling) Or just for days lying on the flight and eating with a crumb. Also, when something that you love very much (in my case it is dancing) you either skip, or you force yourself out of bed and go to practice, but at the same time you are like a vegetable.

  7. Loss of reality is possible. I don’t remember any examples, but when you think only about some kind of mythical figure, and constantly try to catch up with it, forgetting all around you, isn't that it?

But in principle, it probably depends on the predisposition to this. Therefore, who wants fun, go on a diet;)

Py.Sy. Throughout all the years, I partially kept the weight, partially not, I try to get into a comfortable shape for myself (so that at least I feel normal and wear beautiful girly things.) And with hell in my head, I try to fight, although sometimes he tells me about the cherished 40 kg;)

Answer 30
March, 2021

I lost 20 kg, maybe more. I don't know my maximum weight. From 70 with something to 55 with a height of 168 cm. The first 7 kg were given easily. I gave up the harmful products that everyone knows: mayonnaise, baked goods, chips and so on. There was no desire to lose weight, because I was losing weight easily and quickly.

Then it got harder. I was drawn to harm. At that time, I was enthusiastically studying all the subtleties of PP, restraining myself. I hated myself for every treat I ate. I believed that you can live and eat only the right and healthy products.

Then I started sports, 3-2 times a week. Strength and some cardio (which I hate). I calculated my kbzh. She ate with a slight deficit of kcal. I added my favorite foods to the daily norm. But the weight froze. For about 5-6 months with sports and a deficit of kcal, the kilograms did not want to go away. The fuse disappeared and I wanted to give up everything, of course. But since my boyfriend had to return from the army, and I needed to look as good as possible. I had to try.

I tried both pills and diets. But all this did not help me. I have not dropped the stated kg.

Having reached the 55 kg mark, I finally let go of all the cockroaches from my head. And I try not to dwell on the topic of food and weight loss, but I want to lose 3-5 extra pounds, although now I do it wisely.

And by the way. Read a little about intuitive eating. It's interesting, true, and helpful.

Answer 31
March, 2021

I've been losing weight since the spring of last year, at the moment minus 27 kg (it was 110, now 83), I'll stop at 65-70 kg. She stretched the process of losing weight for 1.5-2 years due to age and health problems, and it was they who made me take care of themselves. There are no secrets, medical diet number 1 and calorie counting. Although there is still one secret - you need to change your attitude to food. Food should stop being a source of pleasure and become just a necessity for the body. That is, the concept of "snacks" is out of my attention. I have no priorities in food, I eat what I need and that's it. Chocolate pies - by, "I want something tasty" - does not exist, etc. Otherwise, there will be an eternal struggle with temptations and zero result.

Answer 32
March, 2021

I have experience of losing more than 20 kg in weight for six months - I did it twice.

The first was a weight loss program in one center. I ate little, lost weight quickly - the first month from 97 to 83, the second - up to 76. Then gradually to 72. As a result, I felt uncomfortable and gained again, already with the gym. I do not recommend such programs to anyone - it is too serious a blow to the body.

The second time - an exceptionally correct diet and exercise, but there I was confused on this. Set a goal: to see the press in six months. I started with a weight of 93 kg. I re-read many articles on sports sites, experimented with training programs, strictly followed a diet, kept a diet and exercise diary. I completely removed flour, sweets, fruits, milk from the diet. I got to 78 kg of quality weight. The back became wider, the shoulders began to separate from the arms, jeans were worn three sizes smaller.

Now the weight is in the region of 83-85 kg. I switched from rocking chair to muay thai and lost interest in reflection in the mirror. But, in general, the form is the same.

Answer 33
March, 2021

I was always full, once I decided to lose weight. Year 3 on the so-called proper nutrition, and voila!
I began to be afraid of food, and to love it at the same time, instead of 65 on the scales I saw the number 45, protruding collarbones, the constant "God is cold", obsession with food and sports (where did I get so much there was time for that, now I don’t understand).

From the pros:

  • sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you are sexy. (the rest of the time, dissatisfaction with oneself does not go anywhere, sometimes it even worsens)

  • clothes are easier to choose.

  • I became so vegan, this is a definite plus, and it stayed with me, well, I discovered many new dishes, respectively.

and how I lost weight .. did not eat sweet, fried, flour (although all this I terribly love - except for sweet - it's so-so, not especially), instead of sugar - sugar substitute. fruits-vegetables-cereals.

as I threw off the top ten, corrals began - after 17.00 I didn't eat any fruit, sometimes I carried a hoop and a rope to work (it used to be an hour and a half before work with a hard hoop - I worked then in Optics), jumped after each meal; three times a week I went to the gym, choked on liters of water.

and then the breakdowns began. I ate white bread, honey and dried fruits until my stomach ached (although I usually don't like dried fruits and honey at all), I ate everything I could eat, my stomach ached, my brains ached, my heart ached from realizing everything that was happening.

Now I have been exploring intuitive eating for two years, and I have a particularly unflattering opinion about the diet industry (including proper nutrition) based on personal experience.

Answer 34
March, 2021
  1. Finding work with graphics 12+ hours

  2. Eat every 3-4 days

  3. You move a lot


  5. You beat off the desire to eat with coffee and cigarettes

From 120 I lost weight to 60. Here's a proof:

Answer 35
March, 2021

Everything happened spontaneously for me. I started smoking, my appetite decreased to 1 time per day. Weighed 66, now 56. There is no sense, no benefit, I do not recommend this method = (

Answer 36
March, 2021

I have known ZEN!
I am 47 years old. And my weight was usually 68-70 kg, with a height of 172. Due to the sedentary way of working - I worked in insurance, my weight began to approach the mark of 82-84 kg, which noticeably affected the body. If he was always slim and fit, he began to notice that a tummy appeared, and the muscles began to grow fat. At this moment an interesting product line appeared under the name ZEN.
Now there are many different products on the market, from the famous Herbalife to the Wellnesse lines in Oriflame. ZEN differs from all of the above in that it is from the series "What to eat to lose weight?" No exhausting diets and no food restrictions! I ate and still eat, everything I want. I drink tea with sugar. But, with all this, the weight returns to normal, the muscles of the body restore elasticity! Controlled weight loss on electronic Tanita scales, which are often used by herbalife workers. The results pleasantly surprised me and shocked herbalife friends! Without the hard restrictions and diets that are followed when using their shakes and supplements, my results were as follows: -6 kg of weight and -48 cm in volumes in 4 months! (for anyone interested, I can upload a photo on social networks) From physical activity - walking (I loved and love this thing) occasionally exercise machines for different muscle groups that are on our shore. For the sake of the purity of the experiment, I decided to stop using ZEN after 4 months of taking it, in order to check whether there will be a reverse weight gain or not. Weight and volume were inhibited at that level and only minor fluctuations in volume and weight are noticeable.
Progress does not stand still. New methods and techniques are being developed. All restrictions and diets lead the body into shock! therefore, as soon as something gets inside, the body perceives it as an urgent "deposit", otherwise suddenly it will be forced to starve again. According to product developer Dr. Donna Antarr - ZEN works to block eternal hunger signals that you want to "seize" and uses your internal "strategic store" of fat as a building block to nourish and repair muscles. It is a fact! Due to the naturalness of the product, those who are engaged in adjusting weight and body are eyeing ZEN. There are many fitness, Pilates and wellness trainers among friends and colleagues. People come from Herbalife and other companies, because they see the results and the difference.
I pay attention to the following points:
1) Water should be drunk at the rate of 30 ml / kg of body weight per day. Of these, water at room temperature until 10 am in a volume of about 1.5 liters, the rest during the day. Teas, coffee, juices and soups do not count as water.
2) An evening meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime (although I can burst at night if I stayed late with work).
3) Eliminated carbonated drinks and alcohol.
4) Chips and other chemical. Although now it is difficult to find anything natural.
P.S. The most accurate scales are measuring tape or meter. Since you can throw off the "excess" with weight, from what the body just needs!
P.P.S. By the way, withlovo "thinning" is not entirely correct. It means "impoverishment".

Answer 37
March, 2021

So far, I have lost 7 kg quite simply, wanting a change and knowing that it is possible (I lost 16 kg before), this summer, with the help of strength training and nutrition. Moreover, nutrition is 80% of the result. An excellent trainer who helps not only with advice on nutrition and exercise equipment, but also can share his "philosophy", which coincides with mine.

On nutrition - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, we observe the necessary proportions. Carbohydrates are best in the morning. More protein, sugar, salt, flour is completely excluded. You can read more on the Internet, the same Denis Semenikhin writes clearly.

In general, we dry ourselves dry. We are waiting for further results and salary for a new wardrobe

Answer 38
March, 2021

If this is the case, then I will also tell my story.

At the beginning of the 11th grade, I weighed 122 kg and then for some reason something clicked in my head and I decided to change it. Not because I was tired of being bullied, or because I wanted to wear pretty dresses, I just realized that it shouldn't be that way. I was always Tolstoy, I was registered with an endocrinologist from preschool age (and surprisingly, I had no problems with other organs, except for the gastrointestinal tract, except for problems with the thyroid gland). All this is connected with improper nutrition in early childhood, my grandmother fed me manti, dumplings and other things, when I had to drink bifidok and kefirchik. She is a strong-willed woman, so she tried to push my parents away from my food in every possible way. "I know better, let the child eat."

I have chronic gastritis, and even at some point I was in the hospital for two weeks because of the suspicion of an ulcer.

I came from 122 kg to 60 kg in a year and a half. During this time, I made a bunch of mistakes, which, of course, I would not have made now. But I'm quite happy and content, even with them.

There are two basic principles in my weight loss:

1. Proper nutrition
Diets were the biggest mistake here. This is in the early and even middle stages of weight loss. Basically, these were mono-diets, like buckwheat, or a diet called "Favorite" (as it is called on the Internet), according to which you can lose 10 kg in a week.

It killed my immunity, and pretty much spoiled my mood and general well-being. The craziest was the weekly dairy diet, which consisted of 1 liter of skim milk per day.

I still remember how one day I did not eat all day, and then after training I ate a plate of onions from hunger, because you need to EAT VEGETABLES, so as not to get fat (there was only onion at home that day). It seems to me that my body then hated me so-a-a-ak.

To understand how much I need to eat per day, I calculated my calorie intake, purchased a kitchen scale and kept a food diary, in which I not only wrote down everything I eat, but also measured the volume plus the weight. I had 1600 kcal, and according to BJU: up to 120 g of carbohydrates, up to 20 g of fat (which I don't think is right now), and at least 60 g of protein.
Calculation formulas can be found on the web, or in the relevant literature or mobile applications. If you are guided by BMI in your weight loss, then I recommend that you do not forget that an important thing is% body fat, and not just the ratio of height and weight.
Volumes are important to measure for the reason that weight can be added, but they can go away. Therefore, you will not gobble up a bucket of ice cream with grief: "how can I plow in during training, and the weight only increases, then what's the point of restraining myself".

I must say right away that I do not recommend leading such a lifestyle with a rigid calorie count all my life (adherents of a healthy diet may not agree with me here). It's not that crazy, it's just thatSomething manic. You simply cannot afford something tasty, or a little extra, at least sometimes, because you weigh and write everything in the world, and the missed carbohydrate can cause hysteria.

My diet was like this:

For example, low-fat cottage cheese (I do not recommend, now, for example, I eat 5%) with nuts, berries or fruits, seasoned with low-fat sour cream or Greek yogurt.
Either an omelet cooked without oil or baked in the oven with vegetables.
Or grain bread (or loaf) with cheese and boiled eggs.
Oatmeal with fruits and nuts.
Muesli (without sugar and candied fruits) with milk.
I wanted to eat something harmful, for example, to eat a bounty (then I still lived with my parents, so at home there were sweets from which it is difficult to refuse), then I also ate it during my first breakfast. It's safer than eating it at night. But, of course, not every day.

Complex carbohydrates.
Various cereals (white cereals, for example semolina and white rice are less useful than brown rice or buckwheat, but they can and should be eaten anyway, at least for a variety of food, you shouldn't give up pasta or potatoes either), plus vegetable salads. For satiety and taste, the salad was seasoned with olive oil, just a little is enough. You can sometimes eat a piece of something proteinaceous.

Boiled chicken breast, baked fish, baked chicken breast, just chicken (without skin), beef, offal (they still have iron, it's just fucking important , never be iron deficient). In principle, pork tenderloin is also low in fat, but pork is rather difficult for the body to digest, so I did not eat it for dinner. In fact, I ate almost all chicken breasts, but if you do not want to hate them, then eat everything that I have listed. Variety is very important in nutrition.

If I wanted to eat in between meals, then I ate fruit or drank kefir / milk / yogurt (without sugar) / bifidok / fermented baked milk / acidophilus, in general - any dairy products, or drank tea and ate nuts , dried fruits.

I drank 2 liters of water a day. It was not easy for me, because I have no such need as to drink. I can very rarely say "I'm thirsty." So I just knew that now I needed to go, get a glass of water, drink it, and go on going about my business. In the food diary, I drew eight glasses and crossed them out throughout the day. To be honest, now I think differently, and I think that it is enough to drink as much as you want.

It is undesirable not after 6, but 2 hours before bedtime. This is very important to remember, because if you go to bed at 12 and do not eat after 6, then, firstly, it can be difficult to fall asleep, and secondly, it is more likely to break loose at night or in the morning.

From my diet, I excluded only mayonnaise and sausage products, which I actually did not eat anyway. Everything else was in my diet to one degree or another. The main thing is measure.

2. Sports

I went to fitness. There were three training options: Pilates, Step Aerobics, and Aerobics. The last two involved cardio (which is what you need to start burning fat), so I visited them most often, but I didn’t deny myself Pilates either. that's pretty helpful too.
3 workouts a week is enough. The only thing I didn't like was the two-day break on the weekend, so I just did the hoop for one hour a day.

I do not recommend that you practice more than an hour a day, especially if you are just getting started.
An hour is a good mood, calories burned.
Two hours - stress for the body and possible gluttony. Have pity on yourself for this.

Due to many of my mistakes, my muscles have gone along with the fat. Therefore, at some point, I began to give preference to workouts that combine cardio and strength loads.
Plus - if you do not want to turn into a tiger and become a happy owner of stretch marks - do not strive to lose weight in one day. It's okay, it takes time.

Now I want to lose weight up to 55 kg, and I cannot follow my own advice, because now I study, work and do not get enough sleep. Therefore, the most important thing, as practice shows, is self-discipline.

Which not everyone has, but you will definitely succeed, just try!

Answer 39
March, 2021

I lost weight from 94 to 84 kilograms. For half a year, I went to the gym three times a day. I woke up at six in the morning and walked 2 km, there I pulled iron for 1.5-2 hours + 20-30 minutes on a treadmill more than 5-7 km / h. Plus another 3 km to work and another 6 km back to the house, I just stopped using buses and minibuses. Well, it also seems that then I stopped adding sugar to tea and coffee.

Answer 40
March, 2021

My weight was 68kg with a height of 169. I was terribly shy about my figure, besides, my best friend is a professional model, and in comparison with her I looked like a little fat dwarf. Suddenly, I was diagnosed with a disease that required a number of operations (4 in total), and hurray, minus 20kg.

Answer 41
March, 2021

Very easy. A few rules:
1. Not to eat fatty, sweet, "junk food" (chips, sushi, crackers), carbohydrates 6-7 hours before bedtime, by the way, getting enough sleep is also very important.

  1. Eat only slow carbohydrates and proteins (cereals, muesli, tuna, chicken breasts).

  2. Vitamins are desirable. (I like Undevit)

  3. It is advisable to periodically eat red fish or drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil on an empty stomach (a source of Omega-3 fatty acids).

  4. The time between meals should be 1.5-2 hours. (The stomach must constantly digest something). No sudden changes in diet and fasting. You can't go hungry. An apple, a glass of water, a handful of nuts, a granola bar, egg white, etc. will come to the rescue.

  5. Eat slowly, drink enough water throughout the day. (We need not fill our stomach with food and not water, but get rid of fat)

  6. Physical activity is desirable. But still, the main thing when losing weight is nutrition.

  7. GENERAL RULE: THE NUMBER OF CALORIES SPENT IN A DAY SHOULD BE MORE EATED. Optimal weight loss - no more than 1% per week.

In my experience with this scheme, I lost weight from 143 to 89 kg. The main thing is a sincere desire to go towards the goal. Good luck!

Answer 42
March, 2021

Three words help in this question: Start. Engage. Sports. Find what you like: the same notorious jogging in the morning, roller skates, snowboarding or football on the street with friends. If funds allow - go to the gym, no - now workout platforms are being installed everywhere. A place of residence far from civilization? Then the good old Cindy Crawford records are freely available on the Internet. Is it hard to force yourself? Yes, at first it is hard and lazy, but when you go to practice you feel pride in yourself and elation.

Regarding food, you also need to know when to stop. Obviously, after a workout, you should not go to seize a press with a hamburger and wash down 40 squats with cola (:

You can talk about diets as much as you like and limit your diet to a glass of water a day (which is too much for me), but the most an effective way not only to lose weight, but also to get in shape is sport.

Answer 43
March, 2021

Until the age of 17, it was stable at 70. Then I thought, thought. I'm a girl, I still have children ... I quit smoking. Thanks to this, I found a permanent boyfriend. He's a ZOZHnik. With a regular guy ZOZHnik came joint dinners of vegetables and boiled meat and constant sex. Of course, all this has a beneficial effect and now I weigh 53 and the weight continues to go away. I didn't put much effort into it, I was just very lucky. Now I found out that I have abs and a tight butt. : 3

Answer 44
March, 2021

In the good old fashioned way: eat fewer fast carbs, prioritize healthier foods, and increase exercise. Unfortunately, no other methods have been invented without harm to health. If this does not help, you should consult your doctor: perhaps the problem of excess weight is associated with problems in the body.

Answer 45
March, 2021

It's very simple: stress due to parting with a once loved one and constant training in the gym. You need to know how to benefit from any stressful situation.

Answer 46
March, 2021

It was never complete, but in childhood I had to deal with one disease and the treatment was hormonal. After that, in adolescence, it was difficult to lose some kilograms in order to feel more comfortable, because the weight returned anyway.
Everything started to change when I started to practice mixed martial arts. 3 days a week of hellish training and managed to lose a few pounds, gain muscle mass and keep it all in constant tone. After a small neck injury, I had to leave this business, the weight returned a little, also because I stopped monitoring my diet. Then I fell for the "social standard of thinness" and ate practically nothing and lost weight from 60 kg. almost up to 49-50, which became stress for the body. Therefore, you should not engage in such nonsense and ruin yourself, but it is better to reconsider your capabilities and nutrition.
Now I weigh 55 kg. with a height of 166 cm. I have a toned body, the abs, pumped up buttocks, legs and arms, a waist of 62 cm begin to appear very much, and there is a further set of muscle mass. But this is not the limit and I move on, even with an injured knee, the main thing is to foresee everything from a medical and sports point of view.
Run 4-6 km. 2 times a day (morning and evening), 3 times a week training with a barbell, covering all parts of the body: back, arms, waist, legs, buttocks; exercises for the press. Added to this is yoga, a simple warm-up and stretching. In the autumn-winter-spring period, the training in the hall is sambo, and in the summer I have a rest because of a knee injury.
ice cream, etc.), from sweet and starchy foods, although I can afford to take one cookie or three cubes of chocolate with coffee in the morning. After training I eat cottage cheese and two large bananas, and 45 minutes before training I eat two protein bars. I eat breast, baked fish, chicken cutlets, rice, I can afford pasta, a lot of vegetables and fruits, porridge, milk.
When I want something sweet, I do this: I buy different nuts, dried fruits (dried apricots, some fruits, prunes) - I pass them through a meat grinder, add natural honey, form balls and roll them in coconut or sesame. I put it in the refrigerator and on the trail. day I have useful and very satisfying "sweets".
If you really want lemonades and other things, then I take a decanter, add cold water, cut a lemon, slightly crush it there and put it in the refrigerator. A very good thing, especially in the heat, and reduces appetite when you want to eat, and the time has not come yet. I pour it into a small bottle (1 liter) and transfer it 1-1.5 hours before leaving the house from the refrigerator to the freezer. So it stays cold longer.

You need to lose weight correctly :) Just dieting, starving your stomach - leads, of course, to weight loss, but it is very reflected in the body + weight goes away, but saggy skin remains. Here many wrote that you need to combine proper nutrition and exercise - this is the perfect combination.

Answer 47
March, 2021

Some utter game is written above.

I have been practicing lchf (high-fat, carbohydrate-free diet) for more than three months now and what I have: almost 20 kilograms have disappeared almost without a trace, I have begun to sleep less, physically feel incredibly light and morally satisfied.

I already wrote about this - goodbye sugar, flour and starch. Long live fat milk, fish and fresh vegetables!

And of course cardio - cycling and walking.

Answer 48
March, 2021

How did I manage to lose weight? In 2015, I weighed 95 kg with a height of 190. Not that I felt uncomfortable, but it made itself felt a little. At a certain point I met a beautiful girl, stopped eating two huge packs of chips in a row and drinking 4 liters of soda a day, switched to more or less healthy recipes (as far as finances allow) and voila, from 95 to 80 in 8 months. Feeling great included. The recipe is simple: do not eat junk-food, eat right and do not neglect physical activity, even if it will be an hour and a half cycling a day

Answer 49
March, 2021

I was always satisfied with my weight, it varied from 68 to 90 kg.

In February I weighed 87 kg, I started counting calories and walking 15 kilometers three times a week. Now 63. Growth 178.

Answer 50
March, 2021

I just started running every day, started with three laps around the stadium. I ran without starting every day, increasing the distance. I began to keep a graph of my progress and weighed myself once a week, as a result, in a year I managed to lose from 99 kg to 66

Answer 51
March, 2021

Low-fat, high-carbohydrate food, as many vegetables and fruits as you want (without meat, eggs and dairy products) From physical activity 5 km three times a week.

Answer 52
March, 2021

There is a very unusual way to lose weight, namely to lose weight.
Do not eat after 7 pm, no matter when you go to bed. As a teenager, I weighed a lot, and I didn't have such a huge willpower, like some, so I decided to try such an unusual method. Until that time, eat any food in your diet, of course, within reasonable limits.

Answer 53
March, 2021

5 years ago I realized that I do not like what is happening with my appearance. The fact is that I had a sedentary job with periodic trips to clients (IT specialist). Usually the food ended with improvised means, and since it was in Canada, the means at hand were burgers. In short, at that time my weight reached a maximum of 105kg (with an increase of 184).

I made myself a present for the New Year. For the first time in my life, I bought a gym membership. Also took 24 sessions with a personal trainer. The first lesson was like a test, and measurements of all indicators. I will not announce the volumes, but I will say that the indicator was 25% body fat. The coach was excellent. In the gym, I did my best. The coach once said that he had never met such persistence, and presented him with a pass for a year of boxing classes and several consultations with a nutritionist. Then, on the advice of a nutritionist, I adjusted my diet with an emphasis on protein. The usual daily diet was:

Breakfast: oatmeal with almonds, raisins, banana, protein and 0% milk.

Lunch: salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion) with fresh tuna (not in oil) or with egg white.

Dinner: cottage cheese with yogurt and dried fruits.

Half an hour after training with a protein shake and bar.

The schedule was 6 days for the gym for an hour, 1 day for rest. Out of 6 days in the gym: 2 with a personal trainer, 2 boxing, 2 swimming.

Half a year later, the weight has become 90kg and is kept within 86-92 until now. I must note that during these six months I received 2 leg injuries (not in training), but at the same time continued to practice. For example, I went to boxing without shoes (severely swollen leg, crack). The amount of fat in the body dropped to 18% (there is no relief, but the fat does not sag). For those who are not in the know, the relief begins to appear at about 15% body fat. I was very pleased with the pressure, it dropped strongly (to 60 to 90), but at the same time I felt directly oversaturated with energy. As the trainer later explained to me that with such active exercises, the pressure always drops, because the heart becomes stronger (?) and it needs less effort to pump the same volumes of blood. It seemed strange to me, but the result was pleasing. Also, in the first month of training, the pressure jumped very high, and even turned off for a couple of seconds during training, but everything returned to normal as soon as the body got used to the stress.

At the moment, I support the body with cardio training according to the Insanity program (also 6 days a week). Wherever it is possible to either walk or ride a bike. I don't bother with food, but I don't overeat and limit the intake of foods that are difficult to digest. I also hardly use salt and sugar. I drink mostly water or skim milk (in necks). I feel great, and the results are great.

Answer 54
March, 2021

I'll tell you right away. Overall, I lost 69 kg in 15 months. Weight up to 147 kg. After 78. Now 83.

Tolstoy was 12 years old. He gained 10 kg a year. Before deciding thoroughly, I lost weight many times. Tried many diets. I especially disliked the Japanese diet. I lost weight, but then I gained more (I even changed the song, autumn, autumn, I lost my weight over the summer, but in winter I’ll pick it up with interest).

Why did I decide? Really fed up! It's always hard to be fat. But it was bearable at first. When the weight approached 1.5 centners, a bunch of diseases and problems began, with inconveniences. Especially minibuses.

I always knew that there is one proven way - sports and proper nutrition. But, honestly, all the time I read articles about others' weight loss with the hope of finding a miracle method.

Maybe it is, but I'm sure that sports and proper nutrition are the only way out.

How was it? I went with a trainer to fitness. So the basic principles:

A lot of cardio workouts for the first time. I went 3-4 times a week. 4 times a whole hour of cardio (cycle or ellipse).

I knew nutrition, since I was on diets. The basic principle:

0) food 5-6 times a day, a little bit. Containers for help) up to 12 hours if the soul asks for harmful, and carbohydrates. After 12 squirrels. You can eat only the most useful 2 hours before bedtime.

1) exclude for the first time: alcohol, sweets, starchy foods, mayonnaise, unnecessary seasonings.

2) once a week you can arrange for yourself a day of gluttony (only without such as on NG. You can just eat sweet, starchy foods in one day.

3) I ate fruit from sweet, bitter chocolate at least 75%.

Why should you go to fitness? For me personally: the training was sooooo hard. And after a week of work (when you threw off only 1 kg), it will be a shame to eat yourself. Since it is a pity for the work. Well, the first results are immediately felt (lightness, flexibility), which stimulates.

Answer 55
March, 2021

Weighed about 120 kg in 2012, maybe a little more, eventually dropped to 80 in about 8-9 months, the minimum observed weight was 77, maybe 75, I don't know. I simply lost weight, I stopped eating flour and sweets, AT ALL, I ate quite usually in the rest, but quite balanced and healthy, vegetables, cereals, chicken, that's all. I did not go in for sports, except that sometimes I rode a bike, without fanaticism. These are the miracles. Right now, I went back to 90+ in a year, I want to return to about 85 and it will be comfortable, the problem is that now it doesn't work that easily.

Answer 56
March, 2021

I was never bothered by the topic of losing weight, because I always wanted to gain muscle mass. My fat varies 10-16% (depending on the season). With an increase of 185, the weight is stable at 80. Now I have gained 87 kg. Good mass with minimal fat. Dried according to the following program:

1) cardio, 45 minutes, using BCAA amino acids to minimize muscle loss. I do not recommend doing cardio on an empty stomach (I am not a supporter of this method). Look in more detail on the fitness channels on youtube.

2) strength training, at least 3 times a week;

3) accelerated the metabolism using separate nutrition, observing the proportions of nutrients BJU (used a calculator as described above). I ate 6-7 times a day.

Answer 57
March, 2021

You can try to become a beggar. When I spent money on musical instruments and anything other than food, I lost weight very quickly. Why not?

Answer 58
March, 2021

In general, I had a method of pulpitis (as it turned out), but I did not know this, the tooth ached or passed, but there was discomfort when eating, as a result I ate little, as a result, from 106 to 95 it seems)

Answer 59
March, 2021

Regular cardio workouts! + proper nutrition (with proteins, of course).

From physical. loads the best (in my opinion) - a bicycle! You can ride for an hour or more every day! Psychologically easily tolerated + good mood) if they are aimed at quick results, then without gaps.

Answer 60
March, 2021

My body has a strange reaction to sweets - rashes and redness on my hands begin, it looks terrible, and it feels even worse. The last time I suffered from this was twelve years old, now it has begun again. The good news is, allergies coincided with the coming summer season, which means it's time to lose weight at the same time. First of all, we refuse the allergen (this also includes all kinds of baked goods). In the morning I have breakfast with oatmeal drenched in yogurt, you can add fruits (or dried fruits). As a rule, I dine at work and this is an ordinary three-course lunch - for the second we take buckwheat or rice, preferably with fish, but you shouldn't give up meat at all. Again, no pastries, and tea-coffee without sugar. I go to bed no later than eleven, so the last meal is about eight, as a rule, it is fruits - apples or bananas (for some reason they say that it is impossible, but it worked great for me). For a month - four kilograms, mind you without sports at all. In fact, I wish it were too cold for the bike, it would be even faster.

Answer 61
March, 2021

"I decided to go on a diet, and in two weeks I lost 14 days."

I once decided that 81-82kg with an increase of 173cm is a lot. Do you know what a carbohydrate-free diet is? The meaning, I think, is obvious because of the name, but in reality everything is different. Our digestive system is more adapted to the absorption of carbohydrates rather than fat. You can't get energy from protein, so a carbohydrate-free diet still contains carbohydrates. Everywhere they write differently: on mothers' forums they talk about 40-60 grams of carbohydrates per day, on sports - about "drying" by 30-40 grams.

SPOILER: the diet described below is contraindicated for people. That's right, people. Without "with some kind of disturbance of something."

DIET: I decided to limit myself to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Extreme baby. So that you understand - only egg white, meat (turkey is best, beef can be used), low-fat cottage cheese, a lot of water. I allowed myself some vegetables, maybe some other little things, but I forgot about fruits, cereals, cereals, bread, sugar for 10 days. The first 2-3 days you think about how you want to eat everything that is not allowed. Then I just want to eat. In fact, this is a hunger strike.

By the third or fourth day, ketosis begins - the body begins to break down the fats in the body, because carbohydrates are not given to it. This was the only diet that recommended fatty foods for consumption :) So, during ketosis, a characteristic smell appears from the mouth, the body weakens; sometimes the head can begin to spin out of the blue. And, it is also very harmful to the body: prolonged ketosis causes a ketoacidotic coma, which can be fatal. Of course, I learned about everything gradually, so by the middle of the week I learned about the possibility of a lethal outcome, but don't quit now! I lasted 10 days, but decided to stop: the recommendations on the sites turned into exhortations and threats.

Duration: 10 days

Weight loss: 8 kg

Side effects : terrible stress for the body, expressed in fatigue and indigestion; you need to be very careful to switch back to the normal amount of carbohydrates, and not to overdo it with food.

Answer 62
March, 2021

I made almost no physical effort. Around the beginning of May 2015, I began to prepare diligently for the GIA and felt the stress of the impending exams. Threw off 4-7 kg.

Answer 63
March, 2021

I have never weighed less than 60 kilograms. The last time I saw 57 kilos on a scale was when I was 13 years old. Then - no. I weighed 60, 62, 65 ... At 65, I generally stayed. Plus or minus two seasonal kilos (minus in summer, plus in winter). This is size 44 clothes.

During pregnancy, I gained a few extra pounds - up to 75 ... And pretty quickly threw them off. And then I slowly recovered again - I stopped dumping what I typed over the winter in the summer, and when I went to freelance and began to move less, I typed more. Instead of the usual 65, she began to weigh 78 - my absolute record. True, she was not very thick, just moved to size 48 (variations - 46-48).

But the weight worried a little. And I asked a friend: "Listen, have I recovered?" She says to me: "Yes, it seems not, everything is fine" - and then I found out that she was discussing with my friend that it was time for me to go on a diet.

I was terribly offended by such duplicity and decided that no one was talking about will no longer tell me that I need a diet. She freaked out and lost 10 kilograms in 3 months. In another 3 I dropped another 5. The first month was too heavy - because at first I stopped eating altogether. I felt bad, but I was afraid to eat, so as not to eat too much. Then I came to counting calories, found that I eat 300-400 calories a day, decided that I needed to change something.

I increased the number of calories to 1400-1500 and added physical activity for my own peace of mind - well like it's okay, ate - dropped. She studied under the programs of Gillian Michaels. On counting calories and Gillian dropped the main thing. Then I realized that it was ugly - I have broad shoulders, a large skeleton. And when losing weight, both the chest and the priest left. Yes, the stomach is flat, but who needs it if the hips are narrower than the shoulders? I went into the hall to change the proportions.

I haven’t changed it - it turned out that for health reasons I can only work out in a very gentle mode, but in this mode I cannot change the proportions. But now it suits me that the muscles are in good shape, and that the additional load allows me to not really follow the diet - if you do not overeat, do not eat fast food, sugary drinks and alcohol, then 2-3 sessions per week are enough to keep myself in the shape of. The daily diet is about 2000 calories (I don't count it for sure, but sometimes I watch a week or two to see if I overeat).

My height is 173 cm, I weigh 65 (+ -2 kilograms) kilogram, I wear 42-44 size. Such things.

Answer 64
March, 2021

Very often, the reason for losing weight or gaining weight is hormonal failure. By the way, this is often used by "pitching" when they need to gain weight, then they use supplements with hormonal drugs. Most of them deny this.

So if you are interested in a diet for weight loss, you are most likely wasting your time. All diets give only a temporary effect, which can only be fixed by an acquired disease.

Answer 65
March, 2021

First, I argued with my mother that I would lose 10 kg in a month and a half. The rate is 10 thousand.

In the morning until 12, I ate half a grapefruit, an egg and a sandwich. Then, after a while (two hours passed) for an hour or two I practiced the stepper, depending on the length of the film. Then she cooked dinner, and ate up the rest of the ingredients, 3 hours before bedtime, a small portion of white rice and tea. Everything worked out and the result lasted for two years.

Answer 66
March, 2021

On a cold January morning, I realized that I want to see my abs in the mirror, like a couple of years ago. I already had experience in losing weight (drying), so I knew perfectly well how and what to do. My weight was 90+. The site has an excellent calorie calculator, I used it to figure out how many calories I need to eat per day - 2200, which is actually not so little. When choosing foods, I avoided fast carbohydrates, fatty foods and all kinds of food junk like ketchup, mayonnaise, etc. The basis of my diet was chicken breasts, buckwheat / rice, eggs and vegetables. I absorbed all this in such an amount that the ratio of BJU to calories was approximately 25-35% / 10-20% / 40-50% (that is, half of the calories from carbohydrates, a third from protein and a fifth from fat). Since my goal was not to lose weight, but to gain relief and minimize muscle loss, I regularly worked out in the gym 3-4 times a week. And sambo a couple of times a week. As a result, in two months (including the phase of gradual reduction of calorie intake) I began to weigh 80 kg and achieved the desired relief.

Answer 67
March, 2021

The answer is primitive: sports and proper nutrition.

A year ago I had to lose 7 kg. Little, but no less effort is required.

Running every other day. True, I ran in the evenings, but it doesn't change much.

And also exercises abs, buttocks, back and arms.

I tried to eat often, but in small portions, 100-150 gram.

Answer 68
March, 2021

Two years ago, from March to June, she lost weight from 64 to 48.

Nutrition: less than 1000 kcal per day. Before that, I also ate a little, but all sorts of "heavy" and unhealthy snacks, chips, sandwiches, pizza - everything in order to eat faster and work further. I didn’t and don’t devote much time to food, I could eat one sandwich per day, but weighed 64 ... I didn’t pay attention to the composition and calories in general.
The choice fell on: mozzarella (not ordinary, but light), cottage cheese, tomatoes, green tea Nestea with lemon without sugar (2 kcal per 250 ml), fat-free yoghurts, apples, rye bread slices, ham, kiwi. For the evening, I almost always cooked swordfish or cod fillets. As you can see, everything except fish is purchased - take, unpack and eat / drink. No inconveniences. At that time I ate pizza a couple of times in a restaurant (990 kl, 300 g) from flour, it was the only meal of the day, my stomach felt full until the next day. I really didn’t like it and still don’t like to eat flour (it is necessary for the company, according to tradition), a very hard time off even with festal.

Workouts: a treadmill every day for an hour, more often in the morning. Sports top, jacket, thermo-belt, vest with collar. All this was wet, it took half a kilo, I didn't gain so much food per day, i.e. a uniform decrease in weight was obtained. In the last month, without fanaticism, I corrected the abs and butt on the rug.

Answer 69
March, 2021

The answer is obvious - don't eat. But not to eat, like many other things in this life, you need to wisely. Namely - every day you have to spend more energy (kcal) than you receive. You can not limit yourself in nutrition, but at the same time plow from morning to night, or you can make the right and suitable diet for you, which will help to implement the very imbalance of spent and received energy. I advise you to read Denis Borisov's video blog, namely the video "How to Lose Weight Fast", in which Denis tells how, from what and why to compose your diet in order to achieve the desired results.

Answer 70
March, 2021

Depending on how much you want to lose weight.

In general, drink a lot of water and eat 5-7 times a day in small portions. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Every morning, do 10-minute exercises: 2 sets 10 body lifts (abs), 2 sets of 15 squats. Later you can increase the number of exercises.

And try to walk more.

Good luck :)

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