Can you make a living through sports betting?

Can you make a living through sports betting?

How To Make A Living Betting On Sports In 2020 (Beat The Books & Be A Profitable Sports Bettor)

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Answer 1
June, 2021

I will tell you honestly, it was not always so with me that the funds were superfluous, so that I went and bought what you want. I always wondered where and how to find money. And now I take it and do it, I wonder what ?! To be brief, I play in the casino. Yes, I took it and tried it. Although I understood what the risks are, it’s like you’ll lose everything and you won’t be able to stop! Well, no, I have checked on my own experience that there is a chance of winning in a casino. I just didn’t worry, thinking that I won’t lose much by betting 350r. Unexpectedly for myself, I won, really won, damn it, 6000 rubles! Who, as I think, how and where to make money, try to play in a casino, you will not be left with nothing. I have been making money like this for a long time and I only regret that I did not do it before !!!

Answer 2
June, 2021

Unlikely. Because of this, sports betting is very much like a lottery.

In addition. Even if you start winning, the highs are likely to be cut sooner or later. Or they will block it for far-fetched reasons.

This is such a business. It is not profitable for bookmakers for someone to win.

Answer 3
June, 2021

97% of the time, my answer is no. I will leave 3% for the really lucky ones who managed to raise their fortune on the rates and they have their own secret of success. The most reasonable thing is to treat the betting process as a hobby or, at the most, additional income. Well, if you are really thinking, then play in reliable and experienced BQ ... it's safer. Here you can see the list of the most demanded by players

Answer 4
June, 2021

Good afternoon. It's great to live in an illusory world, but still, let's be realistic.

It is not so easy to place bets regularly and find yourself in a significant plus, equivalent to a good monthly income. Mathematicians claim that in the long run the player will inevitably be in the red.

But we can speculate.

In order for your betting income to be stable, you must have a number of qualities:

  • patience,
  • coolblood,
  • logic,
  • ability to organize data from various sources.

Add to all this, of course, time and money . Time does not mean an extra hour a day, but constant work. Perhaps even more exhausting and ... mysterious (considering the unexpected results). Keep in mind that mistakes are inevitable, which is why it still takes a lot of money.


You may think of this as a kind of business, but besides you, this point of view is unlikely to be accepted by anyone. Even domestic bookmakers, which, with your stable winnings, will inevitably pay attention to you. Cooperate with foreign bookmakers? There are also difficulties and troubles.

Believe me, if you decide to turn your hobby into a hard job, you may not be satisfied with your decision. So maybe let this business remain a periodic entertainment? And interesting, and pleasant, and without damage.

P.S. This is just our opinion, which may not coincide with yours. We are sure that you yourself will come to the correct conclusion for you.

Answer 5
June, 2021

You can, if you have your own bookmaker, or start parasitizing on gambling people, invest in advertising, rent an expensive car, they say you bought it from bets, take a wad of money from the bank of jokes to shoot a video, and then shove this video to all youtube bloggers who do not disdain their reputation. And in the video to tell everyone how cool you are with your betting strategy, and that you share your strategy, you only need to subscribe (paid).

look, it seems that the nonsense has written, they say, who will take it! But in fact, the tactic is working, as they say, `` a goof is not a mammoth. ''

I already see how bookmakers disliked me after this post overwhelmed, from different accounts, but that's my opinion!

Answer 6
June, 2021

It is impossible to make a living for the following reason. Decent bets with odds of 10 appear at most once a week. You may see them, but perhaps not. At smaller bets, you will undoubtedly go into the red, because somewhere a sensation took place, somewhere you did not take into account something. It is for this reason that you should not play on the principle of the ladder, like "and I'll bet 10,000 for Manchester City for 1.3 odds. Oh, I won 13,000, and now for Bayern for 1.5 odds. Oh, I won again. And now it's all for Barcelona." ... And Barcelona will take and play a draw at an unnecessary moment.

But breaking the bank on one big bet is not as unrealistic as it seems. It's just that several factors must converge for this: you must understand several sports, several major tournaments must be held simultaneously. However, I'm not talking about a bet on 10-15 matches with a small odds! And that in this set you can find 4-5 matches with odds of 3-6! It is at such matches that you can break a big bank!

Answer 7
June, 2021

What is the best place to start and what to forget about once and for all

The topic of predictions and myths about quick money in this business is growing every year and at the moment it is difficult to meet a person who has never heard the words “bets, bookmakers, express, etc.” in his life.

The thing is that bookmakers have now taken over almost all the currently available global viewing platforms (TV, Internet, billboards at stadiums, arenas, etc.), not to mention pop-up ads in any movie or video from the Internet.

Naturally, after With such a massive injection, more and more people every day learn about the phrase "sports betting" or easy money in almost 15 minutes.

But what is true and what is false? Or how not to fall for the bait of bookmakers and not be fond of this topic, not to drain all the funds on the first day? Remember the first rules for beginners: 

  1. As trite as it sounds, easy and quick money does not exist, if you hear somewhere or you are offered a refutation of this phrase, you should know that this is a lie. It is impossible to increase your capital in 10-15 minutes. The same thing, I will say about the opportunity to increase your bank by supplying an express with a huge Kf or promotion of money. Both are lies, a standard bait from scammers.

  2. The second point is that you will be able to feel the first fruits of profit in your pocket no earlier than a couple of months, or even more, provided that you have developed a clear bank management plan and a working game strategy ... Without both of these points and adherence to a number of rules, which I will describe below, it is impossible to make money in this matter.


  1. If you are a gambler, betting is not for you, therefore, if you do not know how to control your emotions, this topic is not for you, until you learn to control yourself, it makes no sense to get into this area. The same thing, I can say about impressionable and unstable people, the topic of betting is also closed for you, because you will plant your nerves specifically, and their recovery is a very long procedure.

  2. If you do not have an initial bank, at least 20-30,000, it is better not to get involved in this business, but to dig in. Ask why? The answer is very simple, with a small bank go up rightIt is practically not realistic, but if you are firmly resolved, then be patient, in your case this procedure will take you more than one or two years. I will immediately answer a frequently asked question to me: What growth to the bank per month can be considered good? From 30% and more. (In the event that you have a clear plan of action and you stick to the chosen strategy). It is possible to make X5 in a month, but in a gambling way, and what will happen after this rise, I described in the last article about gambling, where after a sharp rise, there is a drain to 0, in 100% of cases.

  3. Without knowledge of the teams, their manner of play, line-ups, or, more simply, without understanding sports, it is also impossible to earn money. Climbing into all sports is just as stupid. If you really decided to get into this business. Choose a certain sport, league for yourself, study, develop your knowledge in this direction and only then start betting. Bet on everything, I repeat = merge everything into 0. Therefore, choose for yourself something where you have at least some knowledge and scatter in this one direction.


  1. Forget about too high CFs, express bets with 10-100 CFs, account promotion, etc. Both are lies and it is impossible to make money using these topics. Do not fall for the tricks of scammers, only they offer similar services, in the hope that people who want quick money from them will purchase this product, and this is what happens. Thirst for quick and easy customer money = income for scammers. They cash in on your passion and desire for fast cash, remember this.

  2. It is best to bet only as singles, while, again, in a certain sport, league, where you have knowledge and you yourself see that often your predictions in this league often win.

  3. And most importantly, remember, you can only make money at a distance, slowly, gradually, not a lot, but steadily. Without a game strategy and bank management, it is possible to make money. Over time, when your bank grows, you will be able to receive the first fruits, and feel them in your own pocket. Frankly, betting is a very long and painstaking work that requires patience, strength and endurance. Everything comes with time and experience, and to climb the rage with passion = to lose everything. I really hope that many will hear me and draw the right conclusions.

Answer 8
June, 2021

Good day.

The question is, in fact, not easy, but interesting. If you are an ordinary beginner who is just getting acquainted with the world of betting, then it will be extremely difficult to make money on bets for a living (that is, win on a long-term basis, and not just hit the jackpot on a successful bet).

The easiest way to make money on bets is to open your own bookmaker . J They always win, as they add potential losses and other costs to the margin. Various resources that cover this topic also remain in the black. For the simple reason that they are paid by the same bookmakers for advertising, referral links and various promotion options (PR, etc.). To see this, take a look at the top answers to this question. How many "well-wishers" invites you to go to the site of a particular office? Believe me, they don't do it for free.

If you are a simple client of a bookmaker's office, and you want to make money on betting for a living, then it will be extremely difficult to do this . First, you will need to thoroughly study the sport on which you are going to bet your own funds. Then you need to narrow down the betting options as much as possible so as not to be sprayed, risking your bank. And only with time, when you learn to analyze statistics, news, insider information, and also properly manage your deposit, you can talk about stable earnings on bets. Although, even the best bettors on the planet are not immune from short-term losses.

Ideally, bets can still make good and stable earnings . But only to treat this "craft" will have not as entertainment, but as a real work . Requiring maximum concentration, strong nerves and constant self-improvement. Only then will you be successful.

This answer deliberately does not include links to various resources, hidden advertising of bookmakers and resources dedicated to them. If someone thinks that the rate is always 50/50, then, believe me, he is wrong. It's like an old anecdote about a blonde who either meets a dinosaur on the street or not. If you want to make money on your bets, work hard . And, with a high probability, you will be lucky. But hope for easy money is not worth it.

Answer 9
June, 2021

YOU CAN earn! I merge free cash loads into bk. I put them on them myself and share them with others. The results are great! Who is interested, write to @sportkey telegram I will answer any questions!

Answer 10
June, 2021

Of course you can.

  1. The most reliable one is to open your own bookmaker or get a job in an existing job.

  2. Write paid forecasts.

  3. Bet on surebets.

If you want to bet on luck, then no. You may win one or two or even several times, but in the long run you will definitely lose.

Answer 11
June, 2021

My friend, a football player himself (not a professional, an amateur, but still) earned money with this at one time. But for this you need to be very deep in you, to monitor the current state of all teams very well, and, of course, to have brains for analysis. In general, you can get money from this, but labor costs in general are not comparable with the profit. However, if you have large amounts of money, and, accordingly, can afford high rates, then perhaps it will be beneficial for you (taking into account the above points).

In any case, you should understand that this will become yours work. And the work is quite difficult and nervous.

Answer 12
June, 2021

Yes, but it's difficult for beginners. Especially if you don't use sports predictions. It is very difficult to do all the analytics on your own (by commands, betting methodology, and the like).

If you are very well versed in the issue, then there is a small chance to get a profit. In any other case - just for fun and a waste of money.

Answer 13
June, 2021

I can say with confidence that you can earn and even get rich on bets. Aydin Tusupov from Kazakhstan is a living example. An ordinary guy from Karaganda well versed in tennis made a good fortune. Of course, the guy has unsuccessful bets, but there are much more positive bets. And this guy also has a VK group and gives out free bets. Conducts contests and charity events.

Answer 14
June, 2021

It is difficult to answer unequivocally yes or no. Mathematicians argue that at a long distance the player will inevitably be in the red, but opposite examples are known from personal experience. I will try to share my own opinion without pretending to be true. So, in order to consistently make money on bets, you need: devilish patience and composure, prudence, a tendency to analysis and logic, the ability to organize data from various sources. And of course, time and money. Time because this should become your job. And money because mistakes are inevitable. You will have to carefully study all sports information and learn not to trust the sometimes dry numbers of statistics. Example: let's put “Barcelona” - “Valencia”. Well, what is there to think about? Georgia is all on Barca! We open “Sportexpress” and see: Messi is injured, Neymar has a cold, Pique has a spree: Shakira has given birth. ? And so in everything. So this is a very difficult business. It turns out only a few. Also, be sure that as soon as you start to consistently be in the black, domestic bookmakers will block you. 100%! You will have to go to foreign ones, which also conceals a number of difficulties. So you need it?

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