Athletes USA, UK, AUS ... despise growing. athletes. Hypocrisy on the part of athletes, they are chemists themselves. Sport and doping are inseparable. The reason for hypocrisy?

Athletes USA, UK, AUS ... despise growing. athletes. Hypocrisy on the part of athletes, they are chemists themselves. Sport and doping are inseparable. The reason for hypocrisy?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

I will make a comment as an answer:

The fact is that the majority of Russian athletes were accused without proof, one size fits all, based on the testimony of some people. So the presumption of innocence does not exist. And this is at the official level.

Yes, a little more about the presumption of innocence. If you use the search, you can find my answer that in civil law it is not always legally valid either. Right here in Russia, according to the law. Here:

Why is the principle of the presumption of innocence not applied in scandals about sexual harassment, but bullying begins immediately, even when there is no evidence?

As for sports, again the same story.

Yes, that's it, imagine. Sports competition is not a human right. Athletes want to compete, join certain associations, accept certain rules, and for this some organizations organize competitions for them, which give spectators, advertising, money, fame and so on.

To get access to this, you must accept , in particular, such a rule - you must prove that you do not use doping.

Do you feel injustice that they take your blood before the competition? Not everyone is happy with the procedure. Or forced to collect urine. Maybe you can't? Why are you being distracted from your competitive mood by all these nasty things?

Because you accepted these rules.

You can play sports at home as much as you want. And in order to perform, you accept the rules. You yourself accept the rules that you have to prove your innocence.

To prove it, this special anti-doping laboratory is being organized. Which again acts by the rules, and people who are trusted by athletes and organizers should sit there.

Well, who is to blame for the fact that the laboratories are not trusted? And the fact that, as a result, athletes cannot prove their innocence?

Don't like the organization, right? Well, make your own organization.

Why climb where you are not loved?

If you want to go there, so do so that you are loved. Earn authority. Only not by force and cunning. For some reason people don't like this option.

A conspiracy against us? Everyone is on chemistry, but they only attack us? Did everyone agree (there is not only one decision there)? No friends? Well, you can organize your games.

Unfair? We also invested energy in the organization of international sports, athletes want to be like other athletes. Yes, it's unfair.

We were offered solutions, we agreed, did not comply. This means that we have some other choice, other interests. The authorities are interested in us believing that there is a conspiracy around and everything is against us. Even if this conspiracy exists (as everywhere in nature there are different strategies of survival, somewhere symbiosis, somewhere a fight to the death), it is still beneficial for the authorities.

This is approximately why we have such an atmosphere in which the view is unfolded that "athletes from USA, UK, AUS ...they grew up. athletes. "And some really despise.

During the Cold War, the confrontation was much cooler, but we, and they, someone hated, someone loved.

Answer 2
June, 2021

This is called a survivor's systematic error, when conclusions are drawn based on the opinion of some people, promoted by the media, but they say nothing about those who are silent and it seems as if they are not there or the overwhelming minority. Athletes are no different from ordinary people and the desire to bully someone is not alien to them, especially when it is not only supported by society, but also brings profit (adds popularity based on publications in the media).

Answer 3
June, 2021

Yes, yes, yes ...

It's just not clear why athletes from USA, UK, AUS ... despise only growing up. athletes, and not, for example, a whale. athletes or Norwegian athletes are still competitors, everyone needs to be drowned.

Why just grew up?

Perhaps sport and doping are inseparable, but why WADA accused only Russia of organizing The state doping system?

Maybe the hypocrisy is shown by those who organized this system under the slogan "Do not mix sports and politics"?

And why this WADA does not give doping samples from the Moscow laboratory?

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