Asexuality - a disease or a victory over natural instincts?

Asexuality - a disease or a victory over natural instincts?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Neither one nor the other. Victory over natural instincts comes when you realize that sexual functions and procreation are your opportunity, not your obligation. Conscious choice: how, when, why and how much. Conscious control of instinct instead of obeying it.

And simply denying one's nature is not fear, not internal protest, whatever, but not victory. The fact that you close your eyes does not disappear the problem, you just stop seeing it.

Answer 2
June, 2021

Asexuality is hardly a victory over instincts. This is an evolutionary program, which is in the population and it has turned on. And from the point of view of a specific person, asexuality is not a problem at all. If this concerns you, live freely and don't tyrannize yourself.

Answer 3
June, 2021

In my opinion, this term is not unambiguous and it can be divided into several types

Congenital asexuality is a complete absence of sexual desire as a result of any changes in brain chemistry at birth (This is not a deviation and not a disease! This is an alternative option)


Acquired asexuality is a conscious refusal of an individual to have sex when a person asks the questions "Why do I need this?" or, like me, feels disgust at the mere thought of human organs and that sex puts you on a level with animals, this causes me complete disgust and nausea, but I taught myself this by making a conscious choice and "won" instincts, I'm sure that some understand what I mean

And I must note that 100% there are still different versions of this phenomenon

But if we take asexuality at the same level as hetero, homo and bi, then "acquired" asexuality ceases to be quoted, because it is unscientific, it is impossible for a heterosexual to force himself to love men and vice versa

I would urge to give this phenomenon a separate term

In general, such here are some thoughts on this matter

One thing can be said, it is definitely not a disease

(Sexists and homophobes go through the forest)

Answer 4
June, 2021

if you have already decided on a person, and you put all your energy into him, it’s even boring to fuck others and you don’t want to waste energy on them.

if a more reasonable continuation and development of your energies, you think asexual disease ...
and if you show you a hole you will go "for a carrot" like a donkey ....
well, okay, in principle)

Answer 5
June, 2021

So, now there will be a bombing from an asexual.

I have not read all the answers, but everything that I have read says that "asexuality = I don't want sex." What do you mean!

To some extent this is true, to some extent not. I will try to clarify, because after long evenings of introspection, I can still claim that a very large part of me is precisely asexual.

So. Asexuality is a lack of SEXUAL ATTRACTION. ON-LO-IN-GO.

Read as "lack of orientation." (This is the most important paragraph)


For example, you are a tolerant guy and you understand that some guys like boys, and you are okay - you accept it, but how to UNDERSTAND what it is, you cannot because of your hetero orientation.

So asexuality is the same misunderstanding, only for both sexes. Once again, this is a lack of sex drive. That is, here I am a girl: I look at the girls - "well, yes, beautiful)". I look at the guys - "yes, Normas)"

It DOES NOT MEAN that an asexual cannot get aroused (and since he can get aroused, he might want sex).

Just by virtue lack of sexual attraction in asexuals, excitement occurs, so to speak, more beautifully. Namely - platonically. In fact, the "romantic orientation" is more important to the asexual. Whoever he loves, so sex wants.

And as already described in the answers above, other feelings are much more pronounced, and thus, among asexuals, sex really takes on the meaning of "making love." p>

And, it turns out, since the only factor in the appearance of the desire to have sex in a "normal society", then everyone says that asexuals do not want sex. Guys, nonsense.

I hope I have explained this.

As for the question itself - is it a disease or not, my answer is simple. Since I position asexuality as a type of orientation (well, or "its absence" - rather than a type)), the answer is the same as for the question "is homosexuality a disease".

Answer 6
June, 2021

I understand that my answer may be minus. But the term "asexuality" does not distinguish between a lack of sexual desire and satisfaction and giving up sex with the choice of being alone. This already makes this term incorrect. The asexual movement considers it unimportant whether a person engages in masturbation and whether he gets sexual satisfaction from it. This views sexuality not from the point of view of the person himself, but from the point of view of its assessment by other people. Despite the fact that with regard to women in conditions of gender inequality and repression of women's sexuality, there are stereotypes that the sexuality of women is supposedly needed not by women themselves, but by men.

Lack of sexual attraction and / or satisfaction should not be considered the norm. There is still a negative attitude towards many forms of women's sexual activity, which are considered acceptable for men, and many women are afraid to appear "indecent" and condemnation from society. There are most often unconscious negative attitudes towards the sexual satisfaction and pleasure of women and myths that sex is needed only or to a greater extent by men, that sex is supposedly a service that a woman provides to a man, often in connection with imaginary material and other benefits for women not related to with sex and relationships. On a subconscious level, many have the idea that sex is unpleasant or humiliating for a woman, and that this is a manifestation of a man's power and a woman's submission. The sexuality of many men is associated by society with selfishness, violence, aggression and power. The sexual interests of women are often ignored in comparison with those of men. For example, vaginal sex is considered the main form of sex, from which most women are less likely to orgasm than masturbation, manual and oral stimulation, which are often viewed only as "foreplay", which can leave a woman aroused and dissatisfied, or women are forced to do so. or by other means to unpleasant and unsatisfactory forms of sex. Sex without female satisfaction is considered by many to be more acceptable than sex without male satisfaction, and there are stereotypes that sex is over when the male has an orgasm. There are stereotypes about the "active" role of men and the "passive" role of women and the limitation of women's initiative in relationships compared to men.

All this leads to the fact that women have problems with sexual satisfaction and desire much more often than men, women on average later experience first masturbation, first orgasm, and in most societies, experience first sex. While even in the most conservative societies most women have masturbation experience, the number of women without such experience is higher than the number of men, but in developed countries this gap has narrowed dramatically. In conditions of more stringent social norms of appearance for women, the sexual activity of men at an older age is considered moree acceptable compared to women. Despite the fact that, from the point of view of modern sexology, there are no serious biological differences between the sexuality of men and women, the strength of women's libido, assessed by physiological reactions, is not inferior to that of men, and biologically sexual attraction in adolescent girls appears somewhat earlier than in adolescents. male. But because of social constraints, the same level of sexual desire in women results in, on average, less sexual activity than men. The reasons for the lower average sexual activity of women compared with men are not biological, but exclusively social, and are associated with gender inequality that oppresses women. People who have had no experience of sexual gratification may not have a conscious sexual desire, and it may appear after such experience. Lack of sexual desire is not considered the norm, and this most often does not mean an inability to orgasm. A woman's problems with sex drive and satisfaction may be the result of sexual abuse, prostitution, or other traumatic sexual experiences. In these cases, sexological and psychological help may be needed.

In connection with the repression of women's sexuality, women's problems with sexual attraction and satisfaction are most often not physiological, but psychological. Almost all women, at least at the age of puberty, have orgasms through masturbation, stimulation in sex with their hand or the hand of a partner, and cunnilingus. The number of women who do not get an orgasm during masturbation is, according to various sources, from 2 to 5%. Despite the fact that orgasm during masturbation in some cases may not come immediately, but after regular experience, and there are women who receive orgasm during masturbation alone and do not receive it with manual stimulation in the presence of a partner. This means that the lack of orgasm is not the norm, and a woman's sexuality can be blocked by social factors and during masturbation. In some cases, women may need sexological help. But sexology all over the world remains discriminatory towards women. Much of the sexological care and therapies aimed at stimulating sexual desire and satisfaction remain male-oriented, despite the fact that women are significantly more likely to have sexual problems. Many in society do not understand that the absence of an orgasm in a woman is absolutely as abnormal as the absence of an orgasm in a man. Problems of men with orgasm or erections are more often given more importance than sexual problems of women. In most cases, women who have problems with orgasm and sexual desire do not need sexological help, but knowledge about sexuality issues, an open discussion of issues of sexuality and women's preferences by partners and their desire to build equalые и удовлетворяющие обоих партнеров сексуальные отношения. Мастурбация полезна женщинам, чтобы научиться получать оргазм, в том числе до начала сексуальных отношений или в случае проблем с оргазмом. Рекомендуется пробовать разные формы секса, включая мануальную и оральную стимуляцию, с учетом индивидуальных особенностей и предпочтений.

Вопрос выбора одиночества более сложный. Но патриархальное общество принуждает женщин к отказу от секса, например, до брака или в подростковом возрасте, так же часто, как к неравному сексу в интересах только или преимущественно мужчин. Это две формы сексуального угнетения женщин, положительной альтернативой которым могут быть равные сексуальные отношения с взаимным согласием, желанием и удовлетворением. Одиноких людей не следует считать неполноценными или оказывать давление с целью изменения поведения, но агрессивная пропаганда одиночества наносит вред. В том числе со стороны женщин, считающих себя феминистками, в условиях распространения в последние годы среди российских направлений, причисляющих себя к феминизму, антисексуальных тенденций, поддерживающих патриархальное репрессирование сексуальности женщин.

Нормализация асексуальности в условиях, когда сексуальные проблемы женщин чаще всего вызваны патриархальным угнетением, нормализует и оправдывает угнетение сексуальности женщин. В условиях гендерного неравенства это больше всего наносит вред женщинам. Фактически это оправдывает принуждение женщин к сексу без желания и удовлетворения в интересах только мужчин, включая сексуальное насилие, проституцию и формальное согласие без желания в условиях психологического принуждения. Это отрицает то, что секс без оргазма у женщины должен считаться недопустимым для мужчины, кроме случаев, когда оба партнера настроены решить проблемы женщины с оргазмом, или партнеры получают удовлетворение по очереди при равных шансах на него. Это также оправдывает принуждение женщин к отказу от секса. Пропаганда нормальности асексуальности лишает людей, особенно женщин, правдивой, научной и грамотной информации о вопросах сексуальности, права на сексологическую помощь и сдерживает развитие сексологии, ориентированной на женщин. При этом многие представители движения асексуалов склонны к манипулированию "повышением грамотности" и склонны к нетерпимости к другой точке зрения и к поддержке цензуры против направлений феминизма и сексологии, которые считают сексуальное удовлетворение и сексуальные отношения важными для женщин. К сожалению, в последнее время в направлениях, причисляющих себя к феминизму в России и в мире, получила распространение точка зрения о нормальности асексуальности. Фактически движение асексуалов поддерживает новые формы патриархального сексизма и мизогинии. Но, критикуя понятие асексуальности, не следует говорить о принуждении к получению информации, сексологической помощи или об обязанности заниматься сексом, что необоснованно приписывают своим оппонентам сторонники нормальности асексуальности.

О пробlemmas of women with sexual desire and satisfaction and ways to solve them can also be read at the links: -seksualnogo-obrazovaniya

https: // thequestion .ru / questions / 232547 / sushestvuet-li-zhenskaya-viagra-kak-poluchit-devushke-khot-kakie-to-oshusheniya-ot-polovogo-akta / 91616 / chto-nado-sdelat-devushke-chtoby-nachat-ispytyvat-orgazm-esli-do-etogo-nichego-podobnogo-ne-bylo

Answer 7
June, 2021

Asexuality is neither one nor the other. This is a given.

A person does not want sex - this is his choice. He is asexual.

A person has had a traumatic psychological experience in the past - this is not his choice. He is asexual. The term is the same, the meaning is slightly different.

Each person chooses to have sex or not, with members of their own sex or the opposite.

Asexuality is a choice.

Answer 8
June, 2021

I can immediately reject all the other answers, as they talk about "Antisexuality"

Let's dot the "i". An antisexual is a person who can and wants to, but limits himself artificially with the help of beliefs (a vivid example is monasticism). YES, this is a purely psychological refusal, so here - yes, perhaps a victory over human animal nature.

Asexual is a person who can, but does not want to! A clinical example is that a man has a reduced testosterone production due to trauma. Arousal and erection are very difficult. This is a disease, you can and should be treated.

This is the difference.

Answer 9
June, 2021

In general, in nature, asexuality is one of the ways to combat population growth in case of limited resources. Rats, for example, stop breeding if there is no food.

If you are not sexually attracted at all, it is possible that evolution has donated you.

But only a person can, out of ha etooo, assert his exclusivity or victory)

Answer 10
June, 2021

I do not see any dichotomy between illness (and this is a fact) and the victory over instincts (in this context, value judgment). IMO, this is neither one nor the other, but rather a reaction to the social environment.

Answer 11
June, 2021

Asexual means not like everyone else? People, hello, if a person does not have sex in life, this is not a problem, not a disease, and not any evolution, not overcoming the game of hormones. This is a person's way of life, this is not following a fashionable trend, this means that a person views himself a little differently, for him sex life does not play any role, sex is not directly related to love, especially in our time, these concepts exist separately. from friend. Love is a desire to care, protect, feel responsibility and be closer spiritually, to provide support. Sex is a way of procreation, satisfaction of needs, a way of earning.

Maybe asexuals feel this world a little thinner? Think.

Answer 12
June, 2021

Asexuality is normal, since we are all higher humans who do not follow instincts. Someone has high sexual activity, someone has low - this is normal.

Answer 13
June, 2021

Asexuality is a victory. Isn't it amazing not to be led by assholes and bitches? Everyone is talking about it like that, everyone is so important who fucks with whom. And then asexuality comes into play and gives people freedom from instincts. As for me, this is a victory. A leap in evolution. A new stage in human development, where not hormones tell you how many children you need to have, but logic and common sense. Because of instinct, we have become too much, do you think? And the statistics are such that the poorer the family, the more children they have. What can these parents give their children? Asexuality is freedom from the reckless waste of resources aimed at obtaining the coveted dose of euphoria. Leave the topic open.

Answer 14
June, 2021

Victory over natural instincts is to some extent an illness or malaise. For example, the victory over the feeling of hunger is anorexia, the consequences of anorexia are very deplorable, up to death.

Asexuality does not lead to a fatal outcome, it, say, impoverishes life a little. Again, it is important what causes asexuality. If the reasons are purely psychological, and a person does not consider this a problem, has many resources in other areas, then asexuality will not have any consequences for him. It simply deprives oneself of love and sex.

Asexuality can be caused by severe psychological trauma, in this case, this is hardly the only problem of the victim - trauma usually causes a whole tangle of disorders. In this case, a person may feel guilty for a weak attraction, feel inadequate. Here you need to deal with a full complex.

If the reasons are hormonal, then it is more complicated, hormonal imbalances in the body can affect a variety of systems. But, on the other hand, it is easier to deal with this and understand the reasons. Women who take birth control pills often complain of decreased desire. Here is an example related to hormones.

Sexual desire can be suppressed if the negative consequences of relationships are presented for a long time. "Why do I need it?"

If we talk about monks, then many people manage to suppress desire, they are highly motivated, and the feeling of guilt for desires is a powerful tool of suppression.

Asexuality can be called a beautiful phrase "victory over instincts." But in my opinion, victory over instincts is when instincts enrich life and promote physical health.

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