Are there really working tools for beard growth?

Are there really working tools for beard growth?

Does BIOTIN Really Work for Beard Growth??

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Answer 1
August, 2021

In addition to cosmetics, there are good medicines that you can buy at the pharmacy.

They differ in their action:

  • for skin health;
  • for beauty of hair;
  • to activate growth.

Read more about the top of the best and instructions for use here.

Answer 2
August, 2021

Yes there is! and oh god, this is not burdock oil! and minoxidil is not the only remedy that is commonly believed. and Zinc does not affect beard growth. We may have rushed in too abruptly to you, but please pay attention to the site that solves the problem of beard growth and hair loss from a professional point of view.

don't thank.

Answer 3
August, 2021

Yes, there are several ways you can accelerate hair growth!

First, I'll list everything, and then I'll dwell on each one in more detail:

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Burdock oil
  3. Vitamins with zinc
  4. Vitamins with biotin

1) Minoxidil. It is a colorless, slightly yellowish liquid, which contains 5% minoxidil.


At the heart of its action is the transfer of hair follicles from the resting phase to the growth phase.

After applying the lotion to the skin of the face, the vessels dilate, thereby increasing blood microcirculation. This significantly increases the nutrition of the hair follicles. Thanks to this factor, the hair becomes stronger and acquires a bright color (hair growth passes from a vellus state to a terminal state).

In simple words, it activates the follicles from which hair does not grow!

However, there are many non-original fakes on the Internet that will have no effect! I can recommend the shop "Beard Legko", always high-quality minoxidil, imported directly from the USA.

2) Burdock oil. A preparation made from burdock rhizomes.

  • inulin.
  • a complex of trace elements.
  • stearic acid.
  • a complex of vitamins A, B, C and R.

When applied to cheeks and chin, these substances accelerate metabolism, activate hair follicles, and strengthen and accelerate the growth of existing bristles.

I recommend burdock oil with red pepper, because to. it further stimulates blood flow to the skin. This increases the supply of useful components to the hair follicles, which is why the beard grows faster.

It is important to understand that burdock oil is best for those who already have bristles that need to be turned into a beard! In case you have little or no hair withovem, the effect of burdock oil will not be so strong.

3) Vitamins with zinc.

Zinc for Landos.jpg

The testosterone molecule (the main hormone responsible for masculinity) consists of 1/3 zinc, so this is the most important trace element for the future bearded man!

Next, let's look at how it specifically affects on hair:

  • Of course, this is a plus for hair growth. The more zinc, the more growth! A particularly large increase in growth from zinc is observed in people who are deficient in zinc in their bodies.
  • Provides enhanced hair pigmentation. The hair will become even richer, the black color will become even blacker, the red color will become even redder, the fluff will begin to darken.
  • In men, zinc for beard growth promotes the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone. This will increase your overall man's hormone levels!

The male hormone - testosterone affects vegetation, making it a very effective supplement for growing stubble or beard!

Vitamins with zinc are also available at any pharmacy.

I recommend Zinc Picolinate complexes, because it is better absorbed by the body.

Answer 4
August, 2021

Minoxidil and Burdock oil with pepper.

Burdock oil is cheap and does not give such a quick effect. Many advise, but have not tried it myself.

But I use Minoxidil myself. Yes, it's not cheap, but it works. My results went after a month of use. I also bought a Mesoscooter with titanium needles for a beard. + vitamins (Zinc). There were gaps on the cheeks, now it began to grow. And where it grew before, it began to grow just thicker.

Someone uses both Minoxidil and Burdock oil in a complex. But I see no need. So far so good.

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